Melvor Idle Potion Crafting: From Farm to Bottle!

Here's how to get into herblore in Melvor Idle, and which materials you need to hold onto for higher-level potions.

Potions don't seem all that important when you're early on in your Melvor Idle quest, but as you push through, you'll quickly find they're a boon. Just about everything from combat to crafting and growing to new, overwhelming heights use potions in some way. 

Potions are made via the herblore craft and start out fairly slow. The first potion you can make, Bird Nest Potion, requires you have potato seeds and garum herbs. Getting the potato seeds is as easy as slapping the junior farmer a few hundred times, but getting garum herbs means you need to start dipping into the farming skill.

If you haven't started on the long journey to farming in Melvor Idle, check out my overview guide on the subject here.

The purpose of this guide is to tip you off about the materials you're going to need for potions deeper into the herblore craft, and where to get the materials that aren't growable herbs.

Because you have to grow herbs yourself, herblore is closely tied to farming. Even if you're not starting to make potions now, it's never too late to get started on the farming treadmill.

How to Get Herb Seeds

There are a few enemies that drop herb seeds at random, but your best bets for stocking up on herb seeds are always going to be:

  • Going to Farmlands and beating up farmers
  • Pickpocketing the farmer (once you reach thieving level 30) to get herb sacks, which will grant a random amount of random herb seeds.

You may get them from bird nests from time to time, but they are far more reliably obtained via the above two methods.

Melvor Idle Potions

The table below touches on each type of potion you can make in Melvor Idle, as well as where you can obtain the ingredients that are not herbs. All herbs must be grown from their seeds by you.

The sorts of herbs in order of when you can farm them are as follows:

  • Garum Herb (Farm LVL 5)
  • Sourweed Herb (Farm LVL 15)
  • Mantalyme Herb (Farm LVL 25)
  • Lemontyle Herb (Farm LVL 35)
  • Oxilyme Herb (Farm LVL 50)
  • Poraxx Herb (Farm LVL 60)
  • Snape Grass (Farm LVL 61) (grown in the Allotments category)
  • Pogtayle Herb (Farm LVL 70)
  • Barrentoe Herb (Farm LVL 80)

Take a look at each recipe's required materials and hold onto the ones you know you're going to need once you're of the right herblore level to craft the potions you want.

Potion Name Ingredients
(LVL1) Bird Nest Potion I~IV
5%~30% bird nest drop rate.
1 Garum Herb
2 Potato Seed
Potato Seed: Bird nests, dropped by junior farmer, treasure chests, pickpocketing the farmer
(LVL5) Melee Accuracy Potion I~IV
5%~25% increased melee accuracy rating.
1 Garum Herb
1 Bones
Bones: Dropped by a wide variety of enemies
(LVL10) Melee Evasion Potion
5%~25% increased melee evasion rating.
1 Garum Herb
1 Eyeball
Eyeball: Dropped by enemies in Strange Cave
(LVL20) Ranged Assistance Potion
5%~25% increased ranged accuracy & evasion
1 Sourweed Herb
1 Eyeball
Eyeball: Dropped by enemies in Strange Cave
(LVL20) Controlled Heat Potion I~IV
Automatically start bonfires per charge
2 Sourweed Herb
3 Mahogany Log
Mahogany Log: Woodcutting, or pickpocketing the lumberjack
(LVL25) Magic Assistance Potion I~IV
5~25% increased magic accuracy & evasion
1 Mantalyme Herb
1 Holy Dust
Holy Dust: Dropped by enemies in Holy Isles
(LVL32) Generous Cook Potion
10%~50% chance of 2x food output
1 Mantalyme Herb
2 Swordfish
Swordfish: Fishing
(LVL35) Regeneration Potion I~IV
3%~12% increased hitpoint regeneration
1 Lemontyle Herb
1 Ruby
Ruby: Dropped by an enemy in Giant Dungeon and one in Desolate Plains; pickpocketed from the miner, found mining, and found in pirate booty, elite, and witwix chests
(LVL36) Seeing Gold Potion I~IV
10% chance for silver ore to also produce a gold bar when smithed
1 Mantalyme Herb
1 Silver Bar
Silver Bar: Smithing, and found in elite and pirate booty chests
(LVL40) Fishermans Potion I~IV
Always catch the highest level fish in the area
2 Lemontyle Herb
2 Crab
Crab: Fishing, pickpocketing the fisherman, and killing hermit crabs at Sandy Shores
(LVL42) Skilled Fletching Potion
5%~25% chance to receive 2x items per fletch
2 Lemontyle Herb
2 Bowstring
Bowstring: Purchased from the shop
(LVL45) Ranged Strength Potion
5%~25% increased ranged strength
2 Oxilyme Herb
2 Eyeball
Eyeball: Dropped by enemies in Strange Cave
(LVL45) Gentle Hands Potion I~IV
5% for double thieving rewards
1 Lemontyle Herb
1 Holy Dust
Holy Dust: Dropped by enemies in Holy Isles
(LVL49) Crafting Potion I~IV
5%~15~ chance for double crafting XP
1 Lemontyle Herb
3 Leather
Leather: Bought from the shop, and dropped by cows in Farmlands or Undead Werewolves in Penumbra
(LVL53) Perfect Swing Potion I~IV
10%~80% chance to do zero damage to ores and rune essence
1 Oxilyme Herb
2 Coal Ore
1 Gold Ore
Coal Ore: Bonfire burning, mining, pickpocketing the miner, found in standard chests, dropped by tentacles
Gold Ore: Mining, pickpocketing the miner, found in standard chests
(LVL60) Melee Strength Potion I~IV
2%~12% increased melee strength
1 Poraxx Herb
1 Eyeball
1 Dragon Bones
Eyeball: Dropped by enemies in Strange Cave
Dragon Bones: Dropped by enemies in Dragon Valley
(LVL63) Elemental Potion
5%~25% chance to gain a random elemental rune per craft
1 Poraxx Herb
2 Body Rune
Body Rune: Runecrafting, or dropped by goblins
(LVL65) Magic Damage Potion I~IV
2%~16% increased magic damage
1 Poraxx Herb
1 Eyeball
1 Snape Grass
Eyeball: Dropped by enemies in Strange Cave
(LVL71) Herblore Potion I~IV
1%~6% chance to gain a second potion of a random tier
3 Pigtayle Herb
(LVL74) Generous Harvest Potion
5%~25% chance for double harvest
1 Pigtayle Herb
2 Snape Grass
1 Carrot
Carrot: Farming
(LVL85) Diamond Luck Potion I~IV
Your chance to hit an enemy is lucky (roll dice twice and take the better result)
1 Barrentoe Herb
1 Diamond
Diamond: Mining, pickpocketing the miner, dropped by the seething horned elite in Desolate plains, found in elite, pirate booty, and witwix chests
(LVL90) Damage Reduction Potion I~IV
1%~10% increased damage reduction
2 Barrentoe Herb
2 Eyeball
1 Large Horn
Eyeball: Dropped by enemies in Strange Cave
Large Horn: Dropped by elite enemies in Desolate Plains


Do you have any tips on quickly leveling farming or the methods you've found fastest to get herb seeds in Melvor Idle? Leave a comment below!

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