Fortnite Articles RSS Feed | Fortnite RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Epic Games Expands The Support-A-Creator Program To All Titles In Its Store Thu, 07 Feb 2019 12:54:22 -0500 QuintLyn

Epic Games is expanding its Support-A-Creator program. Initially launched in October, the referral program offered content creators the opportunity to make money from Fortnite V-Buck sales.

This allowed qualified YouTubers and Twitch streamers to receive $5 when fans entered the creator's Epic tag while purchasing 10,000 V-Bucks.

Now, that program is expanding to other games on the newly released Epic Games Store. Just as with Fortnite, creators will need to have fans use their Epic tag during purchases in order to receive a cut of the profit.

This is facilitated with referral links that the creators can add to their Twitch or YouTube channel information.

Unlike the deal with Fortnite, creators will not be recieving a set $5. That's partially because creators won't be dealing with V-Buck sales. Instead, eligible creators will earn a percentage of a game's selling price. Developers are allowed to decide what share creators will recieve, but it's will be no less than 5% of the purchase price.

The program is open to almost every type of content creator  video makers, streamers, artists, cosplayers, and more. However, to be considered, content creators need to have at least 1,000 followers on any of the major social platforms.

Once both requirements are met, creators will have to fill out an affiliate agreement and agree to the Creator Code of Conduct. 

There are, unfortunately, some restrictions. Creators located in countries disallowed by U.S. law, including China, Iran, and North Korea, are ineligible to participate in the program. This is also true of any creator whose content goes against the Affiliate Agreement or the Fortnite EULA. 

ull details on how to apply for the Suppor-A-Creator Program can be found on the Epic Games website

For everything else Epic, be sure to head over to our Epic Games hub page

Top Fortnite Memes of 2018 Fri, 28 Dec 2018 12:49:11 -0500 Victoria B.

Whether you love or hate it, Fortnite has stuck around as one of the most played games in 2018. Some live for the next victory royale and others condemn it as one of the worst games. Sounds like the perfect content for the internet to eat up and spit back out for our entertainment.

With the fame and notoriety, comes with it an infinite amount of memes. Here are our top picks for this year’s best Fortnite memes.

Fortnite Memes of 2018

Did you find these relatable? Were there any favorites we missed? Let us know or share your memes with us. We'll look forward to the new one's to come in 2019.

Fortnite Season 7, Week 4 Challenges Leaked Fri, 21 Dec 2018 14:27:06 -0500 William R. Parks

Yesterday marked the beginning of Fortnite Season 7's third week of challenges, which has many players ringing doorbells and riding ziplines throughout the battle royale's map. That said, some industrious fans are already looking towards the future, digging into the game files and uncovering the requirements for week four's challenges.

While some of the specific challenge details are missing, such as the exact number of eliminations required for certain challenges, the leaked information paints a relatively clear picture of what fans can expect from next week's offerings:

Free Challenges

  • Stage 1: Destroy Chairs
    Stage 2: Destroy Wooden Utility Poles 
    Final Stage: Destroy Wooden Palettes

  • Stage 1: Search the letter “O” west of Pleasant Park
    Stage 2: Search the letter “S” in Wailing Woods
    Stage 3: Search the letter “M” in Dusty Divot
    Stage 4: Search the letter “N” under a frozen lake
    Final Stage: Visit the NOMS sign in Retail Row

  • Pickaxe Damage

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Eliminate opponents at all Expedition Outposts

  • Eliminations at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park

  • Launch Fireworks

  • Use an X-4 Stormwing Plane in different matches

As per usual, many of the week's challenges appear relatively straightforward, asking players to interact with certain world objects or deal damage with specified weapons. So long as players are able to get eliminations and are willing to adjust their play patterns to focus on the challenges, there should be little issue in completing them.

The biggest unknown of the week four challenges appears to be the exact locations of the letters specified in the second free challenge. However, dedicated fans are certain to find these locations promptly upon release.

It is important to emphasize that these details are, of course, not officially confirmed, and the challenges that are released next week may be slightly different than those listed above. Still, players can expect that this leaked information will inform the majority of the week four challenges.

This new week of challenges is expected to go live next Thursday, December 27. In the mean time, week three's challenges and the "14 Days of Fortnite" event should give players plenty of content to experience through the holiday.

More details on the season seven, week four challenge leak can be found on Fortnite INTEL.

Fortnite: How to Complete All the Season 7, Week 3 Challenges Thu, 20 Dec 2018 22:26:37 -0500 William R. Parks

As Fortnite's seventh season moves forward, Epic continues to update and expand the game's battle royale experience. While some players may be spending their time participating in the "14 Days of Fortnite" event, a new week of challenges is now available for those looking for something different.

As always, this week includes a series of free challenges available to all players:

  • Ride a Zipline in different matches [5]

    While this challenge is fairly straightforward, it will require players to participate in at least five matches. For those that are having trouble locating ziplines, the new winter biome has several.

  • Stage 1: Land at Lonely Lodge
    Stage 2: Land at Pleasant Park
    Stage 3: Land at Lucky Landing
    Stage 4: Land at Lazy Links
    Final Stage: Land at Tilted Towers

    This is yet another simple challenge that just requires participation in multiple matches. So long as players focus on landing in the designated locations, there should be no issue here.

  • Legendary weapon Eliminations (HARD) [2]

    This challenge requires a level of skill not needed for the preceding challenges, but its requirements are also clear. Players will simply need to survive long enough to locate a Legendary weapon, and land a couple of kills, to finish this one off.

For players that own a Battle Pass, there are four additional challenges to complete:

  • Search Chests at Polar Peak or Tomato Temple [7]

    While it may take a number of matches to complete the first challenge, players that land in Polar Peak or Tomato Temple will have the best chance at finding chests. Of course, some survival ability will be needed, as others are likely to be attempting this challenge as well.

  • Ring a doorbell in different named locations in a single match [2]

    There are a number of houses with doorbells to ring across Fortnite's map. Players can reference the following map when planning the doorbells they will ring to complete this challenge.

  • Search between three ski lodges (HARD) [1]

    This is another challenge that just asks players to go to a designated area. In this case, that is a location in the new winter biome, and it is indicated on the following map.

  • Stage 1: Deal damage with Shotguns to opponents (HARD) [200]
    Stage 2: Deal damage with Pistols to opponents (HARD) [200]
    Final Stage: Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (HARD) [200]

    The requirements of the week's final challenge are clear. Players that focus on obtaining the designated weapons, and hitting opponents with them, will easily complete this challenge.

Aside from a couple of weapon-based challenges, dedicated players will have no trouble completing this week's offerings. This should give them plenty of time to try out the recently nerfed X-4 Stormwing Plane before a new week of challenges arrive.

Fortnite Save the World Mode Disabled Tue, 18 Dec 2018 13:27:11 -0500 William R. Parks

With its continual updating and innovation, Fortnite remains the premiere title for battle royale style gameplay, but it also features a number of other game modes. One such mode is a PvE experience called "Save the World," however, Epic has just taken to Twitter to announce that this co-op offering is temporarily disabled.

This morning marked the launch of Fortnite's v7.10 update, which includes significant changes and additions to "Save the World." A major addition from this patch is a new way to play the PvE mode called "Frostnite," which Epic is citing as a primary cause for the current deactivation:

More specifically, some players are indicating that playing a round of "Frostnite" causes the contents of their Stormshield Storage containers to be deleted in full. Players use these containers to temporarily store items for later use in "Save the World," and some have put significant time into stocking these caches.

These empty repositories have caused understandable concern within the community, and Epic has responded on Reddit, suggesting that it may reactivate "Save the World" but leave "Frostnite" offline for the time being. However, before any of this occurs, the company indicates that it is "doing internal testing to ensure that no more data loss is occurring outside of the mode."

In the mean time, players will need to standby for further updates from Epic, including when "Save the World" will be reactivated and how the company plans to restore the missing items. While it may be a less than ideal solution, some players suggest a server rollback might be necessary.

"Frostnite" is a survival game mode where players must work together to collect resources and fend off waves of enemies, with access to only the most basic gear. Success with this new objective grants rewards, and there are associated event quests to participate in.

While some players may be frustrated not to be able to play this new event, or "Save the World" in general, it is clear that resolving this issue is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there is every indication that Epic is working diligently, and the company has promised to continue providing information throughout the process. 

More details on "Frostnite" and the v7.10 update can be found in the patch notes. Epic's updates on "Save the World" are located on Reddit.

Fortnite X-4 Stormwing Plane is Getting Nerfed Mon, 17 Dec 2018 22:40:23 -0500 William R. Parks

With Fortnite's seventh season in full swing, players are acquainting themselves with changes to the battle royale's map, as well as the game's first aerial vehicle, the X-4 Stormwing Plane. However, following some community-driven concerns about the power level of this new vehicle, Epic has announced that changes are imminent for the X-4 Storming.

Specifically, Sean Hamilton, Epic Games' community coordinator, has taken to Twitter to announce that Fortnite players that are piloting the plane will take increased damage when it is demolished. Destroying a plane, or crashing one, currently deals 25 damage to the pilot, and this is being doubled to 50.

This tweak is to be implemented with Fortnite's v7.10 update, and while this new patch was scheduled for release on December 18, Epic has recently indicated that it is delayed until further notice, "due to last minute issues discovered within the build."

For better or worse, this means that players will have a little more time with the current X-4 Stormwing.

Beyond this nerf, not much is currently known about v7.10. However, Epic has confirmed one thing that will not be included: another new vehicle called the Driftboard. This snowboard-inspired conveyance was revealed today through Fortnite's in-game news feed, and it is a single-player vehicle with apparent "boost" mechanics.

It is safe to say that players will have access to the Driftboard before the end of Season 7, considering its connection with the game's new wintery biome and its apparent depiction in some of the season's promotional material. That said, fans will need to wait a bit longer than they may have hoped for the release of this new vehicle.

With Season 7, Epic has certainly been testing the boundaries of what power level is appropriate for battle royale. Just last week, a vocal portion of the player base called for a newly introduced Mythic sword, the Infinity Blade, to be vaulted, and Epic complied.

It does not seem that the same fate awaits the X-4 Stormwing, though it remains to be seen if this specific nerf will be sufficient in bringing it in line. Some players may find these phases of competing against overpowered gear frustrating, but it is refreshing to see that Epic is willing to continue innovating, and that it is committed to acting promptly on player feedback.

Sean Hamilton's confirmation of the nerf of the X-4 Stormwing Plane can be found on Twitter.

Best YouTubers for Kids to Watch in 2019 Sun, 23 Dec 2018 10:00:01 -0500 QuintLyn

YouTube... It can be an amazing place, and it can be a terrifying place -- particularly if you have kids hitting their tweens. Today, almost all kids have access to either cell phones or some sort of mobile devices that allow them to log into YouTube wherever they want, finding their way to anything from educational content to explicit content not necessarily appropriate for adults, much less growing kids.

For parents, that means they need to be vigilant about making sure the content their kids are accessing meets their standards. Of course, everyone knows how difficult that is. On YouTube it’s easy enough to just stumble across something that falls out of the range of ideal content. Then there’s the friend factor. If your kids’ friends are watching it, they’ve probably seen it too.

And -- of course -- there’s the ever growing problem of content creators that seem kid-friendly suddenly taking a shift into less appropriate content.

It should be no surprise to most parents that gaming content is some of the most poplar to view. In fact, if you spend some time researching the viewer counts on YouTube videos, Minecraft and Fortnite are always at the top of the list. But not all Minecraft or Fortnite videos are the same. And, despite the mostly PG nature of the games themselves, a lot of the material created around them are definitely not appropriate for your kids.

The good news is, we want to help you out. So, after spending some time on YouTube, sifting through the myriad of content available, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best content creators making videos for kids in the pre-tween to tween age range. Some are educational, some are downright silly, and some... well, they’re definitely not made with adult audiences in mind. But they’re all kid-friendly.

So, without further ado, here are the best YouTubers for kids to watch in 2019.

Litanah -- Daily Fortnite videos

Even as an adult, I likeLitanah a lot. His videos are fun and a bit educational, taking advantage of the building feature found in Fortnite to experiment with random things. His tests may not use the most accurate scientific protocols, but they do encourage curiosity and creativity -- both things we could all use a little more reinforcement on.

Of course, his channel isn’t all “Silly Science,” Fortnite fans can also find a regular podcast, weapon reviews, and loot llama opening videos.

Atlantic Craft -- Minecraft videos

I’ll admit, it’s kind of hard to spend any time in the gaming section of YouTube and not trip over Minecraft videos. They are everywhere. And a good portion of them are directed at kids ranging in age from around 7 to 12.

Atlantic Craft is a great channel for just that crowd. Like Litanah, they offer a variety of video types -- including excellent challenge videos where three different players compete to see who can come up with the best build. Challenge projects can be almost anything, ranging from roller coasters to the Krusty Krab from Spongebob Squarepants. Atlantic's channel also features silly RP/story-style videos that kids can enjoy.

And, if that's not enough, he also has channels for Fortnite and Roblox.

NightFoxx -- Roblox Videos

NightFoxx is a Roblox YouTuber and streamer whose videos all seem to focus on co-op activities and team work -- if not a little bit of trolling their teammates. Basically, they're everything kids seem to like in YouTube content.  

His content is over-the-top energetic, so parents should expect a lot of excited screaming when their kids are watching him. But based on the videos I've seen, parents shouldn't have to worry about their kids picking up any inappropriate language or information. It's all just friends hanging out and having a good time.

It's also worth noting that some of the co-op players in the videos with him are, in fact, kids who are treated equally to everyone else, which might make NightFoxx's videos even more appealing.

PandaFire11 -- Minecraft Roleplay

Here we have another Minecraft channel -- this one focused on the RP elements of the game -- whether that be special adventure mods or general roleplaying.

There are several episodic "shows" on the channel, including a Supernatural roleplay show titled Celestial Forest and another titled Fallout Origins, based on... you guessed it... Fallout.

PandaFire also teams with other content creators making similar whose work is hosted on his channel. So there's plenty to keep the kids entertained.

Phoeberry -- Roblox Fun

This Roblox channel is a bit more chill than the others in this list. Phoeberry's not much of an over-reactor, although she does get pretty excited when coming across new content or shiny things.

Aside from exploring the world, Phoeberry gets up to some light merry making, doing things like dressing as Santa and sneaking into other players' houses -- waiting to see if they notice her and giving them presents.

It's a pretty fun channel, and definitely ideal for those days when you'd rather the kids' entertainment be a bit quieter.

Little Leah -- Minecraft and Roblox

Like Atlantic Craft, Little Leah offers videos on multiple games -- in this case Minecraft and Roblox. It's a bit of a joint project. Leah plays with her husband Donny, doing things like competing to see who can build the best treehouse as well as general roleplaying.

Parents can also expect some general vlogs on there as well. But don't worry, it's all family friendly. In fact, they're pretty cute playing together and their videos have a very happy vibe.

If your kid is really only into one of the games, that's okay, because Leah also has channels specifically for each of them. The channel linked above just pulls the best from each and puts them in one place for viewers to enjoy.

TanqR -- Roblox

Yep! We're ending with another Roblox-centric channel, and like Little Leah's channel, this one has a family focus aside from just being kid friendly. TanqR's recently started playing with his dad -- who, by the way, has his own small gaming channel: OldmanGamingHD. (*Note, I haven't perused Dad's channel so I don't know how appropriate it is for the kids.)

TanqR's Roblox channel appears to be a bit more broad than the others listed here. And it is pretty high-energy. Of course, that's exactly what he's going for with his content.


... And there you have it. Seven kid-friendly channels that you can let your kids watch in the coming year. And the great news is that you didn't even have to go looking for them. We did the work for you.

Now, there are a few things to note. The fine print, as it were.

The author obviously didn't watch every video on each of the channels. Instead, it was more of a random sampling. But the videos watched were watched all the way through and nothing worrisome popped up.

Of course, we can't guarantee that things won't change with these channels later on. So, you'll likely still want to check in on them from time to time. As noted above, it's not unheard of for a channel that's directed at kids to stray from that audience. But, from what we've seen, these ones are pretty solidly dedicated to programming for younger audiences.

Fortnite's New Infinity Blade is Getting Nerfed [UPDATE: Now Vaulted] Fri, 14 Dec 2018 13:51:27 -0500 William R. Parks

[UPDATE 12/14/15: Epic has taken to Twitter to announce that the Infinity Blade is now Vaulted, and the company is currently "re-evaluating" its approach to Mythic items.]

Original story: 

Earlier this week, Fortnite's newest melee weapon, the Infinity Blade, was added to the popular battle royale game mode. Unfortunately, the release of this powerful sword has not been received well, with a vocal portion of the player base calling for an immediate nerf.

Epic has responded by outlining changes that will be coming to the weapon in an upcoming patch.

These changes are focused on increasing the risk of wielding the Infinity Blade, and, after patch V7.10, Fortnite players will no longer be able to build or harvest with the weapon in their inventory. "By taking away the ability to harvest/build we hope to tune the Infinity Blade to where it feels risky to have, but still satisfying to wield," Epic's announcement on Reddit states.

The Infinity Blade is currently the only Mythic item available in battle royale. Mythic items are a step above the game's Legendary items, and this power increase can certainly be felt with the new melee weapon.

Not only will players find that they are dealing devastating damage with the Mythic sword, it also boosts mobility and comes with some extremely powerful effects. Specifically, players that are wielding the weapon receive an increase to their health and shield pools, regenerate health over time, and get health and speed boosts whenever they kill an opponent.

This is a deadly combination, and while only one player is able to obtain the Infinity Blade per match, the weapon is having a great deal of effect on Fortnite. While Epic's proposed changes may reduce this impact, some players are wondering why the weapon is not simply relegated to a Limited Time Mode (LTM).

In a previous LTM, players attempted to locate yet another Mythic item, the Infinity Gauntlet, which would give them powerful abilities and transform them into the supervillain Thanos. The goal of this game mode was to be the last Thanos standing, and some players are citing this as a perfect structure for an Infinity Blade-based LTM.

That said, Epic has indicated that it is committed to including Mythic items in Fortnite's battle royale mode going forward. Following the initial implementation of the Infinity Blade, this may come as troubling news to some fans. However, it is clear that the company has its eye on balancing Mythic items, and perhaps a solution can be found that does not require removing the Infinity Blade in full.

Epic's full announcement can be found on Reddit.

Fortnite's Cross-Platform Services Offered Freely to Developers Fri, 14 Dec 2018 10:17:43 -0500 William R. Parks

As multiplayer gaming continues to exponentially grow in popularity, the ability for players to play their favorite titles with friends, regardless of their preferred platform, is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately for players that are dreaming of more pervasive cross-play support, a recent announcement from Epic, the developers behind Fortnite, suggests that their dreams may be one step closer to reality.

Specifically, Epic is making portions of its cross-platform game services free to all developers. These services, which are the foundation of Fortnite's cross-play support, will begin their rollout in 2019, and they will be "open to all engines, all platforms, and all stores."

Furthermore, the company emphasizes that developers are free to take the portions of the online services that fit their needs and that all services are operated under GDPR compliance.

Epic's announcement offers further insight into the release of these services:

The service launch will begin with a C SDK encapsulating our online services, together with Unreal Engine and Unity integrations. We’ll start with a core set of features and expand over time.

Developers will begin seeing these core features made available during the second quarter of 2019. This includes the ability for supported games to recognize friends and acquired items (such as cosmetics) across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. 

Then, in the third quarter, Epic will be making cross-platform voice communication available as well as trophies and the beginnings of the requisite support for matchmaking across the seven major platforms.

"The services described above are just our first steps," Epic's announcement reads. "As you can see from our game and engine efforts, we’re also working on further support for user-generated content, enhanced social features, anti-cheat, and more."

Between this announcement and the launch of the Epic Games Store, a digital distribution platform with a focus on increasing developers' revenue, it is clear that Epic is committed to turning the success of Fortnite into an opportunity for other developers. This sentiment is specifically reflected in this new announcement, as it states that the company's goal is to "help game developers succeed."

While clearly these new offerings are not completely selfless acts, and some have already leveled criticisms at the Epic Games Store for locking developers into exclusive distribution deals, many small game makers are certain to benefit greatly from them. These freely available cross-platform game services may not guarantee that all multiplayer gaming has full cross-play support moving forward, however, they will make it an option for studios that could never have considered it previously.

Epic's full announcement is available on the company's blog.

Fortnite: How to Complete All the Season 7, Week 2 Challenges Thu, 13 Dec 2018 14:47:07 -0500 William R. Parks

Fortnite's seventh season has been live for a week, and players have been familiarizing themselves with its new wintery biome, the game's first ariel vehicle, and the newly introduced Infinity Blade. Additionally, weekly challenges are keeping fans occupied, as they work to acquire the newest cosmetics, and the Week 2 challenges are now available.

For players that do not own a Fortnite Battle Pass, there are three free challenges:

  1. Search a Chest in different Named Locations [7]
  2. Damage opponents with different types of weapons [5]
  3. Eliminate opponents in Snobby Shores or Fatal Fields (HARD) [3]

All of these challenges are straightforward, and they should be easily completed by slightly modifying play patterns in order to focus on these objectives.

For those that do own a Battle Pass, there are four additional challenges, including one multi-part challenge, and some will require a little more work than the free challenges:

  1. Stage 1: Visit Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park in a single match
    Stage 2: Visit Lonely Lodge and Dusty Divot in a single match
    Stage 3: Visit Frosty Flights and Tomato Temple in a single match
  2. Play the Sheet Music on pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge [2]
  3. Compete in a Dance Off at an abandoned mansion [1]
  4. Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away [1]

As with the free challenges, the first Battle Pass challenge should be easily completed by simply modifying gameplay to make sure that the criteria is met over a few matches. For those that would like to expedite the process, starting a match by landing in the first location and then going directly to the second location is the fastest option.

In the second challenge, players will need to locate two pianos and play the notes indicated on the accompanying sheet music. This can be done by jumping on the corresponding piano keys.

The Lonely Lodge piano is located along the east edge of the island in J5, and the Pleasant Park piano is located on the hill in B3:

The third challenges asks players to dance in an abandoned mansion, which is located in J5 (very near to the Lonely Lodge piano):

After arriving at the mansion, players should make their way to the building's basement, where they will find a dance floor and scoreboard. Those that dance in this location will complete the challenge.

Again, the fourth challenge is straightforward so long as players hone their sniping skills and are intent on executing it.

With a few exception, the Season 7, Week 2 challenges will be easy for most players to complete. As a result, fans should have plenty of time to work on their buildings in Fortnite's new creative mode and also pickup a melee kill or two.

How to Get the Infinity Blade in Fortnite Thu, 13 Dec 2018 10:32:21 -0500 Oscar Gonzalez

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7 is underway, and to celebrate the new season, Epic Games added a new weapon to the game this past Tuesday. This weapon, however, is actually from Infinity Blade, another franchise owned and developed by Epic, and it is by far the most powerful object in the game.

The Infinity Blade is now available for any player who is quick and brave enough to pull it from where it rests. Those who survive the mad rush for the sword will have in their hands a power that can't be matched by any other weapons in Fortnite.


The Blade Is Mightier Than the Gun

Since the Infinity Blade is a Mythic melee weapon, it is incredibly overpowered. When a player pulls the weapon from the ground in Polar Peak, they will immediately receive 200 shields and 200 health.

Each swipe of the blade will deal 75 damage to other players, and there's a jumping dash attack that will cause 25 damage. The blade can also destroy buildings and structures like a hot knife cutting through melted butter. 

It doesn't end there, though. Each elimination made with the Infinity Blade will increase the wielder's health or shields by 50. There's also regeneration that comes with the blade that will increase health or shield by one point every three seconds

The Sword in the Stone

To get the Infinity Blade, players will have to head to the new snowy areas on the island that were added in Season 7. More specifically, Polar Peak.

Where the letters for Polar Peak are on the map, there is a mountaintop with a castle half-buried under snow. Players will see a square with several pillars, and in the middle sticking out of the ground is the Infinity Blade.

The exact location is marked on the map below. 

Survive the Bum Rush 

Finding the Infinity Blade is easy, but actually getting it is the hard part.

The first obstacle is the rush of players going for the sword. Numerous players will head to Polar Peak at the start of the game, especially if the Battle Bus passes over it.

The next problem is the lack of weapons and materials in the area. There are a few buildings around the sword, making the decision on whether to battle with pickaxes or run to a building in hopes of finding a weapon before another player gets the Infinity Blade somewhat tough.

Several trees are also in the immediate area, but like the conundrum of finding weapons, getting wood or brick will take time and you may be too late to the blade. 

What could be the biggest problem is the five seconds it takes to claim the Infinity Blade. You can stop while trying to pull the sword from the ground, but that will reset the five-second timer.

But we've got some tips that might make things easier.  

Gimme That Sword!

Since it's currently OP, the Infinity Blade isn't easy to get. While the strategies below aren't foolproof by any means, they should give you a fighter's chance in pulling the sword from the stone. 

Getting the Blade Tip 1

If the Battle Bus travels over Polar Peak, forget about going for the blade. Everyone will take a stab at it since it's right there. 

However, if the route for the Battle Bus is more down the center of the island, jump out and glide your way to the mountaintop.

Going straight for the sword in this configuration is a good tactic because you will most likely only deal with other players with pickaxes. You'll be able to take a few hits from a pickaxe as you try to pull it out.

The key thing is to make a run for it when other players are preoccupied, which is likely to happen since most people will be afraid to go after the blade when there are others around.

If there's one player in the vicinity of the Infinity Blade, then take a shot at claiming it. You will be able to survive multiple pickaxe attacks as long as it's only from one player. 

Getting the Blade Tip 2

Those that want to go the weapon route first should head for the castle buried under snow. There are two chests in the building: one on the ground floor and another on the fourth floor.

Use the weapons in either chest to take other players in the building. If you obtain a sniper, head to the rooftop and take shots at the player who acquired the sword. If not, go to the ground entrance and leave through the door in the direction of the square where the blade is.

Make sure to get some materials in the building as you make your way up and down the floors. If someone has the Infinity Blade, keep your distance and attack from afar. Do not get close or you'll be dead in just two hits.

You can try building a structure for protection, but a player with the sword will quickly demolish it. Stay far away and try to maneuver back to the castle in the snow or any high ground. Build some ramps to get the higher ground and try to do a quick edit to remove parts of the ramp so the sword wielder won't follow you.

Ideally, you being above them will be enough to get some free hits as its unlikely the player with the Infinity Blade has enough materials to build a ramp to chase you.

Getting the Blade Tip 3

If you do get the sword, use the jumping dash attack to close the distance on any player. It'll be easy to take them down up close, but as mentioned, from a long distance, you are a sitting duck, especially if someone has a sniper rifle.

After you've killed all nearby players, start gaining those materials so you can defend yourself from snipers and assault rifles as you try and get close. Since the Infinity Blade can heal you, don't be ashamed to disengage in order to heal up.


Like the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mode from earlier in the year, the Infinity Blade will likely last for a short period of time before Epic removes it from Fortnite. At the very least, it will get nerfed since it's currently OP.

This means you'll need to jump on right away in order to get a taste of its power.

Looking for more Fortnite tips? Head over to our Fortnite guides page for more.

Rumor: Fortnite to Be Banned in China Wed, 12 Dec 2018 13:25:41 -0500 William R. Parks

Last week, it was announced that a Chinese "ethics assessment committee" had reviewed the contents of 20 online games, requiring that 11 of these titles be amended before release in China and banning nine of them outright.

Now, a recent report suggests that the battle royale sensation Fortnite is one of these banned titles.

According to China's state-run press agency Xinhua, the assessment committee is "comprised of online gaming experts and researchers from the government departments, industry institutions and media outlets," and its goal is to be certain that online games, like Fortnite, "meet a certain code of ethics" prior to their release in China.

While Xinhua does confirm that 20 games have been reviewed by the committee, the suggestion that Fortnite is amongst the banned titles comes via a post on NGA, a Chinese gaming forum, which has since been translated on Reddit.

The reason for the ban is cited as "blood and gore, vulgar content," and the post indicates that other battle royale titles, including PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundH1Z1, and Ring of Elysium, are being denied for similar infractions.

In March, China's regulators put a full stop on issuing commercial licenses for online games, effectively preventing the public release of new titles and creating a significant shake-up in the massive market. While the results of this first round of reviews suggest that the newly established committee has strict guidelines for approval, it is, at least, indication that this total freezing of new licenses is coming to an end.

This increased focus on online gaming follows what Xinhua describes as "social concerns" about video game addiction and the negative impact they can have on their players. For instance, in August, China's Ministry of Education suggested a correlation between video game playing and damaged eyesight, and they called for a decrease in the number of online games released in the country as a result. 

At this point, there has not been an official statement confirming the ban of Fortnite in China, however, it is clear that the assessment committee has recommended that a number of titles not be granted official release. While it is difficult to be certain the exact impact this new approval structure will have, China is the world's largest video game market, and these types of bans will, no doubt, be felt the world over.

The post outlining the rumored banned titles can be found on Reddit.

Fortnite 7.01 Patch Notes Rundown Tue, 11 Dec 2018 12:25:17 -0500 Jonathan Moore

We're a week into Season 7 of Fortnite, which means it's time for a new update. This week's 7.01 patch brings a lot to the popular battle royale, including the much-anticipated Creative Mode, a surprise in the new Infinity Blade weapon, and, as we've come to expect, loads of bug fixes. 

The patch went live this morning at 5 a.m. EDT; here's what you can expect when you log in, per the official Fortnite website and release notes. 

Creative Mode

Although it might sound similar, Fortnite's Creative Mode is a slightly different experience than its Playground Mode. 

Whereas Playground Mode allows players to explore the Fortnite map and practice their skills without fear of dying, Creative Mode is a more traditional sandbox mode that allows players to build their own islands using individual assets or prefabricated buildings. These creations can (eventually) be shared with friends or the community at large on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch

The mode has been out for several days now, but it has only been available to Battle Pass owners. The 7.01 patch makes it available to all Fortnite players. 


Originally, Creative Mode had only four islands on which players could build structures. Patch 7.01 increases that number to five. 

Players will be able to "load creations that have been shared with the Island Code system", but as of this writing, Epic has said that the Island Code system will initially be available to only a select number of Fortnite players.

The company said the feature will be expanded over time, but it did not specify how quickly the feature would roll out to all Fortnite users. 


Epic has added six new prefabs to Creative Mode, all of which are modeled after Lucky Landing. Indestructible parts have also been added to prefabs. 

The obstacle course has been split into floors, walls, roof and stairs, and parts.


The new item spawner allows players to spawn one item per match after dropping it on the device, while the player checkpoint plate creates a respawn checkpoint that lets players "choose" where they respawn after they bite the dust. 

Other changes to devices include letting players use the player checkpoint plate to spawn at Island start instead of game start, and the player spawn device now allows for team spawning. 


Creative Mode now allows for infinite health, players can create a flag that keeps pre-built structures from being damaged during games, and building can now be blocked after games have started. 


Prior to 7.01, players could not switch to flying while their glider was deployed. That's now a thing of the past. Just double tap the jump button: "Space" on PC, "A" on Xbox One, and "X" on PS4. 

Players can also now fly upward by holding jump. 

Infinity Blade

Although Epic has pulled all three Infinity Blade games from the App Store, the developer has added a little Infinity Blade goodness to Fortnite. According to the official patch notes, the new melee weapon doles out some hefty damage and can be found in Polar Peak. 

Primary fire performs a sword slash that deals 75 damage to players, while alternate fire will let you jump "great distances", dealing 25 knockback damage upon landing. 

In addition, health and shield pools will increase to 200 when wielding the blade, and the weapon will provide 1HP regen per second. On top of those health buffs, the Infinity Blade also provides "an instant burst of effective Health upon elimination of an enemy (50 HP)" as well as "increased movement speed (130%)."

Removing the Infinity Blade from its location in Polar Peak instantly heals the first player to do so. 

The weapon appears only once per match. 

Save the World

As per the usual, Fortnite's Save the World mode takes a back seat to the game's battle royale offerings. 

This week, we get a single bug fix ("Storm Shield Defenses no longer grant reduced primary rewards if the 80% health bonus objective is failed"), alongside the return of Ralphie's Revenge, which will be in the weekly store from December 12 at 7 p.m. EDT to December 19 at 7 p.m. EDT. 


Those are the major additions in the new 7.01 update for Fortnite. For the full patch notes, head over here, where you'll find more info on Creative Mode tools and teams, UI, social, and performance tweaks, and changes to Fortnite mobile. 

Top 10 Gifts for Fortnite Fans for the 2018 Holidays Tue, 11 Dec 2018 14:17:55 -0500 Victoria B.


Consider adding these gift ideas to your list as you start a shopping spree for that special Fortnite Fan this holiday season, and let these top 10 choices inspire you as you sneakily find your loved one's favorite in-game content. 


Check back at GameSkinny for more nerdy gift guides and Christmas news.


Fortnite Squad Mode Action Figures


Price: $39.97
Buy it at: Walmart


Looking for more traditional toys? Consider these figurines. This pack comes with four of the most popular characters in the game along with interchangeable guns. Whether you’re a young fan or a collector, this would be a great toy to receive this year.


This gift is only 12 years or older though, so keep any of these tiny pieces away from toddler curious grasps.


Fortnite Llama Plush


Price: $9.99
Buy it at: Target


Another great option are some cute plushies to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. One of the best cuddly toys to consider is this Pinata Llama, a fan favorite from the Fortnite universe. This wide eyed stuffed animal is about 7 inches tall and the perfect huggable size. If you're looking for a cute and inexpensive toy, this is a one of the best options.


Fortnite Game Guides


Fortnite: The Ultimate Guide to Dominating Fortnite Battle Royale by Supreme Game Guides


Price: $9.73
Buy it on: Amazon


Fortnite For Kids: 5 In 1 Book: The Complete Guide To Becoming A Fortnite God With A Fast And Flawless Victory by Pro Gamer Guide


Price: $19.76
Buy it on: Amazon 


If the person you're gifting to is both a gamer and a reader, a strategy guide book is one of the best gift options you can go for. Players are always trying to find ways to improve their chances of winning in battle royale modes. Some even go to the extent to hire coaches to help them improve their skills, but you don’t have to.


Use this Christmas as an opportunity to give a gamer some useful tips about how to improve their strategy and win ratio. Here are just a few options to choose from depending on the age and skill level of the reader.


Controller Skins


Price: $7.46
Buy it on: Etsy


One of the best gifts you can go for with any gamer is a skin/sticker. These removable skins add a form of customization to an otherwise carbon copy controller. 


Check out KO Custom Creations AU for some really awesome Fortnite skins for PlayStation and Xbox controllers that fans have highly rated. One of the most popular is the Slurp Controller, a reference to the slurp power up juice available in the game. You can find this and more awesome skins for players on Etsy. Check them out to find the best fit.


Fortnite Fan Hoodies


Llama Hoodie Sale Price: $27.95
Lamma Hoodie Regular Price: $50.99
Buy it on: Gearrora


Straight Outta Tilted Towers Price: $26.98
Buy it on: Amazon


You can keep your friends and family warm this winter by opting for clothes that reflect their love of Fortnite. One of our favorites is this hoodie that has one of the most iconic figures from the game, the pinata llama. Another popular choice on Amazon is the Straight Outta Tilted Towers youth hoodie, a reference to one of the locations in the game.


You can find all kinds of cozy hoodies that have the Fornite logos and references. Do some subtle research to find their favorite character or items from the game before buying.


Fortnite Backpack


Price: $25.89
Buy it on: Amazon


A practical gift for any Fortnite players who are in school is definitely a backpack. This bookbag not only has the logo for the game but also glows in the dark. It has plenty of pockets and is made from a sturdy canvas material as well, making it the perfect gift for any fan to carry their gear in. It is fitted for elementary to middle school students. This could be a great gift before everyone returns to their studies in January.


Light-Up Boogie Bomb


Price: $14.99
Buy it at: Spencer's


One of the best and most recognizable explosives from the game is the Boogie Bomb. Fortnite fans won’t be disappointed with this disco light up grenade that also comes with sound effects. It's the perfect decor for any player and is definitely a cool one to add to the shopping list.


Funko Pop Figures


Price: $7 - $11
Buy it on: Amazon


It seems like everyone has to have at least one Funko Pop figure, and if you know someone who is an avid Fortnite player, you can’t go wrong with any of these adorable figurines. It’ll be a cute addition to place next to their PC or console.


Be sure to snoop and check if your friend or family already has started a collection so you avoid buying a figure they already own. You may also want to do some digging to discern which character they like the most. This will help you decide which of the many figures to choose from.


All of the traditional figures range from $8 - $11. Another option in the $7 range are key chain figures that can be used as stocking stuffers.


Monopoly: Fortnite Edition


Price: $15.88
Buy it at: Amazon


If your Fortnite player likes both video and board games consider getting them the monopoly version of Fortnite. This edition of Monopoly for ages 13 and up has elements inspired by the popular royale mode, including the storm, map locations, and loot chest cards.


Players earn and take away health points instead of money and every time a player passes go, the storm is unleashed. Fortnite fans will love you for bringing this to family game night as long as no one flips the table from losing.


Gift Cards


Price: $10 - $100


(PlayStation) Buy it on: Amazon
(Xbox) Buy it on : Amazon


Good ol’ fashioned money is sometimes your best bet, so why not go with a gift card? In order to obtain in-game cosmetics in Fortnite or battle passes for access to skins, weapons, emotes, and more, players can use money available on their account. If you want to add funds to a player's account and let them spend how they please, you should snag them a gift card.


Know what system your loved one is playing on before you by them a card though. This will only work for those who are on consoles. PlayStation and Xbox gift cards can range from $10 to $100 and are a great choice for console Fortnite players.


Epic Game's Fortnite is one of the most played and streamed games this year, so it's no surprise that it's no surprise that wish lists will be filled with Fornite themed gifts. You likely have someone in your life obsessed with this battle royale-style game. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to hurry and find that perfect gift for your friend, family, significant other, or secret Santa.


Scroll through our top 10 picks to find the perfect surprise to give your loved one this year with these Fortnite gifts.


Full disclosure: This article contains Amazon affiliate links that directly benefit GameSkinny. Just letting you know!

Getting Started in Fortnite Creative Mode: A How-To Guide Fri, 28 Dec 2018 11:52:55 -0500 Oscar Gonzalez

To keep players invested and coming back, Epic Games keeps adding new modes to Fortnite, with the latest being the already-popular Creative Mode.  

Released December 6 for Battle Pass owners, Creative Mode is now available for all players. Unlike Playground mode that allowed players to practice on their own island, this new mode lets a person build and design an island for themselves or share with others. Those whose creations catch the eye of Epic could also see what they made make it into a battle royale match. 

Here's what you need to know in order to start building. 

How to Get Started

To access Creative Mode look for the option below Save the World and Battle Royale matches.

Once selected, you can start a lobby and a server with friends or just jump into your own game. After the loading screen, you'll see a hub that will have multiple rifts; one rift is to your own island, while the other rifts will lead to your friends and featured servers chosen by Epic Games.

There are several "save" slots available so you can store different islands instead of reusing one over and over again. Four slots are for the default island that looks like a smaller version of the battle royale map. There are two slots for The Block where players can create their own area that may be picked by Epic Games. Currently, there are also four Arctic Island slots that allow players to create their own structures on a giant ice island. 


How to Share Your Island

Unlike Playground Mode, Creative Mode is less about practice and more about creating. In a way, it's similar to Minecraft and Super Mario Maker as players can share their island with others. Up to 16 players can visit an island to partake in whatever the owner of the island created. 

Also, Epic Games announced during the Game Awards that there is a universal stage for user-created content called The Block. Players can find the space on the northeast side of the island where Risky Reels used to be. Not only is it marked on the map, but there are also billboards identifying the area and the name of the player who created the space. Since this space will change regularly, The Block could offer some tactical help during a match such as having vehicles and weapons. 

What Can You Build?

There are a lot of possibilities when given your own island. To start building, players need to equip a remote phone that's in their inventory. Once equipped, the commands to copy, cut, and delete will be available, but in order to use those commands, you'll need something to copy, cut, and delete.

Opening up the inventory screen will show what's available to you. Items can be equipped and placed on the island or they can be added to a chest or llama for players to open.

The first tab in the inventory screen is the prefab buildings and assets. The first rows will include structures that have a theme to them, such as Bounce Challenge and Ice Bounce. These are more like obstacle courses instead of traditional buildings.

Further down is where you'll see some of the buildings found in a match, such as houses, stores, and factories. Below that are multiple galleries. These will include various assets such as cars, walls, streets, and more.

Next to the prefab tab is devices. This is where items like shopping carts, launchers, timers, and player spawn points will be found. Weapons are in the next tab and every weapon from common to Legendary is available.

The last tab for items is consumables. This is where explosives, medkits, materials, and potions will be located. Then there is a tab for chests, where the items selected for a chest will be shown, and you'll be able to place them in a chest or llama.

Time to Build

With the phone equipped, you can start placing whatever wherever.

When you choose a prefab, you can make multiple copies or select one of the assets with the phone. If you want a certain car or tree, you can choose that one item and copy it. The rules for building are similar to building forts in that there needs to be a foundation on the ground to start and everything you place will need to be connected to another structure. 

Even though you can copy whatever you like, there is a limit. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a meter showing the island's memory usage. The limit is 100,000 and a prefab building can take approximately 15,000-17,000 "units" of memory, so keep that in mind while making your island. 

Once your island is built, you can assign a game type to it, such as deathmatch or race. If you decide not to, then your creation will be available for you and others to enjoy without any rules.

To help you see everything from every angle, and presumably not create poorly-built islands, Epic gave creators the ability to fly. Just double jump and you'll be able to get a bird's eye view of your island. 


So far, Fortnite players have created Call of Duty maps and race tracks in Creative Mode. Expect more creativity in the coming weeks when more Fortnite players spend time with the new mode.

'Tis the Season to Be Gaming: A Guide to 2018's Winter Gaming Events Fri, 07 Dec 2018 12:14:21 -0500 Victoria B.


This month will be filled with all sorts of new content for you to enjoy, so be sure to celebrate the season by playing with your friends this month while these additions are available.


We'll be keeping an eye out for more announcements from developers as new holiday events arise, so check back for further updates.


Killing Floor 2 -- Twisted Christmas: Season's Beatings 


Killing Floor has tons of new content for its players this season with Season’s Beatings.


Play as killer Santa Clause as you slice through zeds and take on Krampus to reclaim your workshop on the new map Santa’s Workshop.


You can also fight the crowds of Black Friday zeds in the new map Shopping Spree. On top of that, use an arsenal of new weapons which include Krampus Battle Axe, M32 Grenade Launcher, Fire Axe, and the Road Redeemer.


Oh, and did we mention that the one and only Gary Busey voices Badass Santa? That alone is worth checking out. 


Rocket League -- Frosty Fest


No official announcements have been made regarding Rocket League’s Frosty Fest. However, last year’s event ran from December 11 to January 2, and it brought all sorts of antennas, toppers, wheels, rocket boosts, and decals.


Playing various matches, including hockey, rewards players with snowflakes, used to obtain new holiday content.


While we wait for the Frosty Fest to return, we can still look forward to the recent Rocket Pass 2 announcement, which will be available starting December 10. Buying a premium upgrade for this pass ($9.99) will include the new Artemis Battle-Car.


Fortnite -- Winter Royale: Season 7


Winter Royale will officially dropped on December 6 and the seventh season has brought all sorts of holiday-themed themed content. Remember, however, this content comes at a price. You must purchase the battle pass for exclusive tier content, primarily skins.


Some of these new skins include:

  • Srg. Winter -- A ripped and battle worn version of santa
  • \n
  • Yetti -- A blue skinned monster with white fur and crossed eyes.
  • \n
  • Pajama -- A burger onesie complete with slippers and a googly eyed hood.
  • \n
  • Lynx -- A legendary sleek cat suit.
  • \n
  • The Ice King -- Another legendary skin of a cloaked man with glowing blue eyes and icy boots.
  • \n

Once jumping from the bus with your new skin and gear, you’ll find the map coated in snow and ice to fit the season.


Destiny 2 -- Dawning 


Destiny 2’s Dawning event will be returning once again this year, but at a later time that it’s previous release.


The official start date will be December 11, but no end date is currently in sight. You’ll find the farm and tower decorated, Dawning engrams, game modes, and quests.


Though there are few announcements on what to anticipate in this year’s Dawning event, there may be returning game modes and content. Be sure you check into the Crucible once the event is released because the developers may bring back last year’s Mayhem PvP mode, which lowered cooldowns for intense and fast-paced matches.


Another added feature were snowball fights. It is likely you will be able to pummel your friends and enemies with snowballs both inside and outside matches.


New quests and milestones usually come with the winter updates, and though there are no official announcements on what they could entail (outside of confirmed powerful gear drops), rumors suggest it could be centered around Eva Levante.


Rewards and engrams for the crucible, strike, and quests are bound to contain themed armor, weapons, shaders, and more.


Overwatch -- Winter Wonderland


It’s round three for Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event, so here’s what you should expect as far as game modes, skins, loot boxes, and environmental map changes.


This update will be active December 11 to January 2, but for those of you who have added new game modes to your wish list, you may be disappointed.


The Overwatch team has expressed that they will not be adding new game modes for events this year and will instead bring back recurring seasonal game modes while focusing on new heroes and balancing current ones.


This means we will most likely be seeing “Mei’s Snowball Offensive” on Ecopoint: Antarctica and 2017’s “Yetti Hunter” on Nepal return to the arcade for the winter season.


However, some of the maps will be adjusted to fit the holidays. The locations that will be festive and decorated with snow, lights, and trees this year include Blizzard World and King’s Row.


Along with these game modes and environment changes, be prepared for new legendary and epic skins, one of which Overwatch has already announced as Zarya’s Snowboarder Legendary skin, equipped with furry bear hat and tail.


This year’s previous Halloween Terror event brought with it nine new skins, so players can expect a similar turnout for 2018’s Winter Wonderland. Loot boxes are also bound to contain seasonally themed sprays, emotes, highlights, and voice lines.


Monster Hunter World -- Winter Star Fest


Capcom is joining the festivities this year with their latest update for Monster Hunter: World, the Winter Star Fest. Log in each day between November 30 and December 17 for rewards, consumables, quests, costumes, emotes, and festivities.


Celebrate the season at the The Celestial Pursuit, which is decked with cascading lights and ornaments. NPC characters also don winter wear to match the holiday spirit.


Along with changes to the environment, you will find new gear for your hunter. Every day that you jump into the game, you will be gifted with Winter Star tickets. Gathering star tickets will allow you the craft the new Orion winter gear for your journey, along with adorable snowcat costumes for your paleco and sweaters for your pig, Poogie

If you missed special event quests throughout the year, you will now be able to seek them out again since the star fest is bringing back old and new quests for players. Be sure to keep up with the winter schedule here to avoid missing opportunities. 


Sleigh bells ring in the distance. Gamer’s rage, but we won’t listen. It’s a beautiful site. We’re happy tonight. Season events are coming 'round again.


December is here -- and you know what that means. Holiday events are back on our PC’s and consoles this month with new winter and Christmas updates. It’s time to dive back into those games we love and spend these cold days wrapped in a warm blanket with a steamy cup of coffee.


Let's warm up, boot up, and level up. 

Fortnite's X-4 Stormwing Plane Locations and Stunts Guide Thu, 06 Dec 2018 21:49:50 -0500 William R. Parks

Today marks the beginning of Fortnite's seventh season, and it has brought a bevy of changes and content, including a wintery biome, new challenges, and the game's first ariel vehicle, the X-4 Stormwing Plane.

While this new vehicle may have a lot of fans excited, some may be wondering where to find one and what they can do with it once located.

The X-4 Stormwing Plane can seat up to five players, a pilot and four passengers, and it spawns in specific locations throughout the battle royale's map. While an X-4 will not always appear at every one of these locations, and there are likely to be more possible spawn points, this map (compiled from confirmed locations provided by Heavy and Eurogamer) can act as a guide for those that are looking to make their first Fortnite flight.

  • D3: On the mountain northeast of Pleasant Park
  • F3: By the river south of Lazy Links
  • B5: In the mountains north of Viking Village
  • F5: On the mountain west of Dusty Divot
  • I5: On the mountain by Loney Lodge
  • A8: In the hangers at Frosty Flights
  • B8: In a camp east of Frosty Flights
  • E8: On the mountain north of Happy Hamlet
  • H8: On a hill between Fatal Fields and Paradise Palms

As some players might expect, the new iceberg biome (at the bottom-left of the map) appears to have a high density of new planes, though there are opportunities to nab one throughout the map.

Once an X-4 has been acquired, and the basic controls have been understood, players can move on to performing stunts in their new plane. This includes flying the vessel upside down, by pressing the roll right and roll left inputs simultaneously, as well as the ability to perform an evasive maneuver by quickly pressing a roll button twice.

With the ability to locate an X-4, and some tips on trick flying, players should now be ready to hop in a plane and conquer their next Battle Royale match. Just remember, for those that are manning the plane's machine gun, this mounted weapon can overheat, and prolonged firing should be avoided when possible.

Fortnite: How to Complete All the Season 7, Week 1 Challenges Thu, 06 Dec 2018 10:44:21 -0500 William R. Parks

Fortnite's seventh season is now live, and with it comes a slew of new content for fans to sink their teeth into, including snowy peaks, an ariel vehicle, and a brand new creative mode. As always, a new season also means new challenges, and the Season 7, Week 1 challenges are now available.

For players that do not own a Battle Pass, there are three free challenges:

  1. Pickup an item of each rarity [5]
  2. Dance in different forbidden locations [7]
  3. Play matches with at least one elimination (HARD) [5]

The first and third challenges should be easily completed after playing a few matches, however, dancing in the seven forbidden locations will take a bit more work. This type of challenge was first introduced in Fortnite's third season, and it requires that players bust-a-move in front of signs depicting a crossed out dancer. Forbes has shared this handy map to help players find these locations:

While this is the full extent of this week's free challenges, Battle Pass owners will have access to four additional challenges (two of which consist of multiple parts):

  1. Stage 1: Dance on top of a crown of RV's; Stage 2: Dance on top of a Metal Turtle; Stage 3: Dance on top of a Submarine
  2. Deal Headshot Damage to opponents [500]
  3. Stage 1: Search Ammo Boxes in a single match (HARD) [5]; Stage 2: Search Chests in a single match [3]; Stage 3: Search Supply Drops in a single match [1]
  4. Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations (HARD) [5]

Challenges two, three, and four are easy enough, and should be completed through standard play, but the remaining multi-part challenge will require some additoinal effort.

In this challenge, players will need to find the three specified locations (in the order listed) and dance in them. An easy task, but players may be lost attempting to find these locations. Once again, Forbes has shared maps with them indicated:

There is a lot to explore and experience with today's Fortnite update, and plenty of players are certain to be excited about the newly introduced cosmetics. Completing these first week challenges is a great opportunity to get a jump-start on acquiring them.

Fortnite's New Creative Mode Launches Tomorrow Wed, 05 Dec 2018 15:12:57 -0500 William R. Parks

While fans have had their eyes on a snowstorm that is making its way to Fortnite, Epic has been hard at work preparing another big addition to launch with Season 7. Beginning tomorrow, Battle Pass owners will have access to Fortnite's newest game mode: Fortnite Creative.

Announced this morning, Fortnite Creative is a sandbox-style experience, a la Minecraft, where players can design and build their own private islands. How exactly players will utilize their constructions is up to them, as Fortnite Creative can function as a map creator, allowing friends to do battle across their custom-built islands, as well as an opportunity to design custom game modes, races, and obstacle courses.

For players that want full building control, Fortnite Creative provides a material gallery that will allow them to build whatever they desire from scratch. However, players that are more interested in quickly building large-scale battlefields and game mode scenarios can simply access Fortnite Creative's prefabricated options to promptly erect full buildings and more.

Everything built in Fortnite Creative will be saved and accessible from session to session, and while the initial features available seem quite robust, Epic has indicated that this is just the beginning:

Fortnite Creative is new and exciting, but not final. We'll be adding many new features and improvements over the next few updates. Like Battle Royale and Save the World, we're committed to making this bigger and better over time.

As mentioned, this new game mode will be available to Battle Pass owners beginning tomorrow, though Epic's announcement indicates that its launch will "be rough." All players will get access to their own private islands on Thursday, December 13.

Only a day after the announcement of Epic's new digital distribution platform, the Epic Games Store, the reveal of Fortnite Creative continues to establish the company as one of the most prolific developers in the industry. With this constant slew of updates and new content, it is understandable that the battle royale juggernaut now has over 200 million registered players, and Epic is showing no signs of slowing down.

For players that are interested to see more of Fortnite Creative prior to launch, Epic has given a number of content creators early access. Videos from these content creators can be found on the company's website.

Fortnite Gets Its First Snowflakes Tue, 04 Dec 2018 14:54:17 -0500 William R. Parks

Over the last month, Fortnite players have been noticing some strange environmental occurrences, and it has lead to much speculation about what the future may hold for the battle royale's map. Specifically, the rumor mill has been turning with the idea that a snowstorm is on its way its way to Fortnite, and today, that speculation has been given legs.

Players that begin a match and load into spawn island, Fortnite's pre-match holding ground, will notice a light snowfall has begun. While it is just a few flakes now, this has the potential to grow into a storm that will overtake the game's map in full — Season 7 is set to begin this Thursday, and more snow is likely to come with it.

This snow-centric speculation began when players discovered what appeared to be a cloud looming south of Flush Factory. Since, it has become apparent that this phenomenon is not, in fact, a cloud, but rather an iceberg floating toward Fortnite's map. On top of the iceberg sits a castle.

What exactly will occur when this mysterious iceberg and castle arrive at the game's main landmass is unknown, however, it appears that it will coincide with the arrival of this brewing snowstorm. It seems that players indeed have a lot to look forward to in Fortnite's next season.

Those that have been playing Epic's shooter sensation for some time will not be strangers to its evolving map. In Season 4, a meteor crashed into the island, leaving craters throughout, and the recent "Fortnitemares" event brought some Halloween-inspired spookiness.

However, the suggestion that a new play area may be added when the iceberg arrives, coupled with the potential for a map-encompassing snowstorm, indicates that Season 7 may bring some of the biggest changes yet.

While players wait for these changes, there is still time to play the recently added Wild West Limited Time Mode. This may not be as exciting as a snow-covered Pleasant Park or Tilted Towers, however, there is still plenty to keep fans engaged until Fortnite is painted white.