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Wondering where to find the taco shops in Fortnite for the Season 3, Week 9 challenges? 

There are five Fornite taco shops we've found so far, but they are spread across the map, so you want to plan your route ahead of time to avoid getting stuck in the storm.

Looking for the Moisty Mire treasure map location instead? We've got you covered with a full Week 9 treasure hunt guide here.

Fortnite Taco Shops Challenge

You need to visit three of these restaurants in a single match, which can be a bit difficult if you don't know where they are, especially since other players will be using them as camping points.

All the specific locations are covered below. To hit all three while traveling the least distance (so you don't get stuck behind the storm or caught out in the open in a firefight), it's easiest to land south of Shifty Shafts, then head north to grab the two near Tilted Towers.

Landing at Tilted Towers first is always a gamble since other players probably hit the ground before you and are already armed. Alternatively, you could land at Tomato Town and then head south and west, but there's a lot more distance to cover in that route.

a player coming upon a white car parked outside one of the elusive taco shops Finding a Fortnite Taco Shop (thanks to z CerealGlitchers for the screenshot)

Best Taco Shop Locations

You can find all the Taco Shops marked by the red circles on the map below, or by heading directly to these locations:

  • The southwest portion of the map, slightly to the south of Shifty Shafts
    • In the pit stop area just past the hill with the road
  • The far west side of the map, to the west of Tilted Towers
    • In the large concrete area next to the warehouse building
  • Inside Tilted Towers, to the east of the previous Taco Shop
    • In the northwest corner of the area, near a big yellow bus
  • The Retail Row area on the eastern side of the map
    • In the northeast quadrant of Retail Row, near the edge of the area
  • The northeast end of the map at Tomato Town
    • In the far north end of this area, next to the pizza restaurant building

Remember that you only need to hit three taco shops in a single match to complete the challenge, and as always, be on the lookout for remote explosives left inside the taco shops or sniping players on nearby rooftops looking for an easy mark!

locations of the taco shops as indicated by red circles on the map Fortnite Taco Shop Challenge Locations

Are you ready for Fortnite Season 4 to arrive next month? Let us know your guesses for what the theme will be!

This week's v3.5 update included quite a few shakeups, including the indefinite removal of the overpowered guided rocket, the addition of the light machine gun, and the utterly nuts 50v50 V2 limited time mode! On the Save the World side, the new Neon Mercury LMB is available in the event store and can take down a wave of husks all at once.

Obviously, there are also new Battle Royale challenges other than just finding taco shops across the map. Here's the full lineup of Fortnite Season 3, Week 9 challenges now available to play:

  • Deal damage to opponents' structures – 5 Stars
  • Search chests in Haunted Hills – 5 Stars
  • Build Structures – 5 Stars
  • Visit different Taco Shops in a single match – 5 Stars 
  • Follow the treasure map found in Moisty Mire (Hard) – 10 Stars
  • Shotgun Eliminations (Hard) – 10 Stars
  • Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing – 10 Stars

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Fortnite Moisty Mire Treasure Map Guide for Week 9 Thu, 19 Apr 2018 12:50:49 -0400 Ty Arthur

Let's go treasure hunting in Fortnite once again, this time to Moisty Mire and then Retail Row!

Season 4 is almost here, and it's looking more and more like Tilted Towers is about to get demolished by a meteor. There's still a little over a week to go with this current season, though, and new Fortnite Battle Pass challenges just arrived to keep you busy while we await that area's eventual destruction.

Wondering where to go to complete this week's treasure map challenge and grab the Battle Star? Let's head out and get started.

Fortnite Moisty Mire Treasure Map Challenge

The treasure hunts are two-parters (sort of -- you can actually skip finding the map), starting with locating a map and then decoding its hidden message to figure out where to actually locate the treasure.

In this case, of course the map is in the Moisty Mire swamp, so try to jump off the Battle Bus as close to that location as possible.

When you search Moisty Mire, you will eventually find a sign with the map below. Usually they give some major landmark to try to figure out the treasure location, but this one is a little more esoteric, just showing trees and footsteps to a house.

The "X" indicates the star is on the roof of the house by a chimney. But what house, and how do you get there?

Treasure map for Moisty Mire 
Moisty Mire Treasure Map

Moisty Mire Treasure Location

If you turn your head sideways (or rotate the map to the left), the triangle of trees pointing towards a house actually looks like a location near Retail Row, and that's where we are heading to complete the challenge.

From the Moisty Mire area, head north until you arrive at the southwest corner just before Retail Row (where the road is visible on the map in grid coordinate G6). The exact location is marked in the Battle Royale map below.

If you follow the trees to the gap between the two roads, you should see a house. Head up to the roof, and the Battle Star will spawn. Just pick it up to complete this weekly Fortnite challenge, and then get onto the business of gunning down the competition.

 Grabbing the Battle Star

There's more than one house in this area, so if you don't see the Battle Star on the first rooftop, just go to the next one, and it should appear -- but be on the lookout for snipers!

With houses and a treeline, this is a perfect spot for sneaky players to lie in wait and take out anyone trying to complete the challenge. If they are nice, they will at least let you pick up the Star before pulling the trigger, but that's not a certainty.

Map with an arrow and a circle indicating where to find the Moisty Mire treasure Fortnite 3.5 Moisty Mire Treasure Hunt Location

Here's the full lineup of Fortnite Season 3 Week 9 challenges now available to play:

  • Deal damage to opponents' structures – 5 Stars
  • Search chests in Haunted Hills – 5 Stars
  • Build structures – 5 Stars
  • Visit different Taco Shops in a single match – 5 Stars (stay tuned for a full guide coming soon)
  • Follow the treasure map found in Moisty Mire (Hard) – 10 Stars
  • Shotgun Eliminations (Hard) – 10 Stars
  • Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing – 10 Stars

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Fortnite Battle Royale Introduces New and Improved 50v50 Mode Thu, 19 Apr 2018 11:59:24 -0400 Zach Hunt

For anyone who missed out on the limited-time Fortnite 50v50 mode last December, you'll now have the chance to see what all the fuss was about as Epic Games has brought back 50 versus 50 Battle Royale, along with some new improvements in the Fortnite 3.5.2 content update.

What's New in Fortnite 50v50 Battle Royale

In this second iteration of Fortnite 50v50, each team gets its own bus that approaches the map from the opposite direction as the opposing team's bus, with yours outlined in blue and the enemy's in red. From the very start, the mini-map depicts the final storm circle as well as dotted "battle lines" between the teams to indicate where you're most likely to run into enemy players. 

You're given 10 minutes to rush around and loot like mad while the storm closes in, five minutes to duke it out, and then a final five minutes of battle as the storm shrinks completely. Supply drops fall every two minutes (only in the final storm circle) and arrive in batches of three to six.

A number of additional changes have also arrived with the Fortnite v3.5.2 content update, including the introduction of the light machine gun and some tweaks to item spawns, resource gathering, ammo, and more. To even further sweeten the deal, Fortnite players can enjoy double XP from Thursday, April 19 through Sunday, April 22.

Be sure to stick with GameSkinny for more Fortnite news, tips, and guides, and let us know how you're enjoying the 50 versus 50 limited-time event in the comments below.

You Can't Play Fortnite Unblocked; Do This Instead Tue, 17 Apr 2018 10:14:37 -0400 Ashley Gill

So you want to play Fortnite when you're at school, huh? Otherwise you wouldn't be looking for "Fortnite unblocked". Duh.

There's a pretty big problem with what you're seeking, and that is there is no way to play the game unblocked. Why would you be able to? It's a multi-gigabyte download and install.

Playing flash or browser games unblocked is one thing because unblocking websites use VPNs to allow you to play on restricted networks, but downloading a pretty large game and installing it onto a computer is another thing entirely.

Just to clarify without a doubt: No, you can't play Fortnite unblocked at school. You can either wait until you go home and play there or install the game onto your mobile phone instead. Maybe.

Play Fortnite on Mobile Instead

Fortnite Mobile allows you to use the same account you do on other platforms, so why try to go the unblocked route?

At the time of writing, Fortnite is available on iTunes for iOS devices. Unfortunately, if you have an older device, you may be out of luck here too. The game is not supported on iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, or iPod Touch.

If you've got a compatible device, you can download and play Fortnite on it right now.

Android users are out of luck on this front -- at least for now. Epic Games is planning on releasing it on Android devices in the coming months. It can't be too long from now, as more people do have Android devices than iOS.

Just playing on mobile is far preferable to scouring the internet trying to find that one diamond in the rough that will actually let you play this game at school. Because that's not going to happen. Just download Fortnite on your phone, or be patient and wait for the Android release.

Check out our plethora of Fortnite guides, from pro tips to learning the ropes!

Fortnite Season 4 -- Everything We Know and Everything We Want Tue, 17 Apr 2018 11:11:44 -0400 Ty Arthur

The snow's finally melting, and spring is coming just as the Battle Pass for Fortnite Battle Royale's Season 3 is due to end on April 30. Clearly, Season 4 isn't far off down the road, which means it's time to get ready for all-new outfits and challenges!

Before we officially hit Season 4, there have already been some major shakeups to the game, like the soft launch of the custom matchmaking key feature and the incredible Port-a-Fort grenade.

Fortnite players have been through a wild ride in Season 3, from the Solid Gold event to Blitz Mode to the addition of the guided missile launcher. While Season 2 was heavily medieval-focused, there really wasn't a super unified theme in Season 3, sticking slightly to a space motif while veering away from that base idea several times.

In the last few months, we've had all sorts of craziness, including Lunar New Year buildings, creepy bunny costumes, astronauts, afros and disco balls, plungers with samurai swords stuck in them, and winged cupids. Now that Season 4 is almost here, it's time to start speculating on the new themes and outfits.

six different Fortnite skins posing 
It's been fun, but all good things must come to an end!

When Will Fortnite Season 4 Arrive?

Expect the upcoming Season 4 and its new Battle Pass to arrive either on Tuesday, May 1 or a couple of days later, with the normal weekly update around Thursday, May 3.

It remains unclear at this point if the Season 4 Battle Pass can be purchased with existing V-bucks or if you will only be able to pay money to grab the new Pass. If you've got extra to spare, you may want to hold onto somewhere in the 950-1,500 V-bucks range just in case.

Fortnite Season 4 Theme

A ton of fan theories have been put forward for the Season 4 theme, including super heroes, a pirate/aquatic theme, ninja clan battles, fantasy heroes and villains, a progressive history that goes from caveman to futuristic cyborg, Greek mythology, cyberpunk, ancient Egypt, and even dinosaurs!

One consistent and popular fan theory is that Tilted Towers or another location will be devastated by a meteor and look completely different in Season 4. This may tie into the Rex dinosaur costume that came out earlier this month and may indicate we are going prehistoric soon. Personally, I'm leaning towards this view point, especially when the Tricera Ops skin leaked ahead of release.

New weekly challenges based around dinosaur eggs, meteors, and cavemen could be a rousing good time, and it would be awesome to see the same theme invade the Save the World missions for those of us who still prefer that mode over Battle Royale.

On the other hand, the latest Fortnite skin addition was the bizarre Leviathan, which looks like a cross between a Mars Attacks alien and Klaus from American Dad. That still sticks to the quasi-space theme of Season 3 while lending credence to the notion we may be heading full throttle into an aquatic theme. Meanwhile, the 800 v-buck Reanimated emote that just arrived wouldn't at all be out of place in the goofy Saints Row series, mixing jerky zombie movies with a dance rave theme!

While previous seasons had Halloween and Christmas offerings, Season 4 will primarily take place in the spring and summer, so it's a good bet there will be some sort of picnic, fireworks, or patriotic theme near the end.

In short, we simply have no definitive answer at the moment for what exactly is going to happen with Season 4, as the developers like to ping-pong between ideas frequently as new Fortnite patches arrive each week.

a Fortnite leviathan skin that looks like a scuba diver or astronaut with a fish for a head raching out to a mounted fish on a wall Aquatic, dinosaurs, cowboys? What's your guess?

What theme do you want to see from the fourth Season of Fortnite next month? Let us know your favorite picks in the comments below, and check back soon as we update with the latest Season 4 info.

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The Fortnite Shutdown Rumor Is Baseless, Stop Worrying About It Mon, 16 Apr 2018 14:58:49 -0400 Ashley Gill

Let's get this out of the way at the start: There was no tweet on the official Epic Twitter that Fortnite Battle Royale was going to be closed down.

A rumor started circulating last week that Fornite Battle Royale would be seeing closure in May due to a lawsuit from PUBG Corporation, but it is simply baseless.

Gaming site Twinfinite published an article on April 12 covering the alleged tweet, stating that the rumor was started by an image of a tweet from the official Epic Twitter account. The tweet the writer claimed to have seen read as follows:

“Due to the law suit against PubG on copyright infringement. We are sorry to inform you that Fortnite Battle Royale Will be coming to an end May 24, 2018. Save the world will still be in development and we will roll out ASAP. Thank you all for the support.”

Have you seen the supposed image of the tweet? Because I have not.

I've done some scouring at this point -- not because I believed the rumor, but to discern whether Twinfinite was kicking up crap just to get traffic -- and I have not seen it anywhere, even in the corners of the internet where they'd dance around the virtual bonfire at such a rumor. There is zero. Zilch. Nothing.

Did someone email them this image? Or did they make it up? I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. The end result is the same: a panic over a rumor so small it shouldn't have been given the time of day.

The alleged tweet itself is as poorly written and unofficial-looking as it can be. The capitalization is all over the place ("PubG", "Save the world") and clarifies absolutely nothing while simply aiming to stoke the flames of panic.

The public hasn't heard much about litigation against Epic Games due to the release of Fortnite Battle Royale, but at this point, it's safe to assume the mode is not going anywhere. In fact, it appears to be devouring the playerbases of a number of other large multiplayer titles. No other game is as popular as Fortnite is right now. Absolutely none.

Baseless rumors don't help anyone, and a rumor so devoid of base that it's sunk into the ground shouldn't have shot its way across the internet in the first place. Have you seen any signs of Epic slowing down content releases or events? No. So stop worrying about it.

How to Get a Fortnite Custom Matchmaking Key Fri, 13 Apr 2018 22:17:26 -0400 Ty Arthur

Fortnite's 3.5 Patch brought with it some major shakeups to the game. From replay mode to the Port-a-Fort grenade and new Save the World quests, we're getting an entirely new take on the game, and that's just the beginning. But custom, private matchmaking is what we're really excited about. 

Epic Games added the new feature very quietly with this update, and the developers have oddly remained totally mum on exactly how it works and who can use it. If you log into Battle Royale mode and take a look at the main menu screen, a curious addition now appears in the bottom right corner -- Custom Matchmaking.

Although it seems like it might run counter to the game's very open, large scale nature, there is finally now a method to create a Fortnite private match... for some people.

Players have been asking for this feature since 2017 in order to run private tournaments for local -- or even national -- events, and now it has (almost) been added to the game.

So how do you get a custom matchmaking key right now? Well, it's complicated. 

Fortnite's main menu showing the custom matchmaking feature      Well, hello there, Mr. New Feature Guy!

Fortnite Private Match Keys Aren't For Everyone ... Yet

While having a quick, random 100-player match is kind of the whole point of Fortnite, there are times where you just want specific people to join a game, like for a a friendly roommate tournament or YouTuber gathering.

For those Twitch streamers or YouTubers with large followings, private matches offer a quick way to setup a Battle Royale round that still hits the full 100 players but has more exclusivity than an open solo or squads match.

Unfortunately, Fortnite's custom matchmaking isn't available for John Q. Public at the moment. You can click the option and enter a custom matchmaking key to play a game (if someone else has a private match created already), but you can't actually create your own Fortnite custom matches quite yet.

The feature is still in testing with a small number of palyers and only select content creators, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers with large followings are being given custom matchmaking keys.

If you manage to get in a custom match, you have our congratulations (and our envy). Be sure to drop a comment and let us know how the process works... and maybe hit us up with that custom matchmaking key so we can join the fun?

While waiting for custom matchmaking to go wide and be available for all players, don't forget you can also jump in on the replay royale contest launched this week and earn some killer Fortnite swag if you manage to capture an amazing moment.
 The grey and white box to enter your Fortnite matchmaking key One day we will make this Gameskinny private match a reality!

Are you planning on creating custom, private matches when the feature finally goes wide, or do you want to stick to the random wonderful chaos that is the typical Fortnite Battle Royale? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

For those still looking to complete the new Season 3, Week 8 content that arrived with the 3.5 patch, you can also check out our other latest Fortnite guides here:

How to Claim Your Fortnite Rust Bucket Backpack Bling Fri, 13 Apr 2018 13:48:56 -0400 Jonathan Moore

If you're wondering how to get the new (and free) Rust Bucket Backpack bling in Fortnite, you've come to the right place. This limited-time item was released today and can be only be claimed via the item shop between now and tomorrow, Saturday, April 14. 

To claim the Rust Bucket backpack, just go into the Fortnite item shop and look for the Storm Scavenger set. Once you find that armor set, just look for the Rust Bucket item and click purchase. The backpack bling is completely free -- you won't be charged any V-Bucks to add it to your inventory

The backpack's release comes on the heels of Fortnite's recent 3.5 Patch, which saw the addition of the Port-a-Fort grenade and Replay Mode. However, the update also saw the popular Battle Royale slugfest experience longer-than-usual queue times, causing furor among some of the game's playerbase.

As a mea culpa for that server-side issue, Epic Games decided to release the Rust Bucket backpack as compensation. They also released the Troll Stash Llama for Save the World players. The Llama can also be purchased from the Fortnite store for free.  

Next week, Fortnite Battle Royale players can expect to see the release of Battle Stars, as well as (potentially) new costumes. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on Fortnite as it develops! Make sure to check out our other Fortnite guides while you're at it. 

Header image: Bizzy

Fortnite Dance Floor Locations Guide for Week 8's Challenge Thu, 12 Apr 2018 19:37:28 -0400 Ty Arthur

It's time for dance floors in Fortnite's Week 8 Challenges! 

If you managed to survive through the unexpected Fortnite maintenance downtime following the initial release of Patch 3.5, side step the AS-1041 error, and get through the absurd wait time after the servers came back online, then you are on of the lucky few ready to dive into Fortnite's Week 8 dance floor Challenges!

If you're wondering where to find them, then you've come to the right place. Let's take a look. 

Fortnite Dance Floor Challenge

To complete this Week 8 Challenge, you need to use the dance emote at three separate dance locations on opposite ends of the Fortnite map. It isn't likely you will get all three in a single match (although two is sure a possibility if you work fast enough).

You won't see these the dance floor locations from the air, but when you get close to them on foot, they will become extremely noticeable due to the flashing lights and loud music.

A player in the Fortnite menu shows off a dance emote

Three Best Dance Floors Locations

You can find these dance floors marked with red circles in the Fortnite map below -- or by heading directly to these areas:

  • The lower southwest side of the map in the Flush Factory area
    • In the smaller building on the east side of Flush Factory for the exact location
  • The far west side of the map in the Pleasent Park area
    • In the haunted house just to the southwest of Pleasant Park 
  • The east side of Retail Row near the lower edge of the map
    • In the RV park area, southwest of Lonely Lodge

Sneaky Fortnite players might be hanging around these dance floors ready to use a sniper rifle or some planted remote explosives to kill anyone looking to complete the Week 8 Dance Floor Challenges, so make sure to be on your guard. 

A Fortnite map showing the dance floor locations for Week 8's Challenges Fortnite Week 8 Dance Floor Locations Map

Don't forget that you can now save videos of your Fortnite dance party shenanigans from multiple angles and different player points of view using the new replay feature that just got added in the 3.5 update.

There may be other dance floor locations around the Fortnite map, but you only need to hit these three to complete the challenge. Did you find any other easier-to-reach dance floor locations we missed? Let us know and we'll get them added!

Here's the full lineup of Fortnite Season 3 Week 8 challenges now available to play:

  • Use a Vending Machine (1)
  • Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to opponents (500)
  • Search Chests in Snobby Shores (7)
  • Dance on different dance floors (3) 
  • Hard: Search between Three Boats (1) 
  • Hard: Assault Rifle Eliminations (5)
  • Hard: Eliminate opponents in Dusty Depot (3) 

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Fortnite's Replay Mode Has Arrived -- Here's How to Use It! Wed, 11 Apr 2018 13:55:25 -0400 Ty Arthur

Now that the midweek Fortnite maintenance downtime is finally over, the big Week 8 patch has arrived, and with it come a slew of awesome new additions, including a nifty replay mode for seeing all the action from different angles.

Replay mode currently isn't available for mobile (sorry iOS players!) but can be utilized on both PC and console editions, which will make it much easier for streamers to come up with some killer and hilarious content. 

More importantly, if you want to improve your Fortnite game and finally get that #1 win, you can now rewatch your most important moments from a variety of viewpoints to see exactly what you did right (and wrong) in any given firefight.

Using the Fortnite Replay Mode

When just jumping into the game after the new changes in the Fortnite 3.5 patch, you are probably asking yourself: Where do I find the replay mode? It's weirdly hidden away in a sub-menu and not prominently displayed in the main Battle Royale screen, which doesn't make a ton of sense (expect it to change positions in the future).

To access Fortnite's replay mode, click the Career tab at the top-right side, then select that big Replay button on the far right side of the screen, next to Leaderboards.

career menu in Fortnite Accessing replay mode through the Career menu

From there, just scroll through the list of recent matches to find the one you want. You can tell which match is which based on the date, match length, finish position, and number of eliminations.

Highlight the match you want and choose Play, which will replay the entire match from start to finish. Now you can click and drag anywhere on the screen to change the angle.

If you don't like the location where the camera is following along, you can change that as well by clicking the Third Person box and selecting Drone Follow, Drone Attach, Drone Free, or Gameplay modes for different viewpoints.

For a completely clear HUD that only shows the gameplay and nothing else, click the eye icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. From there, you can further customize what appears on the screen for your captured video by clicking the camera icon to the right of the eye icon. For instance, if you want the player's name to appear above their avatar for your video, choose Name Plates On.

If you want to get to the good stuff more quickly, just use the plus and minus icons at the bottom of the screen to speed up or slow down the match.

You aren't stuck just seeing from your perspective, either! Use the arrow icons on the bottom to switch between players you interacted with to see from their viewpoints, which can be extremely helpful for seeing how you got sniped, where you ran into remote explosives, where people are hiding for the best defense, and so on.

When you are done, just hit Escape and leave the match like it was a normal game of Battle Royale. To save your replay to upload somewhere, just select the match again in the list and choose "rename and save."

Important: Do not actually rename your replays or Fortnite will crash! This is a known bug currently being worked on, but expect it to stick around for a few days.

Fortnite warning screen telling players not to rename replays

Those are all the basics you need to know to check out the replay mode new in Fortnite v3.5. Be sure to share your best replays with us in the comments, and check out our other latest Fortnite guides below:

Fortnite Patch 3.5 Update Rundown: Port-a-Fort, Replay Mode, 50v50 & More Wed, 11 Apr 2018 11:52:21 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Another week brings another Fortnite update in the form of Patch 3.5, which adds the much-anticipated (and perhaps completely game-changing) Port-a-Fort grenade. On top of that, the patch update also sees the addition of Replay Mode, as well as the return of limited-time 50v50 matches. 

Here's all the important stuff you need to know. 

Port-a-Fort Releases With Patch 3.5

Yesterday, we released a nifty guide on how to get and use Port-a-Fort grenades in Fortnite, but here's the skinny on what they actually do. Basically, Port-a-Fort grenades allow you to instantly build a sniper's perch wherever you throw them. No longer will you have to spend precious time actually building a tower. Instead, you can spend more time positioning yourself for that oh, so sweet Victory Royale...

If you can get your hands on the grenades, that is. As of this writing, it's not known how rare Port-a-Fort grenades are in Fortnite, but it's safe to assume they won't just be lying around the battlefield. Odds are, they'll be highly sought after and found in loot boxes and/or vending machines in high-traffic areas around the map. So be ready for a fight. 

Capturing Highlights With Fortnite's Replay Mode

Patch 3.5 will also see the inclusion of Replay Mode, which allows players to easily capture in-game highlights, as well as any other funny Fortnite moments or glitches they might encounter on the way to Victory Royale. Players will also be able to fully customize their replays by highlighting themselves or other players, switching perspectives, and adding camera effects to further enhance their highlight reels.  

If you're looking for some tips and tricks on how best to use it, check our Replay Mode guide here

Fortnite's replay suite includes the following features: 

  • Variable replay speeds
  • Player outlines and nameplates
  • Adjustable camera settings 
    • Exposure
    • Aperture
    • Focal Length
    • Focus Distance
  • Five camera modes
    • Third-Person 
    • Drone Follow
    • Drone Attach
    • Drone Free
    • Gameplay

According to Epic Games, Fortnite's Replay Mode will only be available on console and PC for the time being. There is currently no word if Fortnite Mobile players will eventually have access to the mode, although we'll update this guide if it becomes available. 

Changing Up the 50v50 Formula

Although it's still a limited-time event, Fortnite's 50v50 mode also makes a return in Patch 3.5. Called 50v50 v2, this is a slightly tweaked version of the survival mode that:

  • Fixes a few bugs and glitches
  • Modifies loot algorithms and spawns
  • Adds "Builder Pro" controller configs for consoles
  • Adjusts the storm and map, showing the final storm circle at start
  • Adds new Squad Comms Wheel to communicate without voice 

Worthy of note is that although daily and weekly challenges will still be tallied in this particular 50v50 mode, profile statistics and squad challenges won't be tracked

You can check out the entire v3.5 Patch Notes for more in-depth info on specific changes such as item availability, spawn rates, and bug fixes to the game's UI on Fortnite's website. 


Looking for all of Fortnite's vending machine locations? Wondering where all the hidden gnomes are? Make sure to check out all of our Fortnite guides here

Fortnite Port-a-Fort Grenade Guide: How to Get It & Use It in Patch 3.5 Tue, 10 Apr 2018 12:56:30 -0400 Ty Arthur

Did you foolishly think that the guided missile was the most OP Fortnite weapon? Well, prepare to rethink that notion as something totally new arrives in Patch 3.5. In typical Fortnite fashion, it's ludicrous and amazing all at the same time -- Port-a-Fort.

Putting those newfangled, 24-hour 3D-printed homes to shame, now we're getting a grenade that instantly builds an entire base for you in just mere moments in Port-a-Fort! As Epic Games puts it:

A portable fort… it's Port-a-Fort! Fortify yourself in seconds, all with the flick of a wrist. Coming soon...

In this instance, "coming soon" probably means in this week's update, slated to land on April 12 (edit: it's out on the 11th, actually), but that isn't the official release date at this point, so it's possible this could be a Fortnite jet pack scenario, where we hear about it but don't actually see it for a long time still (seriously, where is that thing already?).

Port-a-Fort grenade in Fortnite battle royale This little guy is going to be a big game changer!

Update: the Port A Fort has arrived, and we now have better details! It is, in fact, an epic purple drop that builds instantaneously and places you inside it if you throw it at your feet. The inside comes with tires for bouncing rather than stairs (adding a bit of Unreal Tournament jumping silliness to the combat).

Previous info: We haven't seen any actual gameplay yet, just a teaser trailer with a cutscene, but that did seem to give a good indication of the standard fortification shape each Port-a-Fort will create (assuming there aren't multiple versions or options to change style before throwing the grenade).

The basic Port-a-Fort creates a standing tower with an upside-down ziggurat-shaped roof for sniping and a front door ready for entering. Based on the height, presumably there will be a staircase inside, or at least some platforms sticking out for jumping up and down and using as cover.

At this point, there are some big question marks over how the physics will work. Could we use it to knock people off cliffs and out of their base rooftops? Will it push you aside as it grows, or do you appear inside it or at the top? All these options will radically change how the Fortnite Port-a-Fort is used and what the best strategy will be for offense and defense.

Obviously, it will appear in loot chests and floor drops, but the Port-a-Fort grenade's rarity is currently unknown. We'd have to assume that it will be on the upper end of the rarity scale in epic or legendary, as otherwise it could really unbalance the game and remove any need to harvest resources and learn how to build forts on your own.

When it does finally arrive, the Port-a-Fort grenade is likely going to replace the bush item drop as the preferred method of staying alive and out of the line of fire. Who needs to be stealthy if you can have an instant fortification as soon as bullets start flying your way?

Unfortunately, it remains unclear at this point if the Port-a-Fort will be a limited-time item or permanent addition (but if it works like the teaser indicates, we are hoping for the latter).

Expect it to drop with Thursday's update as we enter Week 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3! New Fortnite loot drops like this one have been known to accidentally arrive early in a few matches from time to time, though, so if you've seen the Port-a-Fort in action, let us know all about it in the comments below!

a fortification in Fortnite in front of a setting sun 
Oh, you thought I was stuck out in the open with no cover? Think again!

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Fortnite -- All Hidden Gnome Locations Guide Fri, 06 Apr 2018 23:08:32 -0400 Ty Arthur

Besides the return of the limited-time (and amazingly awesome!) High Explosive V2 mode, week 7 of Fortnite's latest Battle Royale season is now chock full of new challenges!

From hunting across the map for hidden locations to finding gold chests in Lonely Lodge and shotgunning opponents across dozens of matches, there's no shortage of objectives to work towards this week for the Battle Pass crowd.

This week's primary treasure hunt challenge features something you might not expect for a spring challenge... terribly creepy laughter and some menacing hidden lawn gnomes! They may not openly mock you like the demonic living lawn gnomes from the Fable franchise, but that horrible chuckling they belt out is beyond weird and will make you want to smash them to bits with your pickaxe.

Below we cover the locations for all the hidden gnomes found in the various named locations to complete this challenge. If you are just getting started with week 7, here's the full run down of this week's newly added Fortnite challenges:

  • Search Chests in Lonely Lodge (7) - 5 Battle Stars
  • Deal damage with Shotguns to opponents (1,000) - 5 Battle Stars
  • Search a Chest, Ammo Box, & Supply Drop in a single match - 5 Battle Stars
  • Search for the Hidden Gnome in different Named Locations (7) - 5 Battle Stars (covered below)
  • Hard: Follow the treasure map found in Retail Row - 10 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Suppressed Weapon eliminations (3) - 10 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts (3) - 10 Battle Stars

Fortnite Gnome Locations

Unlike several of the other treasure hunts, this one won't have you searching random nameless hilltops between landmarks. Instead, these locations are found by landing directly in major named locations like Retail Row and Salty Springs.

When you land at any given named location, just keep an ear out for the laughter, as it lets you know a gnome is close. Eight specific gnome locations are marked on the map below to help you start your search (you only need to hit seven total across any number of matches).

It's possible there are others scattered around the named locations of the map, but these are eight we immediately found that will satisfy the requirements of the Fortnite gnome-searching challenge:

  • A gnome can be found underneath the ground floor in the Haunted Hills (listen for the laugh to know where to break the wall or dig down)
  • In the Salty Springs area, head into the basement of the middle broken building to find a gnome hiding beneath the staircase
  • A gnome often spawns in the bathroom in the northwest building at Lucky Landing, at the far south end of the map
  • Inside Flush Factory, at the southwest end of the map, look for the painted toilets in the main factory building to find another gnome
  • A laughing gnome is found inside the shack near the water tower at the southeast end of Retail Row
  • A bathroom inside the burger restaurant in Greasy Grove has a hidden laughing gnome
  • Head to the house at the south side of Snobby Shores, and enter the bunker beneath the main floor to find a gnome hiding behind the wardrobe in the bathroom

Fortnite gnome map Fortnite Week 7 Creepy Laugh Gnome Locations

Did you find any other Fortnite gnome locations we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Fortnite High Explosives Limited-Time Mode Returns Wed, 04 Apr 2018 13:32:52 -0400 Ty Arthur

Now that the long-range sniper shootout mode has come to a close, Fortnite's Week 7 update brings out yet another limited-time activity for Battle Royale, and this one is guaranteed to blow up your feed!

After months of fan requests, High Explosives finally makes its return with V2, which is now available in both solo and squads varieties.

If you missed the first iteration, this limited-time offering takes the already hectic Fortnite battles and turns them into missile-launching, grenade-dodging action movies that are some of the most fun you can have in a 100 player Battle Royale match.

Game mode menu in Fortnite with high explosives modes highlighted 
Welcome back, old friend!

Fortnite High Explosives V2 Limited-Time Mode

In this mode, every single non-explosive weapon is disabled, meaning you will exclusively be using the grenade, impulse grenade, remote explosive, rocket launcher, and guided missile weapons.

You'll want to work on your grenade aiming to stay alive here, as it's easy to run out of weaponry when all you have is a handful of grenades and a rocket launcher with limited ammo. You don't want to bring a pickaxe to a guided missile fight, that's for sure.

Thankfully, friendly fire is turned off, meaning you won't blow your squad mate to smithereens if you launch an explosive at "danger close" proximity, as otherwise every match would be over in about 10 seconds due to accidental suicide.

Tight indoor areas are usually death traps due to the radius of any given explosive unless you can effectively use walls and staircases to your advantage, but at the same time, being out in the open can be a pretty bad idea if everyone has a rocket launcher and good line of sight. 

For defensive purposes, staying near trees or other obstacles to block explosives is a good way to go, and don't forget to set up walls every now and again in case someone is close. Jumping constantly can be an effective way to negate explosive damage at the ground near you. Materials also spawn more often, so you will have plenty of building opportunity.

On the offensive side, placing remote explosives at loot chest areas and waiting for someone to walk by is a solid strategy. In order to make High Explosive mode even more frenzied, the storm also shrinks faster to force players closer together, so get ready to abandon fortifications and move earlier.

Here's the full list of changes arriving with the Fortnite limited-time High Explosives V2 mode:

  • Non-explosive weapons removed
  • Friendly Fire off
  • 1:50 shaved off wait times for first four storms (20s / 30s / 30s / 30s).
  • Spawn +50% more consumables
  • Spawn +100% more materials
  • Have a 50% chance of dropping a Legendary Guided Missile
  • Materials spawn 60 / 90 / 120 per pickup for wood/stone/metal
  • Materials drop rate increased 50%
  • Ammo drop rate increased 50%
  • Impulse grenade added to floor loot
  • Trap drop rate lowered 50%
  • Number of rockets found per drop increased (Floor: 4-6 | Chests: 8 | Supply: 12 | Box: 16 | Llama: 20)
  • Grenade, Impulse Grenade & Remote Explosive drop rate +100%
  • Bandages drop rate -50%, Med Kit & Slurp drop rate +50%
  • Spike Trap disabled; Launch Pads & Campfires spawn at 1:1 ratio
  • Rocket Launcher drop rate +100%
  • Guided Missile drop rate +100%

 It's a rocket launcher free-for-all! (Thanks to Ali-A for the screenshot)

Have fun with this explosive new mode, and we'll see you in the Battle Royale lobby! Need more help moving up the rankings and getting to #1? Check out our other latest Fortnite guides below, including the latest weekly challenges:

Fortnite Vending Machine Locations Guide for Patch 3.4 Wed, 04 Apr 2018 13:04:26 -0400 Ty Arthur

Fortnite's mid-week 3.4 patch just landed as we enter Week 7 of the battle royale's Season 3! As expected, a bunch of new content has entered the fray, from high explosives to a totally game-changing addition in vending machines.

Adding vending machines provides a way to pick up cool weapons when you get tired of hoping to find loot chests. More notably, vending machines also give your wood, metal, and brick resources another purpose besides just building walls and stairs in Fortnite's late game.

Following the "materials go in, loot comes out" mantra, vending machines will spur more players to harvest resources earlier if they want to get an edge on the competition by wielding miniguns and rocket launchers for example. 

Each vending machine features three different deals, with the specific weapon and rarity spawning at random at each location. A vending machine will slowly cycle through those three deals over time, but if you hit it with your pickaxe, it will switch to the next deal faster.

The prices for every weapons deal are always the same, however, with:

  • Common items going for 100 resources
  • Uncommon for 200
  • Rare for 300
  • Epic for 400
  • Legendary for 500

So for instance, you might find a killer rocket launcher for 500 wood, or a common pistol for 100 stone, and so on. It really is up to the luck of the draw. 

a pink vending machine outside Lonely Lodge in Fortnite Battle Royale Finding the vending machine in Lonely Lodge
(thanks to CosmosFTW for the screenshot)

Vending Machine Locations

Wondering where to find vending machines in Fortnite? Most of them are in the major landing locations you'd expect, although at this point, they seem to be conspicuously absent from Junk Junction, Flush Factory, and Snobby Shores. Nearly every other major location on the map has at least one vending machine, and some even have two or three vending machines clustered together. 

They usually aren't visible from the air and tend to be hidden under awnings, inside buildings, and so on, so you have to search for them even if you know the specific map grid coordinates. The map below compiles all the currently known vending machine locations.

These are just the vending machines that have been found by the community so far in the scant few hours the update has been live, however. It is entirely possible there are more vending machines out there, so if you've come across a vending machine location we don't have listed below, be sure to hit us up with a comment!

Here's a quick rundown of the best vending machine spots to check out to trade resources for a killer weapon:

  • The middle of Anarchy Acres
  • The building to the northwest of Anarchy Acres
  • The west and northeast sides of Loot Lake
  • The east side of Tomato Town
  • To the north and northwest of Wailing Woods
  • The east and south ends of Pleasant Park, as well as the road at the base of the hill to the west of Pleasant Park
  • The north and southwest edges of Tilted Towers
  • The middle of Greasy Grove
  • The complex on the road to the north of Greasy Grove (and west of Tilted Towers)
  • Two vending machines are close together at the northeast end of Retail Row
  • The top of Salty Springs
  • The large hill to the northwest of Fatal Fields
  • The northern end of Shifty Shafts
  • The west side of Lucky Landing at the far south end of the map

A large map showing all the current vending machine locations in Fortnite Fortnite Vending Machine Locations Map

Good luck finding them all and getting an awesome random weapon! Need more help moving up the rankings and getting to #1? Check out our other latest Fortnite guides below, including the latest weekly challenges:

How to Go from Fortnite Zero to Fortnite Hero: A Guide for Noobs Mon, 02 Apr 2018 18:02:42 -0400 Samuel Franklin

Fortnite is the latest craze, capturing an audience of millions of players. If it's your first time playing a battle royale title or a third-person shooter (like me), here are three important adjustments to make which will help skyrocket your win rate.

Like many gamers, I flocked to Fortnite in recent months to join the massive growing community and even picked up a Season 3 battle pass that I've been steadily working through. With a background in shooters, I thought my experience would transition to Fortnite, and while I had early success with a win in my first two dozen games, my success (and Kill-Death ratio) was pitiful at best.

Recently, with a few important adjustments to my approach, I've been having more consistent results and a dramatically rising Kill-Death ratio which has in turn translated to more wins. If you have a similar game background to me, then focusing on these three things will give you that added edge next time you drop from the Battle Bus.

 One of the Fortnite stages


While we are starting with an obvious adjustment, it's without a doubt the hardest one to make, as few games can prepare you for the building element of Fortnite. That being said, it is no doubt one of the strongest adjustments you can make and key to securing kills and wins.

It's entirely possible to win a decent number of fights without significant building, but without a solid foundation, you'll quickly see the game over screen when you encounter a good player towards the mid to late stages of the game. Similarly, you'll be taking unnecessary damage in each fight, which makes later fights more difficult and lowers your chance of coming out ahead. This was the biggest adjustment for me, where I skipped on building as I was still winning fights but taking extra damage in the process.

Personally for me, this was most evident in shotgun fights, where taking an extra hit instead of utilizing a wall to block a single shot can mean the difference between 50 shield and none after the dust settles. More advanced builders can even use editing in unique ways for quick kills without chance of retaliation.

Your first two steps in completing this adjustment are ensuring you have adequate shortcuts so that you can build quickly, and even taking a few games to practice at the edge of the map, away from harm's way. For those that have Save The World, practicing is even easier with the ability to step into an empty game world.

A scoped rifle from Fortnite set against a blue backdrops with exclamation points

Unknown Health and Items

A more interesting adjustment that I haven't read much about but that was a vital mindset change for my win rate was that when you engage, you have very limited information about your opponent's weapon layout or health status.

In other games, the feast or famine that you can find in a Fortnite game doesn't exist to the same extent, with everyone having access to the same weapons, perks, loadouts, and generally the same health. What makes Fortnite unique is that the player you encounter over the hill might have picked up five kills already and been lucky with lootdrops, which means they have full shields, full health, and a rocket launcher hiding in their back pocket as well.

Alternatively, they could be sitting on 75 health, with only white weapons in their inventory. The problem that Fortnite presents is that you don't know until you engage them. The mindset adjustment I made in regards to this was to always assume it's a fully stacked opponent, as I had a number of deaths at the hands of well-geared enemies that I simply was not expecting. 

a close-up of a Fortnite player plummeting from the battle bus

Third-Person Peeking (and Edit Peeking)

As one of the first third-person games I'd played, the idea of scanning the environment using the third-person camera was something completely foreign. Based on the gameplay of new players I've seen, few people understand the power of the third-person camera when used correctly. It's a small adjustment, but one that can give you that extra edge with little effort.

Be it looking around a corner in a house or sitting in your little fort and looking over the large landscape, third-person peeking gives you extra information about the location of enemies. An advanced peeking tactic that Fortnite also opens up is edit peeking, where you place a building piece and edit it to see through it.

If you're already a seasoned player, you've likely already mastered these three adjustments when playing Fortnite. Those looking to dip their toes in the growing ocean of Fortnite, though (particularly those without experience in this genre), will do well with these small gameplay adjustments.

Got your own tips that took you from Fortnite zero to hero? Be sure to share them below and check out GameSkinny's Fornite guides for more great tips.

How to Link Your Accounts and Get Twitch Prime Fortnite Skins Sat, 31 Mar 2018 17:59:20 -0400 Ashley Gill

You know you want those Twitch Prime skins to rock in Fortnite. You can feel it, from the soles of your feet to the tips of your fingers. You gotta have'em, and luckily, getting them isn't all that hard.

Twitch Prime subscribers can access the Twitch Prime Pack for Fortnite, which grants a bunch of sweet-looking skins and cosmetic items you can use in-game. If you're slow to the news, here's exactly what the pack includes:

  • Havoc outfit (for Battle Royale mode)
  • Back Bling cosmetic (for Battle Royale mode)
  • Instigator Pickaxe (for Battle Royale mode)
  • Sub Commander outfit (for Battle Royale mode)
  • Slipstream Glider (for Battle Royale mode)
  • Havoc and Sub Commando heroes (for the upcoming PvE Save the World mode)
  • 4 Twitch emotes

That haul sounds good, but the big draw here are the heroes for the Save the World mode. It's not out yet, but there's no reason not to secure these characters for your use now, rather than getting upset about not having them when Save the World comes out.

You only have until May 2nd to link accounts and get yourself the goods listed above.

How to Link Twitch to Fortnite

Step 1. Get a Twitch Prime sub

First and foremost, you need a Twitch Prime subscription.

Twitch Prime is actually a subsect of Amazon Prime -- if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you have a Twitch Prime subscription. You can go to this page to subscribe to Prime directly or to link your Twitch account to your Amazon account.

You do not need to fully subscribe to Prime to redeem the Fortnite rewards. Instead, you can start a free 30-day trial using a valid credit or debit card and cancel the trial after you have redeemed the Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack. You can also do that in the link above.

You will keep the items even if you cancel your Prime account, just so you know.

Step 2. Link your Epic Login with your Twitch Prime Account

Ready for a super-not-hard part?

Head to this page on the Epic Games website, then click on the 'Have Twitch Prime?" button at the bottom.

You can either click to create a new account or link an existing account. Choose the one that applies to you. If you have an existing account, it will prompt you to log into the platform you play on to retrieve your account information and link it to Twitch Prime.

Link Twitch Prime and Fortnite

It is especially important that you choose the correct service login during this step, and do not choose to make a new account if you already have one.

Choose your Fortnite account platform

Epic themselves have laid out some things to keep in mind when connecting accounts to get the Twitch Prime Pack. These are as follows:

  • If you currently play on both PC and PS4 with different accounts, you will have to choose one to give the Twitch Prime Pack to (you can only get one pack per Twitch Prime account)
  • Do not try to link an Xbox Live account if you play on PC
  • If you play on PC but will eventually play on PS4, ensure you log into the game on PS4 using your Epic Login info rather than making a new account
Step 3. Get the Pack!

Once you've gotten an active Twitch/Amazon Prime subscription account linked to your Epic Games account, you should receive your Twitch Prime Pack in your locker in short order.

There is a chance it will take a little while for you to receive your in-game items. If it is taking a while for you to receive your items and you're getting antsy, check the Epic server status page and ensure Game Services are operational.

See? That wasn't so hard. Getting this pack is the easy part. If you're looking to bust some heads in-game, I highly recommend checking out our comprehensive Fortnite guide collection. It's worth it!

Fortnite Week 6 Challenge: Search Between A Metal Bridge Fri, 30 Mar 2018 10:50:50 -0400 Ty Arthur

Egg Launchers, killer bunny outfits, and eggcellent mini-bosses have all arrived to let you know spring is officially here with the arrival of Fortnite Season 3 Week 6!

Battle Pass holders, of course, get new weekly challenges every Thursday morning to test your skills and have you get kills with different weapons and search out hidden treasure hunt locations.

This week's Battle Star treasure hunt seems like a reference to the Oscar-winning dramedy Three BIllboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. You won't have to face off against the local police or go on a date with Peter Dinklage to complete this challenge, though. If you haven't figured out where to find this Battle Star yet, we've got you covered with the exact location below.

If you're just getting started earning your battle points this morning, here's all the Week 6 challenges to try out with this new Fortnite v3.4 patch:

  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500)
  • Search chests in Anarchy Acres (7)
  • Place a Cozy Campfire (1)
  • Summit different mountain peaks (10)
  • Hard: Search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards, and a Crashed Bus (covered below)
  • Hard: Explosive weapon eliminations (3)
  • Hard: Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (3)

Fortnite Battle Star landing location circled in red Land on the hilltop across from the billboards to grab the Battle Star (thanks to Chuck for the screenshot)

Search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards, and a Crashed Bus

While the previous treasure hunt challenges typically had you finding a map first before reaching the Battle Star, that first half of the process has been culled entirely this time around. Now you just need to use your knowledge of the game area to figure out what section is between a bridge and three billboards.

Since the maps weren't really necessary anyway (and also didn't give much of a visual indication of where to search), it seems like future treasure hunts may ditch the maps altogether as well.

To reach this location the quickest, jump off the Battle Bus between Shifty Shafts and Salty Springs if possible. The specific grid coordinate you are looking for on the map is E7 and is near the river to the east of Shifty Shafts (see location on the map below).

From the air, you should clearly see the metal bridge on one side, and as you get closer, the three billboards will come into view. You are looking for a small hill with a very obvious clearing in the middle where the Battle Star will spawn.

You want to land on the tree-covered hilltop across from the billboards. When you hit the ground, the Battle Star will spawn as you walk close to its location (it won't be visible from the air).

This hill is actually pretty tough to get to from the ground, so if you miss it while landing or the bus doesn't fly from this direction at the start of the game, you may have to just play another match and try again.

As with most weekly challenges, keep in mind that you do have to actually complete the match to tick the challenge off your list. Logging out immediately after grabbing the Battle Star is a waste of time, as it won't count.

Where to find the Search Between a Metal Bridge battle star in Fortnite Battle Royale as marked by a big, red X Fortnite Search Between A Metal Bridge Location

Did you manage to nab this week's treasure hunt Battle Star yet? Let us know, and be sure to share your best kill or death of Season 3 Week 6 in the comments section!

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Fortnite Finally Gets a Blue Pump Shotgun in 3.4 Update Thu, 29 Mar 2018 12:16:55 -0400 Ty Arthur

The forums and sub-reddit have constantly been asking one question for months now: Is there a blue pump in Fortnite? While there hadn't been until now, a change in the recent Spring 3.4 update pulls this rare and sought-after shotgun out of fantasy and into reality!

Fornite Battle Royale Blue Pump Shotgun

While the amazing Guided Missile was the big weapon added in this week (perfect for going around defenses to take out a base), nestled within the Fortnite patch v3.4 note was this little tidbit that barely went noticed at first:

Adjusted rarity colors on Shotguns to more closely represent their effectiveness.

As it turns out, that rarity change resulted in some rare blue shotguns now appearing as loot chest or ground drops. It doesn't appear that the damage or ammo capacity has changed, however, as this was simply a change up in the rarity of the shotgun instead.

Coming upon a trove of goodies, including the blue pump shotgun Here's that "something blue" for your Fortnite wedding! (thanks to YouTuber Battle Royale for the screenshot)

More Patch 3.4 Changes

That rare blue pump isn't the only addition to this week's patch. The Egg Launcher has been added as a seasonal cosmetic change that replaces the standard Grenade Launcher, so if you miss the old Pumpkin Launcher from Halloween, now is your chance to get back in on more seasonal exploding shenanigans!

Besides the changes to the (currently much more popular) Battle Royale mode, a major tweak just came to Save The World mode that has players very, very happy -- sprinting no longer consumes energy.

That's huge for Ninja characters, as well as for anyone who was tired of trying to walk across those giant maps to get their quest objectives and still make it back to the base in time for the wave of enemies.

The full Fortnite 3.4 patch notes can be read over here, and be sure to stay tuned for our guides on the newly added Week 6 challenges arriving soon!

The brown shotguns that the blue pumps can replace in Fortnite's latest update 
Have fun racking up the kills with that rare blue pump!

Fortnite Anarchy Acres Treasure Map Guide Thu, 22 Mar 2018 13:33:21 -0400 Ty Arthur

A whole new crop of Fortnite Week 5 challenges have just sprouted! Seven new bonus objectives show up every Thursday morning for the Battle Pass crowd, and this week is no exception as challenges arrive ranging from opening loot chests in specific locations to hunting down treasure based off a secret map.

Some of the "hard" designations are a little strange this week, though. For instance, it will probably take you longer to find a legendary bush drop (which isn't a "hard" challenge) than it will to get three kills in Tilted Towers, which is always swarming with players looking for loot.

These are all the Fortnite Season 3 Week 5 challenges now available in Battle Royale matches:

  • Use the Bush one time (5 Battle Points)
  • Search 7 Loot Chests in Moisty Mire (5 Battle Points)
  • Deal 200 damage with a Pickaxe to opponents (5 Battle Points)
  • Visit 3 different Gas Stations in a single match (5 Battle Points - see our guide here)
  • Hard: Follow the treasure map found in Anarchy Acres to the Battle Star (10 Battle Points - see guide below)
  • Hard: Get 3 Pistol Eliminations (10 Battle Points)
  • Hard: Eliminate 3 opponents in Tilted Towers (10 Battle Points)

Below, we cover exactly where to find the Anarchy Acres treasure map and how to decipher its scribblings to find the hidden Battle Star treasure!

a Fortnite player coming upon a clue to finding the anarchy acres treasure map Finding the Anarchy Acres Treasure Map (thanks to DooM Clan for the screenshot)

Fortnite Week 5 Anarchy Acres Treasure Map

The Week 5 challenge treasure map itself isn't that tough to find. Just land at Anarchy Acres (a personal favorite spot of mine to drop, by the way, since it has plenty of loot, good hiding spots, and isn't usually filled with other players), and look for a shack at the edge of the area. The map is sitting on a sign post between the two walls.

The map itself is sort of obscure, and the red X near a hill doesn't really seem to indicate a clear location ... except for the llama in the upper-left map corner. Remember a few weeks back how there was a challenge to land at giant buildings shaped like a fox, a crab, and a llama? That's the big hint here.

The llama building was at the far northwest corner of the Battle Royale play area north of Junk Junction, which is the direction you want to head. The Battle Star treasure isn't actually at the llama, though; as the map indicates, it is found to the south.

Head south from there (and west of Junk Junction) to find the Battle Star near a hill where a big rocking is sitting on the ground. Remember that, as with all the maps, the Star actually won't spawn until you get close to it, so run around a bit if it isn't immediately visible.

Because the Star is so close to the edge of the map, you may want to skip finding the treasure map entirely and instead just go straight to Junk Junction. If you grab the map first, the storm will almost certainly have closed in before you can run all the way over to the northwest corner of the Battle Royale map (although this also means there won't be any snipers waiting for you).

Fortnite map showing where to find the anarchy acres treasure map Fortnite Anarchy Acres Treasure Map Location

That's all you need to know to complete the Anarchy Acres treasure map challenge! Need help completing any other Fortnite Season 3 content? Check out our other latest Fortnite guides below, including the other Week 5 challenges: