Monster Hunter Online - Officially Announced Monsters for MHOL

Just the officially announced monsters for Monster Hunter Online.

Monster Hunter Online is one of my most anticipated MMOs of 2014-2015, even if I fumble with some Chinese registration forms to take part!

While the game's next beta period has yet to be announced, Tencent have been updating the official site regularly with hype, news, gameplay footage, and exhibition events. You can check out some Monster Hunter Online footage on Chinese site bilibili. The 1, day1; 2, day2; and so on links immediately above the first video link to other footage from the game.

So far only 15 monsters have been announced for the series' second MMO, each of them given a spotlight on the official site. You can choose to peruse them yourself at this link, but given the long loading times I've compiled them below. There are, of course, more monsters to be found in the videos linked above but they have yet to be officially announced by Tencent.

Their names are shown in each image, as well as underneath. Those that are new to the series are noted as such.

Caeserber (New to MHOL)




Yian Kut-Ku





Baelidae (New to MHOL)


Daimyo Hermituar


Blue Yian Kut-Ku

Gold Congalala (New to MHOL)

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Published Jan. 8th 2014

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