11 Best Terraria Mods for Starting a Fresh Sandbox Adventure

If you're looking for the best Terraria mods to take your sandbox game to the next level, these are some of the best 11 around.

Terraria is a fantastic game in its own right. Despite being released nearly 100 years ago in 2011, it still pulls in a lot of players and is a must-play for many gamers. Thanks to some brilliant PC players, you stack Terraria mods high and varied.

To help you keep your game going on forever, here are some of our favorite mods. 

It's important to note that some of these don't play nice with each other; we've marked these to help you keep track and marked them with the "(overhaul)" designation. As they do so much to the core game itself, they can't work in harmony, unfortunately. 


Of all of the mods out there in the big wide world, few are as helpful as tModLoader. This is because simply installing this one thing allows you to search for different mods, install them, and generally help you keep on top of this crazy experience.

Most of the mods in this list can be found within tModLoader, so make sure to hit this one up first by going here

It’s an incredible tool and a must if you want to play Terraria with some of the quality of life mods, so make sure you grab this before anything else. Keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility, so if you overdo it and install too many mods, then you can cause the game to crash. So, take it easy, and take it slow; that way, you should have no issues.

Also, some mods just aren’t capable of playing nice, so make sure to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Calamity Mod (overhaul)

The Terraria Calamity mod adds a ton of new content to the game (shown here)

Calamity adds in huge swathes of stuff. Not only are there over 20 new bosses, hundreds of new enemies, and a bunch of new gear to collect and craft, there are even more modes.

These include things like bosses having one-hit kills, and even modes giving you fantastic special abilities. It even boosts the power of the throwing weapon class, which helps it more viable in the mid- to late-game.

Thorium Mod (overhaul)

Thorium adds in new biomes, new bosses, and new events. While Calamity tends to put the focus on the things that happen after Moon Lord, Thorium decided to flesh out the run to the final boss instead. It also adds in two new classes, the Healer and the Bard. These are both more suited for co-op play and help to make the game feel a bit more like an RPG.

N Terraria Mod (overhaul)

N Terraria answers the question: What if Terraria was a full-blown RPG? It adds classes, races, NPC companions, and more quests. It’s a great way to change the feel of the game and give it a bit more direction; it’s a must-have for those who don’t like the freedom to do whatever they want.

Super Terraria World Mod (overhaul)

Super Terraria World is a bit like N Terraria. It turns the game into an RPG complete with skills, NPCs, and quests. It’s also constantly being updated thanks to its popularity, and even adds in things like additional chatting from NPCs and extra stock. It’s a very impressive endeavor.

Terraria Overhaul Mod (overhaul)

Terraria Overhaul does a great job of changing up a lot of the core framework of the game. Rather than adding in as much as some of the other options, it opts instead to change how things work, for example, you can dodge-roll thanks to this mod.

It changes the way a lot of the game works and can help to make it feel completely fresh, instead of just adding in too much stuff.

imkSushi’s Crafting Mod

Crafting is an essential part of Terraria, so it makes sense that there would be a mod or two focussed on that aspect of the game. Well, imkSushi's Crafting Mod is probably the best of the bunch, as it allows you to craft wherever you want, whenever you want.

It just streamlines things a bit and helps you avoid the somewhat tedious affair of organizing your forges.

Recipe Browser Mod

Recipe Browser makes crafting thing far easier to digest. It lets you see everything you can craft and tells you what items you need, and even tells you which enemies can drop those items. It makes effectively serves as an in-game wiki, which should help you stay in the game longer.

Boss Checklist Mod

Boss Checklist does what it says on the tin, but it’s a great way of keeping track of all of your different worlds. It’s not flashy, but it is incredibly useful.

Fargo’s Mutant Mod

Fargo's Mutant adds in a few NPCs who make fighting bosses far simpler. Farming a boss can be a pain in vanilla Terraria, but this mod adds in NPCs who sell items that can summon a boss or even multiple bosses. It is a great way to get that grind going without all the stress. It adds in some exceptionally useful items too, such as the Instavator, which automatically creates a hellevator wherever you throw it.

Universe of Swords Mod

Everyone likes swords, at least, that’s what Universe of Swords assumes. It adds in an ungodly number of new weapons for you to use. This includes swords that shoot out grenades when swung. It’s a bit bombastic, but it’s a lot of fun.


There you have it, that's a list of some of the best Terraria mods out. However, there are an innumerable amount of them out there, so have a mess around and see what works for you. Let us know which ones we left off the list and why they should have been included! 


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Published Jan. 16th 2020

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