Dead Cells: How to Unlock the Commando Outfit

In order to unlock the commando outfit from Risk of Rain in Dead Cells, you are going to need to go hunting for an altar.

One of the most stylish crossover clothing options in Dead Cells is the Commando Outfit from Risk of Rain. This set lets you go through the game's biomes cosplaying as the main character from the popular roguelite. If you're a fan or just want to complete your wardrobe, you're wondering how to get it.

Combined with the Laser Glaive weapon, you can truly tweak your experience to make the game feel more like Risk of Rain with the Commando Outfit. Here's how to unlock it. 

How to Get the Dead Cells Commando Outfit

The Dead Cells Commando Outfit is relatively easy to unlock, especially in comparison to something like the Zero Outfit or the illustrious Shovel Knight Garb. All you have to do is kill the two shadow imps that spawn from the random altar in a random biome, and the digs are yours. 

To prepare, power up and be on the lookout for the altar in every biome. Once you encounter and kill both of the shadow imps, you'll automatically unlock the Commando Outfit. You'll be able to equip it for your next run right away; no need to purchase it from the Collector. 

And with that, you know how to unlock the Commando Outfit in Dead Cells. There's plenty more to uncover and find in this Konami-adjacent roguelike — and you can even get your Belmont on with the recently-released Castlevania DLC, which we've covered here. For more outfit guides and additonal Dead Cells tips, visit our guides hub

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Published Mar. 16th 2023

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