ArcheAge Profession Guide - Husbandry

Everything you need to know to get started in Husbandry.

So far Husbandry is the most expensive up-front profession that I've encountered. Several of the animals that you can raise cost over 2 Gold at the Livestock merchant. Not to mention, you need to continuously feed your animals so they produce the items you want them to produce.

The Point of Husbandry:

Husbandry focuses on raising animals for their beneficial qualities. Like pigs for their meat and chickens for their eggs. However as far as I'm aware you can butcher any animal for its particular meat. The animals that produce items like eggs, wool, or fur need to be fed regularly so that they'll produce these items. I recommend stockpiling the feed you need for your animals before starting Husbandry.

Feed Items:

There are only three types of feed currently: Barley, Bean, and Combined. All of these are produced utilizing your garden. Both the Bean and the Barley are straight forward, just plant their corresponding seeds. The Combined Feed is the tricky one. Making the feed requires a Farmer's Workstation made from a Scarecrow Garden Design, 30 Lumber, and a Viscous Glossy Oil. Once you have the workstation you need Clovers, Pumpkins, and Hay Bales to make the feed.

Raising Animals:

Like planting, you can place an animal anywhere, but the safest place is in your garden. Each animal takes up a specific amount of space, so plan your garden space accordingly. All animals have a mature time, that is the time it takes for the animal to fully grow, utilize this to make your Husbandry more efficient. Animals that produce more than just meat also have production times, for how long before you can gather from them again. I recommend planning out a schedule of when you need to return to your garden once you place your animals.

Livestock Merchant:

Currently there are only 11 animals available in the Livestock Merchant store. Below I'll list the details for each animal.

Animal NameCost    Growth/ Production TimeClimateFeedItem Produced
Dairy Calf 2G 50S 1d10h/ 10h Temperate Combined Milk
Piglet 40S 14h18m Temperate Combined  
Duckling 8S 2h52m/ 1h Temperate Bean Duck Down
Turkey Chick 12S 5h43m Temperate Barley  
Water Buffalo Calf 2G 50S 1d10h Tropical Combined  
Blizzard Cub 4G 1d7h/ 1d5h Subarctic Combined Bear Fur
Lamb 1G 14h18m/ 8h Temperate Combined Wool
Chick 8S 2h52m/ 2h52m Temperate Barley Eggs
Gosling 12S 5h43m/ 3h Temperate Bean Goose Down
Goat Kid 1G 50S 1d10h/ 10h Temperate Combined Goat Wool
Cashmere Yata Calf 2G 50S 1d10h/ 17h Arid Combined Yata Fur


 Additional Notes:

  • Animals grow faster in their preferred climate.
  • Cashmere Yata Calf and Blizzard Cub are the only two that I know of that will breed when mature.
  • Nutrition Tonic cures sick livestock.
  • Animals will die if not taken care of.

I hope this guide helps you better understand the Husbandry profession. For more please check out my Archeage guide directory.

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Published Jun. 6th 2014
  • Greyfullblaster
    The same thing happens to me cadeva. My yatas die randomly it.seemee to have stopped or slowed down since last night was the first time they all survived for me so now i hope to get some males.
  • Cadevan
    My yatas keep dying seemingly at random, some only a few days after I got them, I feed and shear them every day, and I cure them when sick, but they keep dying. Why is this?
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    not sure, I don't actually raise animals. just gotta keep checking on them I guess

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