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Mystery and murder have come to the Sea of Thieves! The Forsaken Hunter is the fifth adventure in an ongoing story. Merrick, one of the key figures behind saving Golden Sands and a legendary Hunter upon the seas, has been murdered!

Normally Death is little more than an inconvenience, thanks to the Ferry of the Damned returning everyone to life, but Merrick’s spirit is unaccounted for. What happened to him, and who’s behind it? Let’s find out!

Caution: spoilers ahead. Pirates ye be warned!

Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Hunter Guide

As with other Adventures you begin your journey by speaking to Larinna at one of the many outposts throughout the Sea. Select the option to Begin Adventure, and she will fill you in on the grisly details and ask you to investigate Stephen’s Spoils, a small Seapost at L12 and Merrick’s normal hangout spot, for clues.


Sail to Stephen’s Spoils and look to the ground near one of the corners of the dock furthest away from the shopkeep (near where Merrick would normally stand).

There is a letter to find. Once you pick it up you will be directed to your next destination, “land halfway between Shipwreck Bay and Hidden Spring Keep”.

There are no islands on your map between these two reference points, but some experienced sailors may recognize K9 on the map as the home of the uncharted Island. That’s where you need to go.

Approach the south side of the Uncharted Island and you will see a buoy. Just inland from that is your old friend Belle. Speak to her, and Chapter One of the Adventure will be complete.

Speak to Belle again to proceed to the next chapter. A short scene will play out, and you will see Merrick meet his demise at the hands of a masked attacker. 

Belle will give you an enchanted lantern and some tattered journal pages the attacker carelessly left behind, and set you upon the task of unmasking this murderous scallywag. Similar to previous adventures and tall tales, the lantern will show you glimpses of the past. You must go to the destination indicated in the notes, and retrace the steps of the killer to get to the truth. 

The journal pages show you a picture of Wanderer’s Refuge, and instructs you to “follow the underground river to find shelter”. This is referring to the small east-to-west waterway that bisects the center of the island.

Sail to Wanderer’s Refuge, and raise your enchanted lantern (the one from your quest radial) once you make landfall near this stream. Ghostly footprints will lead you into a cave, and into a secret reaper hideaway. 

Once you are inside this villainous lair, locate the table at the center of the room. Atop it is a skull that you can interact with. Doing so will rotate it, and open a locked door.

Enter the door, and follow the footsteps further in. Eventually you will come to a memory of the masked assailant, and a short scene will play out. Once that ends, new footsteps will lead you back out of the cave, and up a path to the top of the island.

Keep following the trail and eventually you will see a memory of the Masked Assailant burying something in the dirt. Dig at the stop to unearth more journal pages, with clues leading to another pair of islands to visit.

You can approach these islands in either order. Your job is to sail to both, and recover more tattered journal pages.

The journal entry titled Fallen Lord directs you to a beach trio Southwest of the Coral Fortress (the massive fortress off the North Edge of the map from the Dark Brethren Tall Tale). The “beach trio” refers to the three islands that make up Salty Sands, roughly due north of Wanderer’s Refuge.

Sail there, pull out your lantern, and search until you find some Reaper Phantoms. Dispatch them with your preferred form of violence, and the entry for Fallen Lords will be stretched out in your journal, indicating it has been completed. 

The Forsaken Conduit journal entry references a cluster of islands southwest of the Treasury of Sunken Shores. This is Sailor’s Bounty, Northwest of Wanderer's Refuge/West of Salty Sands.

Travel there, pull out your lantern, and make your way to the sink hold at the center of the largest island. Another scrum with Reaper Phantoms will break out, and The Forsaken Conduit will be marked as done.

Whichever island you clear second will drop The Phantom’s Orders, directing you to the next phase of the adventure. The orders don’t mention an island by name, instead referring to it as the “Eastern Isle”, with only an illustration of a large rock formation to indicate specifically what location they are indicating.

That distinctive stone precipice is on Cannon Cove, so raise anchor and make way for G11 on your map. 

Park your ship nearby, and walk directly under the peak of Cannon Cove with your lantern raised high. Another memory of phantoms will play out, then they will attack you (the nerve!). Chop/shoot your way through their assault, and look for more orders dropped by the last phantom to fall (look carefully, they can be somewhat hard to find in tall grass). 

These orders indicated that a note was left for the weaponsmith at New Golden Sands Outpost. Westward ho! Sail to Golden Sands, and locate the Weaponsmiths’ shop on a raised area near the Northwest part of the island. The note is resting on the ground just outside the entrance.

Collect the note, and return to Belle at K9’s Uncharted Island to report your findings. 

Once you’ve delivered your information to Belle, speak to her a second time and select the Complete Adventure option to begin the final chapter.

Belle will send you to Sea Dog’s Tavern, the massive structure near the center of the map that formerly housed the Arena. Sail your ship there, but don’t go to the large center island. Instead, aim for the small dock attached to an outlying rock on the Northwest portion of Sea Dog’s Rest. The Masked Assailant is there, ready for you to approach and confront them. 

A scene plays out, and the Masked Assailant reveals herself to be Amarata, a former representative of the Glorious Sea Dogs. It seems she’s joined with Reapers, and is responsible for the disappearance of Merrick.

Amarata will make her escape, and Belle will emerge from the Sea shortly after for a brief conversation, wrapping up the Adventure. The mystery is solved for now, but Merrick’s fate will have to remain unsettled until the next Adventure.

The story of Merrick isn’t over quite yet, and there are plenty more voyages to be had. You could fill your pockets with gold, or take on the Legend of the Veil Voyage. Our Sea of Thieves hub is the home for those, and many more Sea of Thieves guides. 

Sea of Thieves: Best Ways to Make Gold in 2022 Mon, 23 May 2022 11:01:21 -0400 Justin Koreis

The best ways to make gold in 2022 in Sea of Thieves are an art form. Those high-priced ship parts and fancy outfits for you and your crew are proof of your achievement, but you need some hard-earned gold to really flex. So listen close while we tell you the best ways to make gold on the high seas.

Sea of Thieves: Best Ways to make Gold in 2022

There’s more than one way to keel-haul a sailor, as the saying goes, and that’s true of earning gold. There are multiple paths to your fortune, but a few things will increase your gold accumulation regardless of what sort of adventures you may be on, so we will start with those.

The Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant’s Alliance, Reaper’s Bones, and Athena’s Fortune are the five trading companies that will trade goods for gold, and offer you the chance to represent them as an emissary. You will want to take them up on these offers, for several important reasons. 

Your emissary grade will increase up to five levels as you retrieve loot associated with whichever trading company you are representing. The bonuses are as follows:

  • At grade 2, any goods you sell to them come with a 33% bonus.
  • At grade 3, it's a 67% bonus.
  • At grade 4, the bonus is 100%.
  • Grade 5 will earn you a whopping 150% bonus on the value of whatever you sell.

You absolutely want this multiplier if you are trying to make gold. Most emissaries offer a special voyage as a reward to anyone who reaches grade 5.

For the gold hoarders that means a set of treasure maps leading to islands densely packed with nothing but valuable Captain’s chests, or a list of destinations packed with skeleton bounty targets for the Order of Souls. The amount of gold you can earn quickly on these voyages is not to be underestimated.  

When you sail and turn in loot matters. There is a daily “Gold Rush” hour from 6pm through 7pm BST, and 2am through 3am BST. During this time any gold is earned with a 1.5x multiplier. That can be combined with emissary bonus, allowing you to sell loot at triple the normal value.

There are also the Gold and Glory events. The dates and times vary, but during the duration of the event all gold and reputation gains are doubled. This can also be combined with emissary rewards and the Gold Rush.

Put all three together for a full 7.5x multiplier. That may be a lot of math for but a humble pirate, but we can assure you that it is an outrageous boost to your gold. You'll need to keep this in mind to make gold optimally.

In good company 

Once you’ve scheduled you and your team of ne'er-do-wells for ideal gold enhancing time, you need to decide on what exactly to do. There are a few choices, depending on what sort of adventure you want to be on, but there are two Trading Companies that stand above the rest.

Representing the Gold Hoarders is never a bad choice, but most of the voyages themselves can be mediocre sources of gold.

The Vaults of the Ancients, however, can be done quickly, drop quite a bit of loot as you go, and contain a special, high value chest if you can find three medallions within the vault itself to solve a puzzle. The loot in the Devil’s Roar region is higher value than elsewhere, and a team of gold hoarders can quickly fill their hold with valuables while also earning their Grade 5 emissary mission.  

The Reapers Bones are unique among the emissaries. They don’t offer a Grade 5 mission (more on that in a bit), but they are equal opportunity purchasers of goods. Any and all loot is accepted by the Reapers, so that 150% bonus can be applied to absolutely anything you bring in, rather than just the pieces specific to the Company. The drawback is that everyone in the Sea will see the Reapers on the map. It’s a risk/reward scenario. 

With that in mind Reapers can make their fortune with world events, fortresses, and treasures. World events typically appear as things like clouds indicating Skeleton Fleets, or red tornadoes leading you to an Ashen Lord. Defeating these challenges will uncover small fortunes ripe for the taking.

Undersea treasuries and ghost fortresses dot the map, and can be visited anytime. You and your crew will take on waves of the deceased, with a room filled with treasure, should you be victorious. Strong PVE skills can have your team clearing several per hour, enriching the crew rapidly.  

All that said, absolutely nothing can beat the instant riches of sinking another vessel that is filled to the brim with valuables. At Grade 5 Reapers gain the ability to see any other emissary on the map. It’s a safe bet these crews are trying to make fortunes of their own. If you and your crew have the mettle, sinking a ship that has hours of work worth of treasure can take mere minutes, and all the riches are yours to be had.

As a bonus, sunk emissaries leave the flag representing their emissary grade behind. The Reapers will buy these, and will offer more gold for a higher-grade flag.

A Grade 5 flag can be sold for up to 10,500 gold alone. Combine that with all the treasure it took to get to Grade 5 with a 7.5x multiplier for being a Grade 5 Reaper selling during Gold Rush on a gold and glory weekend, and you can make hundreds of thousands in gold with the right mix of luck and skill.

Ramsey, the ghostly figure in Sea of Thieves like to say, “It’s not about the gold, it’s about the glory”. Well, he may be right, but the gold is pretty nice too.

Make strategic choices about what Trading Company to represent and when to sail, and you can earn plenty of both. Those Red Skull clouds aren’t a bad place to start. To learn what to do with those, and many other things in Sea of Thieves, be sure to check out our other Sea of Thieves guides.  

Sea of Thieves: How to Find and Sell Humble Gifts Mon, 16 May 2022 10:35:26 -0400 Justin Koreis

Whether you are a seasoned Pirate Legend or a sailor fresh out of the Maiden Voyage, you probably have an idea what to do with most of the loot you encounter in Sea of Thieves. Chests of gold go to the Gold Hoarders, supplies to the Merchants, skulls to the Order of Souls, and so on. But there’s one type of item that pops up from time to time that can be a bit perplexing. What in the world is a ruthless pirate to do with a Humble Gift?  

Sea of Thieves: How to Find and Sell Humble Gifts

There are two gift items in Sea of Thieves. The Humble Gift is the most common and is worth five Doubloons, while the Generous Gift is worth 10 Doubloons. Both appear as small rectangular packages and can be carried by hand or stored in a container chest. They were originally introduced in 2019 during the Festival of Giving.

These gifts can only be sold to the Reaper of Souls trading company. You must ferry them to the Reaper’s Hideout, located near the center of the Sea. You can find it on your map at location I-12.

Once you arrive at the island, head inside the large structure in the center. There is a person inside in a gold mask called The Servant of the Flame. Hand the Gift to them to earn your Doubloons. It’s not clear why they want it or what they do with it, but who doesn’t appreciate a gift every now and then? 

You can turn in the gifts yourself, but there is some incentive to turn them over to other crews. The Bountiful Giving, Bountiful Giving for Many, and Bountiful Giving for All commendations are awarded for another crew selling a Gift you donated 1, 15, and 30 times, respectively.  

The Gifts can be found in a few different ways. Clearing a Skeleton Fort and unlocking the treasure vault guarantees at least a few gifts. The treasure maps dropped by random Skeletons Captains as “Skeleton’s Orders” can lead to Gifts. Or you can find through plain old dumb luck; Gifts will occasionally just wash ashore on Islands as you explore.

Gifts and giving may not come naturally to some pirates, but at least you know how to get your Doubloons worth when you sell a Humble or Generous Gift. But what can you do with a Trident of Dark Tides? We’ll tell you that, and more, in our Sea of Thieves Hub.  

Sea of Thieves: How to Get The Barrel Disguise Mon, 16 May 2022 09:46:45 -0400 Justin Koreis

There's no better tool than the Barrel Disguise emote for stealthily absconding with goods off of other crews' ships in Sea of Thieves. Sure, you could approach another ship with cannon and guns blazing, running your blade through the other crew to steal their bounty. But why not have some more fun with it? We are going to show you what the Barrel Disguise emote does, and where to find it.

Sea of Thieves: How to Get The Barrel Disguise

Emotes are commonplace in modern multiplayer games. They routinely allow players to express themselves though actions pantomimed in games. Sea of Thieves is no different. Most emotes are informative, like pointing or gesturing in a direction, or funny, like a silly dance to amuse your crewmates. A small selection, however, have very specific in-game purposes.

The Barrel Disguise is one such emote. Equipping and activating this emote from your emote wheel will have your pirate look side to side, pull a full-sized barrel out of who knows where, and climb inside. It’s identical to the supply barrels you’ll find on island or aboard ships, and hides your nameplate from people outside of your crew. Watch out though, the disguise is always level to the ground, it won’t match the rocking of the ship or the slope of terrain, so choose your placement carefully.  

This is brilliantly useful for stowing away (or “tucking” as the Sea of Thieves community calls it) aboard another ship. Unobservant crews will seldom realize there’s an additional barrel in their cargo hold, allowing you to wait to snag your choice of loot, or spring a surprise aboard their vessel while your own ship comes charging in with a hail of cannon fire.

The Barrel Disguise is also great for setting up an ambush at an outpost when you know a crew is selling goods. Few things match the satisfaction of taking out another player just inches from a vendor, then selling the item yourself while they look on from beyond the grave.  

Not only is the Barrel Disguise emote useful, it’s also supremely easy to acquire. Visit Larinna at the Tavern of any Outpost. She runs the Black Market shop. The Barrel Disguise emote is for sale for a very reasonable 50 doubloons. Once you buy it make sure to equip it at a vanity chest. Then you can access it from your emote radial at any time.

The art of stealthing in a Barrel Disguise is an advanced tactic in Sea of Thieves. It can also be an ideal way to get the Stolen Secrets commendation. We've got help with tons of other topics in our Sea of Thieves guides.  

Sea of Thieves: Red Skull Cloud Event Explained Mon, 16 May 2022 10:24:09 -0400 Justin Koreis

The air above the Sea of Thieves is frequently the signaling ground for world events. Red tornadoes, ships made of clouds, the glowing visage of the evil Captain Flameheart, red skull clouds. All of these signal that one unique world event or another is taking place, though their meanings aren't always immediately clear.

The normal white and grey skull cloud tells crews there is a fort with a vault and a small hoard of gold beneath it, ready for the taking should any crew fight through the waves of skeletons to earn the key. The Red Skull cloud is similar, but with some very important differences.

Sea of Thieves: Red Skull Cloud Explained

The floating red cranium indicates an active Fort of Fortune, a sort of Mega Fort that exists separate from other world events. It is a significant occurrence, as two world events can’t normally happen at the same time. You’ll never see a skeleton fleet and a fire tornado at the same time, but you can see any of those and the Red Skull simultaneously.  

The difficulty of the Fort of Fortune is substantially greater than the normal skull fort. A standard skull fort consists of 10 waves of enemies, ending with a battle against one of the three Skeleton Lords. The Fort of Fortune, however, is 18 waves, with groups of Skeleton Captains mixed in a few times along the way.

The 16th wave includes a battle against a Skeleton Lord, just like at the end of a normal Skeleton Fort. The 17th wave includes the remaining two Skeleton Lords, and the 18th wave is a battle versus an Ashen Lord, by far the most powerful foe one can encounter on a standard voyage. A Red Skull event is a test of ability and fortitude that can take a significant time investment to complete.  

The rewards for a Fort of Fortune signaled by a Red Skull event are significant. The Ashen Lord, Skeleton Lords, and Captains all drop valuable skulls, and the vault is filled to the brim with high-level treasure, including the two Kegs of Ancient Black Powder and a Chest of Legends.

Be wary, though: everyone in the sea will see the Red Skull Cloud disappear, and know the loot is now potentially up for grabs. It’s a loot stealing opportunity, so be on your guard. Don’t bother trying to hide the key, either; it is visible on the map to everyone. Instead, start emptying the vault, and be ready to defend your hard-earned loot.

Understanding the perils and potential rewards of the Red Skull Cloud is a great step on your journey to be a true legend of the Sea of Thieves. You can also investigate those odd Green Tornadoes or light up the sky yourself with some fireworks. There’s always something to do in Sea of Thieves, and you can learn more over on our SoT guides hub. Happy Sailing! 

Sea of Thieves: Where to Find Deadshot Charlotte Mon, 16 May 2022 09:23:03 -0400 Justin Koreis

Deadshot Charlotte may be the most difficult delivery target in Sea of Thieves, proving to be hard to find for most crews. Deliveries tend to be easier to handle than some some combat-oriented objectives, but in this instance and some others, a little help can go a long way to saving time and trouble.

Sea of Thieves: Where to Find Deadshot Charlotte 

Deadshot Charlotte can be found on Lone Cove, a large island in the Shore of Plenty. Look at H-6 on your map table to find it. There are two sandy beaches on the Southern side of the island, a long thin one to the East, and a deeper inlet one to the West. Head for the West beach.

Once you arrive at the West beach go the very Northwest corner, near where the sand meets the water. Some rocks form a small alcove, and a campsite will be setup. Deadshot Charlotte herself will be nestled near some barrels and the campfire, ready to accept whatever goods she has on order. She’s also good for a story or two about how she earned her “Deadshot” moniker, so don’t be afraid to stay and chat awhile.  

Lone Cove is an interesting Island. Several Tall Tales have potential objectives on the island. There’s a unique poster for pirate “Missing, Presumed Pirating” near a large graveyard, and a hidden underground chamber to explore. It also has a decent number of barrels, so it can be a decent place to restock supplies.

Tracking down the citizens of Sea of Thieves in order to deliver goods may not seem like much, but it’s honest work. If you are craving something a little more dishonest however, there are plenty of options. The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom will have you plundering hidden shrines deep beneath the sea. Or you could rob other ships of their Chests of Ancient Tributes in pursuit of the Hoarder of Ancient Tributes commendation. Whatever your flavor of mayhem, we’ve got a guide for you in in Sea of Thieves guides hub.  

Sea of Thieves Green Tornado Explained Thu, 05 May 2022 08:07:07 -0400 Justin Koreis

A towering tornado, raging green, reaches from the sea to the skies. You and your crew of merry buccaneers are off looking for fortune and Adventure in the Sea of Thieves when suddenly through your spyglass you catch a glimpse of it and scramble.

What is this bizarre spiral of wind? Let us tell you about in our guide to the green tornado in Sea of Thieves.  

Sea of Thieves Green Tornado Explained 

The Sea of Thieves is home to all manner of bizarre phenomenon, and of those the Green Tornado is one of the most glorious to behold. Experienced sailors may recognize the signature emerald hue as a sure sign that ghostly apparitions are afoot.

A green tornado means one thing: someone is taking on the Legends of the Veil voyage, an exclusive Pirate Legend’s journey across the see culminating in a battle against a massive fortress protected by that green spiral. A group of small sea fortresses generates the energy that forms the tornado; destroying them dispels the atmospheric column, exposing that massive Sea Fortress within.  

Legends of the Veil is a thrilling, multipart voyage available only for Pirate Legends. We’ve got a full guide if you want to tackle the voyage yourself, sending you across the sea in a race to retrieve three Veil stones before Captain Flameheart can get his skeletal fingers on them.  

It’s not necessary to be on the Legends of the Veil voyage to see the Green Tornado, any player who is at that stage of the voyage have a Tornado visible to any other crew in the area. That also means there can be more than one, if multiple players are all doing the same voyage.

You are free to sail to any of them if you want to help another crew or attempt to steal the loot amidst the chaos. However, a crew can vote to end the voyage at any time, cancelling the tornado and any potential treasure. 

The Green Tornado at the heart of the Legends of the Veil voyage is sure to be a common sight in Sea of Thieves. Still, it’s just one of many wonders for you and your crew to find, like the elusive Kraken. Keep your eyes on GameSkinny and for more Sea of Thieves guides.

Sea of Thieves: How to Get and Use Pets Wed, 04 May 2022 06:46:38 -0400 Justin Koreis

Every pirate wants to know how to get pets in Sea of Thieves, being that absolutely no one would complain about their comforts on long voyages filled with angry skeletons and ravenous krakens. For a bit of coin, you can get yourself a fuzzy companion to keep you company when the stress of another trip to the ferry of the damned and back starts to get to you. Here is how to get pets in Sea of Thieves

How to Get Pets in Sea of Thieves

Pets are sold at the Pirate Emporium, found at any outpost or at the menu screen that greets you when you first boot up Sea of Thieves.

The Emporium is the real-world money store in Sea of Thieves, and the only place to get pets. Purchases are made using Ancient Coins, which you must purchase in bundles of 150, 550, 1000, 2550, or 4250 coins. This is how you get pets, and they generally cost 499 Ancient Coins.

Click the top, and you can view the different options for pets. Currently available for adoption, are Parrots, Dogs, Monkey's, and Cats. Within each pet type there are options for breed or species. There are Capuchins, Marmosets, and Barberys to choose from among the monkeys, for example. All function the same, but look different.  

You can also get pets that are special collector's pets, like the key ring-bearing Prison Dog from The Pirates of the Caribbean, or the fiery Ashen Curse Macaw. The available collector’s pets will vary season to season, and typically cost 649 ancient coins. 

How to Use Pets

Now your new friend can join you on your adventures. There is a special chest aboard your ship at Islands called the Pet Chest. Open it to see your inventory of pets, and bring one out to play. The chest is also where you equip clothes, and customize the name of your animal friends.

Pets won’t help much in tangible ways. That new dog isn’t going to dig the treasure for you. Instead, they provide companionship and fun. You can interact with them, pet them, or feed them. They’ll dance to your music, and cheer you on when you find treasure. You can even fire them out of your cannons; they’ll return to you unharmed, though a bit covered in soot.  

Styling your pirate is one of the joys in Sea of Thieves, and that extends to pets as well. Open the page on the Pirate Emporium’s Pets tab for any pet you own, and there will be a small bounty of available outfits to choose from. Perfect if you want your Parrot dressed like a banana, or your monkey dressed like the most decorated officer in the Sea.


Congratulations! You’ve got the finest feline or most dapper dog in the Sea of Thieves. It’s time to take your new friend out on seabound romp. Might we suggest the Sunken Pearl for The Pirates of the Caribbean themed tall tales? There’s plenty to do, so open up our Sea of Thieves guides pages, choose your next adventure, and set sail! 

Sea of Thieves: Legend of the Veil Guide Tue, 03 May 2022 09:31:50 -0400 Justin Koreis

The Legend of the Veil voyage in Sea of Thieves is suited to the most experienced and daring of swashbucklers. Players who have put in the time and effort to reach rank 50 in at least three different trading companies can take on this new quest that will test their mettle and tenacity.

Sea of Thieves: Legend of the Veil Guide 

The Legend of the Veil is a voyage exclusively for Pirate Legends. It can only be handed out by the Pirate Lord himself, located in the Athena’s Fortune Hideout, hidden below the Tavern in any outpost.

Buy the Legend of the Veil voyage from the Pirate Lord, place it on the table of your ship, and vote to get started. The Pirate Lord will speak to you, and provide you with a book outlining your first destination, and a mysterious mask called the Veil of the Ancients.

The Legend of the Veil is a three-part voyage. Your goal is to retrieve three ancient Veil Stones to place into the Veil of the Ancients. This will restore the mask's ability to break the barrier between the Sea of the Thieves, where the living dwell, and the Sea of the Damned, the land of the dead.

There is a random assortment of potential objectives for the first two parts of Legend of the Veil. Each time you collect one, return to your ship and the Pirate Lord will reveal the next chapter, and where to find the next stone.  

Types of Objectives in Legend of the Veil

There are three types of objectives that can be selected for the first two chapters of the Legend of the Veil voyage.  

Ancient Statue voyages in Legend of the Veil will send you to an island to find Belle. Once she has been located, she provides your crew with an Enchanted Lantern. Hold it up to illuminate a hidden statue, which in turn will create a pulse of light emanating from other statues across the island.

Follow the pulses of light to locate each statue. Once the final statue is lit a group of Phantoms will attack. A troop of spectral Ancients will help you fight them off. Defeat the Soulflame Captain, and the Veil Stone will be yours to continue Legend of the Veil.

Treasure maps in Legend of the Veil are slightly modified versions of the more conventional treasure hunting voyages. Your book will contain a location to find Sudds, who in turn will provide you with a map. Being able to know what island you are looking at from just a few landmarks is extremely helpful for this.  

There are a few varieties of this objective in Legend of the Veil, each with a slightly different twist:

  • Picture Maps – Sudds has drawn some landmarks that will be from a specific island that you need to visit, and a picture of a specific location, with a symbol drawn atop the buried treasure.
    • The picture tends to be a close-up view of one specific part of the island. Spread out your crew (if you have any) and search for a place where you can stand that matches the picture. Did under the symbols to find the Veil Stone. 

  • Close-up Maps – This is the most similar to a conventional treasure map, it’s just zoomed in and cropped close to the treasure. Pay attention to the contours of where beaches meet the water as your compare this map to the chart aboard your ship.
    • Once you find the island zoom in to match the map's view, and mark it. Now, sail to the island and dig at the spot. That’s one more stone on your ship.  

  • Liars map – This map will show you an Island with several drawing of symbols. All but one of these correspond to actual painted symbols on the island. Find each one, and when you locate one that does not match, dig. This will be where the Veil Stone is buried.  

Shipwreck Graveyards are the last potential objective of Legend of the Veil. Your book will describe an area of the Sea where some ships met an unfortunate fate. Make your way to that area, and look for a large cluster of wreckage.

There are several shipwrecks to explore. You are looking for two things: A particular ship, and a key. The ship is the Grim’s Fortune, which can be identified by the nameplate above the locked door to the captain's quarters. The key is somewhere amongst the wreckage of one of the ship wrecks in the area.

Explore each, and interact with objects like boxes, paintings, drawers, and containers to open them. Most will be empty, a few will contain treasure, and one will have the key to the Grim Fortune’s cabin, where the Veil Stone is held.

The Great Sea Fortress 

Clearing the first two chapters in the Legends of the Veil voyage will send you and your crew into the grand finale, a battle against a massive fortress protected by a swirling Green Tornado. This can be a long and taxing battle, so take the time to make sure you are well stocked and ready before heading to the massive green storm.

To complete this chapter of Legend of the Veil, you will need to expose the fortress within the tornado, and destroy it with well-placed cannon shots. The tornado is generated by three smaller fortresses, each guarded by a fleet of Phantom ships.

The ships spawn infinitely, so it’s best to focus on the building. Sail within range, and fire volleys of cannonballs to the upper area of the fortress. Only hits to the upper walls count, giving off a flash of green light as they do damage. Once enough punishment has been inflicted, the fortress will become exposed, and the nearby group of ships will disappear.  

Repeat this exercise two more times. Each defeated fortress will leave a few storage crates behind in the rubble, be sure to send someone to retrieve them if you are running low. Once all three smaller fortresses are gone and the Green Tornado dissipates, you can begin your assault in earnest on the larger central fortress.

The main fortress is much larger than the previous ones, and has many different areas that must be destroyed. In general, your target is any lighter colored parts, especially in the upper part.

As you circle the fortress it will be firing aggressively, as will the Phantom Ships. Keep on repairs, and focus your attack on the fortress. Once all the key areas are destroyed, the fortress will explode in a shower of ethereal debris. Sail to the remains to find an enormous pile of loot including a Chest of Legends and, most importantly, the final Veil Stone.

Put the Veil Stone in the Veil of the Ancients, hear the Pirate Lord’s Speech, and Legend of the Veil is complete.

Now that you’ve conquered Legend of the Veil, you may want to explore some of the other oddities of the Sea of Thieves, like the Legend of the Sunken Kingdom. Check out our other Sea of Thieves guides for more walkthroughs and tips.

Sea of Thieves: How to Complete the Shrouded Deep Adventure Mon, 25 Apr 2022 14:22:14 -0400 Justin Koreis

For all the great mysteries in Sea of Thieves, none are as elusive as the legendary Shrouded Ghost. Some Pirate Legend guides writers with nearly 1,000 hours have never caught a glimpse of this mythical Megalodon. Yet worry not, enterprising buccaneers. A limited time adventure called the Shrouded Deep will give your crew a chance to take on this slippery super shark.

This Sea of Thieves guide will tell you how to find the shrouded ghost and complete the Shrouded Deep Adventure. Avast!

How to Complete the Shrouded Deep Adventure in Sea of Thieves

Shrouded Deep is the third Sea of Thieves’ Adventure, a series of limited-time missions that tell a narrative focused story. This particular adventure is only available from April 21 to May 12.

Your Adventure begins at any outpost. Locate Larinna near the Tavern and strike up a conversation. Choose the fourth dialogue option: “[BEGIN ADVENTURE] I’m ready to seek out Belle and Merrick”.  

A note directing you to M12 is in your quest radial, leading you to a location near the center of the Seas on your map. Sail there to find The Killer Whale, Merrick the Hunter's run-aground ship. Speak to Merrick to hear tale of his misadventures hunting the Shrouded Ghost, and Belle who will explain the how to summon the Shrouded Ghost.

Your task in Shrouded Ghost is to hunt each of the four other Megalodon types that appear in Sea of Thieves and capture their spirits in effigies to start a Ghost Summoning ritual.

Finding each enormous shark would normally be an RNG nightmare but fortunately, Belle has special flares that can summon specific Megalodons when fired from the correct cannons. You are given the choice of which Meg to tackle first, and can take them on in any order.  

Each Megalodon hunt follows the same general framework:

  • Tell Belle which hunt to you want to begin.
  • Receive a note detailing where to perform the summoning ritual, a flare and an effigy.
  • Sail to the designated island, and find the special cannon that can only fire that flare (it can’t be used to load cannonballs or aim).
  • Pull the flare out of your quest radial, load it, and fire it to summon the Meg for you to defeat. Your ships cannons will make quick work of it.

Once the Megalodon is belly-up, swim to it and pull the effigy out of your quest radial. There will be a shaft of light coming from the big, dead fish leading to a luminous orb. Swim close to it (you may need to wait for the shark to de-spawn), extend your hand, and follow the button prompt to collect the soul.

Return to the Killer Whale, and place the now Enchanted Effigy on the table. Once you’ve done that for each of Megalodons, you will be ready to summon the Shrouded Ghost.

Finding the Megalodons in Shrouded Deep

The Megalodons for Shrouded Deep are scatted across Sea of Thieves and can be summoned at these locations: 

  • The Hungering One: Sail to Mermaids hideaway (B-13 and C-13 on your map) and look for a cannon near the highest point of the island, on the edge of a cliff facing west. 
  • Shadowmaw: Shadowmaw prowls around Ruby’s Fall, far into the Devils roar, at Y-16 on your map. The cannon you are looking for is near the center of the main island, facing west.  
  • The Ancient Terror: The massive island of Thieves’ Haven sits at L-12 and M-20, on the southern edge of the map. Head to the very top of the island and work your way towards the southern edge of the Eastern half of Thieves’ Haven to find the cannon facing south.  
  • The Crested Queen: Head to Marauder’s Arch, near the north edge of the Sea at Q3. The island is shaped somewhat like a crab claw. The cannon is located on the upper southwest tip of the southern claw, facing west.  

How to Summon the Shrouded Ghost 

Calling forth the Shrouded Ghost requires five pirates to gather aboard the Killer Whale and play the Summon Megalodon shanty. Only four pirates can be on a single ship, so you will rely on the participation of random crews to help.

Fortunately, gathering all of the effigies casts a teal beacon into the sky, letting everyone know that a Shrouded Ghost may be imminent. Gather your party, play the song, and get ready for one hell of a fight across four phases.

Phase one sees you fight the Shrouded Ghost directly. The Ghost is significantly more aggressive than it’s brethren and will attack your ship repeatedly. Don’t fall behind on ship repairs, and keep firing until the shark disappears into the water.

Phase two features the surprise arrival of an old foe: Captain Flameheart’s ghostly fleet. Your focus is now the armada of ethereal ships teleporting in. It’s best to keep your ship moving as you work to lineup shots and avoid incoming fire.

Three cannonball hits to a spectral galleon will dispel it. Once you’ve sent enough of them back to the great beyond, the fleet will disappear and the second phase will be complete.  

Phase three swaps out the swarm of weaker ghost ships for a two-front battle against a single, more powerful flagship, and a returned Shrouded Ghost. The Shrouded Ghost will follow your ship wherever it goes, so it's best to focus your sailing on lining up shots on the opposing ship. It’s a more difficult encounter, so focus on keeping your ship repaired and lower decks dry until the flagship and Ghost disappear. 

Phase four is absolute bedlam. The ghost fleet and flagship return, as does a very angry Shrouded Ghost. The number of things trying to punch holes in your ship is staggering, and this is one of the most challenging encounters in all of Sea of Thieves.

Focus on the Shrouded Ghost as much as possible; defeating this Megalodon is the only thing that will end the chaos. Once the Ghost is laid to rest, Flameheart will call off his fleet, and victory will be yours. Return to Belle aboard the Killer Whale, and speak to her to start a short scene, completing the Shrouded Deep Adventure.

Tips and Tricks for the Shrouded Deep Adventure

Shrouded Deep is a difficult and time-consuming Adventure. Here are a few quick tips that may make it easier.  

  • Four Megalodon effigies are needed aboard the Killer Whale, but they don’t all have to come from the same ship. Check the table when you arrive, as there may already be Enchanted Effigies. If so, you can skip hunting those particular Megs.  
  • If anybody in your crew Enchants an effigy with a fallen Megalodon, then everyone in your crew will have it in their inventory. That means it can be useful to leave a person behind on the Killer Whale to place the effigies and select the next target, saving time on backtracking.
  • The final encounter is a massive battle. Buy supplies from outposts, and ransack the barrels aboard the Killer Whale before starting the fight with the Shrouded Ghost. 
  • It is OK to sink! There isn’t a fail state for the Shrouded Deep adventure. If you are sunk, just use a mermaid to teleport back to your ship and sail back to M-12. 
  • Anytime you are on the Seas, another crew could be doing the Shrouded Deep adventure. Look for the teal lights rising from the center of the map, and you may be able to help another crew, skipping right to the last phase of the adventure.  

Now that you’ve felled the most mythical foe in Sea of Thieves you may want to turn your attention to other pursuits besides Shrouded Deep, like collecting the party boat pieces or creating your own treasure maps. We’ve got guides to those and more on our Sea of Thieves tips page.  

How to Get the Party Boat Ship Cosmetics in Sea of Thieves Wed, 22 Dec 2021 07:38:15 -0500 Justin Koreis

The party boat ship cosmetics set is one reserved for pirates who have perfected the content of Sea of Thieves Season Five and reflects spectacularly on the ship and its crew. If you want to be one of those renowned pirates, then you’ve come to the right place. Here's how to get what you're after.

Individual pieces of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set are awarded for completing Season 5 commendations. Some are quick and simple; others can take more significant time investments. Be ready to sail with purpose and focus on these tasks.

How to Get All Party Boat Ship Cosmetics in Sea of Thieves Season 5

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Hull and Sails – Night-Time Spectacular 

The text for this Sea of Thieves commendation reads, “Set off a display of five or more fireworks at night”. That means there must be five fireworks shining in the night sky at the same time. You can typically find plenty of fireworks in the barrels at outposts or buy them from the Merchant at the docks.

To complete this commendation, wait for nightfall, then fire the fireworks into the sky as quickly as you can. This is easy on larger ships with several hands, but if you are solo on a sloop, be sure to use longer-lasting fireworks, such as signal flares.  

Alternatively, you can launch a galleon by yourself, load all the cannons, and run around lighting fuses. Now you've got the first part of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set!

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Capstan – Master Cartographer 

To unlock the Master Cartographer commendation you must, Donate Treasure Stash maps to a Quest Board”. Once again, 25 is the magic number. Your job is to create and post 25 total treasure maps to the Quest Boards at the Outposts and Seaposts.

The amount of treasure you bury is not important; only the number of maps matters for this part of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set. 

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Wheel – Seeker of Pirate Plunder 

The Seeker of Pirate Plunder commendation asks you to, “Uncover valuable treasures buried by other pirate crews.” Specifically, you need to dig up 25 pieces of user buried treasure.

You can grab treasure maps from the quest board, steal bundles from other ships, or just luck your way into finding loot buried by other crews. The how doesn’t matter, as long as you or someone in your crew uncovers 25 total pieces. You're halfway through with the Party Boat ship cosmetics set.

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Cannons – Small but Mighty 

This time you need to, “Shoot another ship using a Cannon Rowboat.” Rowboats spawn randomly on islands and at forts throughout the sea, so you will need to search until you find one with a cannon. You need 25 hits on an enemy ship, human or skeleton, from the rowboat. 

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Figurehead – Gunpowder, Treason and Plot 

To earn the figurehead for this part of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set, you will need to, “Start a fire on another crew’s ship by setting off a firework.” That’s a simple enough goal, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

This Sea of Thieves Season 5 commendation can be unlocked by setting fire to any enemy ship. That includes skeletons ships as well, so do not feel obligated to start a PVP fight if you don't want to.

Fireworks aren’t guaranteed to start a fire, so your best bet is to bring extra and unload repeatedly until you see flames.  

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Flag – Skies of Friendship 

Earning the flag for this part of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set requires that you, “Set off fireworks while in an Alliance.” This one is self-explanatory. Form an alliance with any other human ship, then fire off a firework. Hey, they can’t all be 25-step processes.

Alright, alright, Paaarrrrty Pirates: you’ve mastered Season 5 That's how to get the Party Boat ship cosmetics set in Sea of Thieves. So, what’s next? You could always go Kraken Hunting or Seek out some mysterious murals. There is always plenty to do, and we’ve got a Sea of Thieves page, frequently updated with all the latest content. Check it out! 

Sea of Thieves: How to Get the Master Cartographer Title Tue, 21 Dec 2021 12:41:51 -0500 Justin Koreis

The Master Cartographer title in Sea of Thieves takes some work to get, but it's well worth it if you want to show off and stand out from your fellow pirates. If you want to think of yourself as a bit of a master at hiding treasure, you may very well want to add this title to your collection.

A cartographer is a mapmaker, and having the title of Master Cartographer in Sea of Thieves, logically enough, requires you to make maps. A lot of maps. Your task is to create and post 25 maps to the quest board. It’s a multi-part process, but it has a few quirks that can make it either more, or less, difficult.

How to Get the Master Cartographer Title in Sea of Thieves

Step 1: Find Treasure


This part of the quest toward the Master Cartographer title is simple enough: find some loot! Find treasure however you like, be it maps, slaying skeleton captains, delving in shrines, or just dumb luck. Regardless, you need to find something valuable.

Step 2: Bury Treasure

You can bury treasure for the Master Cartographer title on any soft soil using the alternate function on your shovel (the guide linked in the step above tells you how to do that in more depth). This will create a treasure map on each island to stash loot. However, for the purposes of creating maps, there is one important caveat: Outposts don’t count.

It would be too easy to find maps at these starting areas, so Outposts maps can’t be posted and don't count for this step toward the Master Cartographer title.

Step 3: Post Your Map

The maps you have created for the Master Cartographer title initially exist on your map table as a bundle of maps. Your job now is to reach either a Seapost or an Outpost and post them to the quest board. But be careful, if you get sunk in the process, the maps will float to the surface, ready to be stolen by any enterprising crew.

Step 4: Repeat the Process to Get the Master Cartographer Title

In general, each island you visit and bury treasure on is good for one map. The most expedient option would be to bury a single piece of loot on several islands to create a large number of maps, then deliver them to the Quest Board in batches. Just keep repeating this process until you’ve reached 25 maps posted, and the Master Cartographer will be is yours.

And that's how to get the Master Cartographer title in Sea of Thieves. You’ve perfected the art of making maps for other crews. If that’s not enough to quench your thirst for pirate adventures, we have plenty more tips for your next voyage in our Sea of Thieves guides hub.  

Sea of Thieves: How to Get the Stolen Secrets Commendation Mon, 20 Dec 2021 15:34:00 -0500 Justin Koreis

Adding the Sea of Thieves Stolen Secrets commendation to your reputation page involves dealing with buried treasure. Much of the new season revolves around burying treasure or retrieving it, either as a quest for another crew or for your own for later retrieval.

This activity, which is strictly a pirate vs. pirate task, has a host of associated challenges, including the Stolen Secrets Commendation. Here's what you need to know. 

Getting the Stolen Secrets Commendation in Sea of Thieves

To complete the Stolen Secrets Commendation in Sea of Thieves, you need to steal a Map Bundle from another crew and place it on your own map table. There are a few ways to accomplish this.

For most pirates, the first solution for getting the Stolen Secrets commendation is good, old-fashioned PVP. Sail until you find another crew, sink them, steal their map bundle when it floats to the surface. Sounds simple, right? Well, sort of.

Sinking other pirate ships for the Stolen Secrets commendation is tricky business, as there are no guarantees other ships will have a map bundle aboard. You also run the risk of having your own ship sunk (rude!).  

Clever pirates can retrieve map bundles with a stealthier approach. “Tucking” in Sea of Thieves is the art of sneaking aboard another ship undetected.

If you manage to do so, keep an eye on the voyage table. If the “donor” crew has a map bundle, it will be sitting there. You can walk up and snatch the bundle. Slip away without anyone seeing you and the Stolen Secrets maps are all yours.  

You could also take the cooperative approach for the Stolen Secrets commendation. You may be surprised by how often other crews are open to simply trading map bundles.

Asking via the speaking horn or chat isn’t the worst idea. Alliance members can also be the source of stolen maps. If a friendly crew doesn’t have a map bundle to give, they can always just bury one random piece of loot on an island. This will make a bundle you can steal, and no one has to get sunk. A win-win!

Regardless of how you do it, just get your hands on another crews' map bundle and place it on your table. That will get you the Stolen Secrets commendation, and now you can go dig up their loot. 

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That's how to get the Stolen Secrets commendation in Sea of Thieves. Now that you and your mighty crew have stolen some secrets, you can turn your attention back to other sea-bound endeavors, like creating special recipes or finding hidden journals. Whatever your next adventure, make sure to check in at Gameskinny for the latest Sea of Thieves hints and tips.  

Sea of Thieves: How to Get, Use Fireworks and Signal Flares Mon, 20 Dec 2021 15:08:37 -0500 Justin Koreis

Fireworks and signal flares were introduced in Sea of Thieves Season 5. Crews can now light up with the sky with colorful explosions as they travel the Seven Seas. But how do you get fireworks and signal flares to begin with? And once you do, how do you use them?

These light displays are beautiful to look at, and they can be surprisingly useful at times if you know what you are doing. This Sea of Thieves guide will tell you everything you need to know about fireworks and signal flares.

Sea of Thieves Fireworks and Signal Flares Explained

Fireworks and signal flares exist as collectible inventory items like food or planks. A limited number of these consumables can be carried on your pirate-person, and large quantities of either can be stashed on cannonball barrels, supply crates, and fireworks crates.

Fireworks explode in colorful displays. Some simply sparkle in various colors as they rain down; others form shapes in the sky, like mermaids, skulls, and a big R (in the shape of the Rare logo). Fireworks are decorative, and mostly just for visual effect.  

Signal flares are more purpose-built. Signal flares form a single, long-lasting ball of colored light. This is fantastic for illuminating islands at night or signaling something for anyone who is within visual range to see.

Fireworks and signal flares do have some combat utility as well. Firing into the face of other pirates temporally blinds them, which can be a useful distraction in a protracted ship battle. You can also fire them directly at enemy ships to do a small amount of damage and, while uncommon, they can occasionally start fires

How to Get Fireworks & Signal Flares in Sea of Thieves

Your ship comes stocked with some of these consumables, but they can be found randomly in barrels throughout Sea of Thieves. Search any of the supply barrels, especially around outposts, and you should quickly fill your pockets with fireworks. Also look in rowboats and crates.

You can also visit the Merchant Alliance representative on the docks of any Outpost and buy fireworks crates, though you can't buy signal flares. There are multiple themed options for creates, each containing inventories that explode in shapes that match that theme. At 20,000 gold apiece, the crates are expensive, but can you put a price on beauty? 

Fireworks crates will also randomly wash up on the shores of various islands, or in the holds of shipwrecks. Keep your eyes out while voyaging and you will likely come across several in your travels.

How to Use Fireworks & Signal Flares

You use fireworks & signal flares by loading them into cannons. However, unlike cannonballs, which fire instantaneously, fireworks come with a fuse. Hold your selected munition in your hand, and walk up to the cannon. Follow the prompt to load the cannon, and press fire to light the fuse.

Once the fuse burns down, the cannon fires, using the firework or flare.

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That's how to get and use fireworks and signal flares in Sea of Thieves. Their beauty and usefulness have made them a very welcome addition to Sea of Thieves. Utilizing these well is a great way to have some fun after you bury some treasure or complete a major voyage. If you are looking for your next great conquest to celebrate in Sea of Thieves, check out our other Sea of Thieves guides.

Sea of Thieves Buried Treasure Guide: Map Bundles & Quest Boards Explained Wed, 08 Dec 2021 10:51:08 -0500 Justin Koreis

Sea of Thieves' buried treasure has been one of the most requested features from fans, and it has arrived alongside map bundles and the Quest Board. There are even two new commendations up for grabs with these Season 5 additions.

But how do you bury your own treasure in Sea of Thieves? What are buried treasure map bundles? And how does the Quest Board work? This SoT guide will tell you everything you need know!

How to Bury Treasure in Sea of Thieves

Burying treasure in Sea of Thieves is easy. First, you’ll need to collect some loot. This can be almost anything, from treasure chests to skulls, to item boxes, kegs, and even chickens in coops (don’t worry, they’ll be fine!). Really, your buried treasure hoard can be whatever you want it to be!

Set the item you want to bury on some dirt and pull out your shovel. Press the “secondary use” button  typically mapped to the left trigger on a controller and RMB on a mouse  to start scooping dirt.  

Work that shovel a bit and your buried treasure will disappear below the surface, with nothing but some slightly disturbed dirt to indicate its location. 

Custom Buried Treasure Maps & Map Bundles Explained 

Once you have fully buried treasure in the dirt, a custom map will appear in your inventory, with X marking the spot. If you bury more items on an island, more X’s will appear, with up to 10 per map. You can bury things on other islands too, and each island will generate its own chart.

The buried treasure maps will also appear on your ship's Voyage Table as a map bundle. You will want to be careful with this physical representation of your maps: map bundles can be stolen by other crews. They can be snatched directly off of the table, and if your ship sinks, map bundles will float to the surface, ready to be nabbed by whoever gets to them first.  

As a well-to-do-pirate, you will want to take care of your maps and map bundles, and keep an eye out for opportunities to steal some new ones from other players. 

How to Use the Sea of Thieves Quest Board for Buried Treasure

Sure, stashing loot as buried treasure is a fun part of the Sea of Thieves experience, but we all know sharing is caring. That’s where the Quest Board comes in. Once you’ve created some treasure maps, you can return to an Outpost or Seapost and find the Quest Board near the docks. Interact with it and navigate to the My Maps section. Every sharable treasure map you have will be displayed here, and you can select which maps to post.

Posting a map makes it available for other pirates to find on the Quest Board. If another crew takes your map and finds the treasure, you will receive a full share of the renown and reputation. Best of all, this can happen anytime, even while you are offline.

Don’t be surprised to drop off a few maps, and come back days later to see a message informing you of the renown you've earned from buried treasure. If a crew never takes your map, you will still eventually earn reputation and renown for posting it, but a lesser amount than if a crew had found it.  

You are welcome to take other player-created maps from the Quest Board as well. These will be listed in the Quest Board section. Buried treasure maps are generally divided into stashes and hoards, with hoards having more loot. Still, you won’t know in advance the type or quantity of the buried treasure, so it is a bit of a gamble. It could be a mountain of valuable loot, random fruit, or event kegs set as traps.

You can discard buried treasure maps you aren’t interested in, but keep in mind that you are limited to five maps from the quest board per day. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Buried treasure is a great new addition to Sea of Thieves. It’s a perfect thematic fit and can be a great strategic move for earning renown and reputation. But don't forget, there is plenty more to do once you’ve buried and uncovered loot to your heart's content. You can search out some hidden journals in a Siren Shrine, or take on the Sunken Kingdom Voyage. For those, and everything Sea of Thieves, be sure to check out our dedicated SoT guides hub

Sea of Thieves Legend of the Sunken Kingdom Voyage Guide Tue, 05 Oct 2021 11:55:49 -0400 Justin Koreis

You've done it, you've found and read all thirty journals hidden within the Siren Shrines of Sea of Thieves. Now it's time to take on the Legend of the Sunken Kingdom Voyage, and earn yourself the Curse of Sunken Sorrow. This is long, multi-part quest. Put the kettle on, settle in, and let's get started.

But first, a word of caution. There is only one chest in this voyage, and no checkpoints. Whatever you do, don't lose it, or let another ship of scallywags scurry it from you. Ye be warned!

Sea of Thieves Legend of the Sunken Kingdom Voyage Walkthrough

When you initially log in to Sea of Thieves, and awaken from your stupor in the Tavern (as any pirate should), proceed outside and locate Larinna. She's usually leaning against a post near the tavern door.

Ask to browse her stock and purchase the voyage called “The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom”. Drop that on the voyage table on your ship, and vote with your crew to launch it.

Two items will drop into your quest inventory once you launch the voyage.

First is the Golden Wayfinder compass which, similar to how it operates in vault voyages, points towards your next destination. Next is Humphry's Note, addressed for “Gold Hoarder Eyes Only”, explaining that the chest has been buried, and is only to be dug up with good reason.

Set sail when you are ready, aiming where the compass compels you. Eventually it will guide you to a small island.

Disembark your vessel and follow the compass until the needle begins to spin uncontrollably. That's your clue that you are standing on the spot. Dig, and you will expose the Forbidden Coral Chest, and drop another of Humphry's notes in your inventory.

Ocean Crawlers will spawn around you. Deal with them, then finish uncovering the chest. Take it back to your ship, pull out your Golden Wayfinder, and set sail for the next destination.

The second island visit works the same as the first. Make landfall, and follow where the Golden Wayfinder points. Once it spins, dig.

This time you will uncover the Scholar's Notes. In the first note Humphry explains that there the three keys that open the chest are hidden. The second note is a riddle, telling you to seek the shrine of hungering.

Sea of Thieves: How to Get The Shrine of Hungering Key

Sail to the Shrine of Hungering. You can either locate it in on the map aboard your ship, or follow the needle of the Golden Wayfinder. Once you arrive at the telltale glow indicating the shrine, dive beneath the waves. You are looking for the first of the keys, hidden behind a sealed door.

The Shrine of Hungering, you may recall, is filled with sharks and Siren Statue Puzzles. The puzzles are simple, find the three statues holding various objects, and strike them until their arms match their poses on a nearby cave painting.

Completing two of these grants you access to the upper area. Ascend up the shrine, and look for the sealed door to the left of the megalodon jaw.

Megalodon jaw in the Shrine of Hungering.

To open the door, you need to find a special Gold Hoarder's Medallion. It is easy to find, there is a trail of gold coins leading back down the shrine.

Descend across the broken mast and a bridge made of large vertebrae. At the bottom of these bones is a large ribcage. The medallion is atop these, nestled on the spine, and emitting the same eye-catching twinkle as other treasure.

Take the medallion back up, place it in a pedestal by the sealed door, and retrieve the Forbidden Key. Doing so places the next Scholar's Riddle in your quest inventory.

These keys cannot be passed to the surface through mermaid statues. Your best option is to proceed to the top of the shrine, and shoot the glowing red coral creating a barrier over the windows. Once you do that you are free to swim back to your ship. Put the key into the chest to release the first of the three locks.

Sea of Thieves: How to Get The Shrine of Ocean's Fortune Key

The new Scholar's Riddle will send you to the Shrine of Ocean's Fortune. This shrine is a vertical climb through a series of platforming puzzles. There is a large initial room, a small enclosed arena for a skirmish above it, and a smaller top most chamber. The Sealed Door and Gold Hoarders Medallion are in this highest chamber.

Spin the various ship wheels to rotate masts, allowing you to cross the room and climb higher. The medallion can be found after you spin the third ship's wheel, and cross that third mast. It's on a coral platform to your right, as you ascend.

Pick up the medallion, and cross the mast towards a mermaid statue. Continue climbing until you reach the crow's nest.

From here, with medallion in hand, jump across a small gap to a platform. The sealed door is on the wall straight ahead, slightly to the left. Place the medallion in the pedestal, and take the key and riddle.

Escape by shooting another coral sealed window, and return the key to your ship.

Sea of Thieves: How to Get The Shrine of Ancient Tears Key

Use the key to open the second lock on the chest. The last Scholar's Riddle points you toward your final destination, the Shrine of Ancient Tears.

This time, make sure to take the Forbidden Coral Chest with you. Descend into the shrine, and drop into the large hole in the floor until you reach the room with the large well at the center.

This central room is surrounded by a pair of joined staircases. There are four pressure plates spread along this path that you'll need to step on in succession.

Sprint all the way around the room, making sure to cross the plates, and a door at the top center, where the staircases meet, will open. Inside is a red throne. The medallion is sitting on one of the arms.

Shrine of Ancient Tiers key location.

Pick up the medallion, and walk straight out of this room the way you came in. As soon as you drop down to the lower level the sealed door will be to your left. Open it to find the final key. Place it in the Forbidden Coral Chest, and open the chest to find... another key!

Ok, that's anticlimactic. Take the key to the alter near the sealed door you just opened. Place it in the triangular indent to open a set of doors to your left.

Inside is a coral encrusted skeleton, and a journal. Reading all of this journal completes the voyage and, if you've read the other thirty Siren Shrine Journals, grants you the Curse of Sunken Sorrow.

You've reached the end of a long journey, uncovering secrets aplenty in the lost journals, and opening Forbidden Coral Chest. Rest up, toss back a grog, and get ready for the next adventure.

Whether it be unlocking the crossbow, or finding a coin for Poor Dougie, there are mysteries aplenty to plunder, and adventures to be had.

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Sea of Thieves Shrine of Ancient Tears Journals Guide Mon, 04 Oct 2021 09:57:59 -0400 Justin Koreis

Deep under the Sea of Thieves a pirate can find the Shrine of Ancient Tears, the most complex and intricate of the Siren Shrines. To unlock the Myseries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation, you'll need to find the journals in the Shrine of Ancient Tears as well as every journal from the five other shrines.

Please note that in this shrine, the best order to read the journals is not in their numbered order. This guide is arranged based when you find the journals.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of Ancient Tears Journals Locations

The Shrine of Ancient Tears is labeled on your map. Sail there, and look for the colorful lights above the water. Deep beneath the waves is a ship, split in twain, at the base of a large rock spire.

Swim toward the ship, and look at the spire as you approach the seabed. You will eventually see a transparent barrier, held shut by a piece of glowing red coral. Shoot or strike the coral in order to pass through the barrier. You’ll be deposited on dry land, ready to explore the shrine.  

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 1: Ancient Umbra Tears 

Drop down into the hole in the center of this first room. Look down and you’ll see an open square of space surrounded by staircases. There is a circular pit of water in the center, with a square dais to one side.

Work your way down to the square, but not into the pit, to find the first journal leaning against the dais.  

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 2: Strange Tales

Dive into the circular water pit at the center of the main room. Descend to the bottom, and locate an opening to a side cave with a painting of a flame on the rear wall. The journal is on the stone platform in the center of this room.  

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 5: The Chest of Everlasting Sorrow

There are pressure plates located on the staircases around the central chamber, and four torches to light. Light the torches, then sprint to step on all of the pressure plates quickly.

If you are fast enough that will open a door on the second level. The journal is atop a barrel to the right, once you enter this room. 

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 4: Fate of the Silver Blade

There are eight torches that need to be to lit, spread throughout the area (four are in the central around the staircase, four are in the room with journal #5)

Once you light all of them a door opens at the base of the two staircases in the main chamber, behind a waterfall. Enter the room and look for four pillars. The journal is on the ground behind the first pillar on your right. 

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 3: Return of the Silver Blade

Head back towards the entrance from the previous journal. Rather than moving back to the main chamber, turn when you reach an intersection. A pair of hallways extend in each direction, and form a square around the entire shrine.

Look for an area marked with a butterfly painting. Light three torches, then quickly locate and pull three levers. This opens the door to an area marked with Turtle paintings.

This area uses the same torch/lever mechanic. The journal is located is a small area past a lever, near a torch.  

Congratulations on another successful voyage. Finding these, and all the other journals, is the key to the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation, which allows you to buy a special voyage from Larinna.

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Sea of Thieves Shrine of Hungering Journals Guide Fri, 01 Oct 2021 12:48:19 -0400 Justin Koreis

The Shrine of Hungering beckons sailors of Sea of Thieves with promises of loot and lore. Hidden within this shark infested shrine are five journals. You’ll need these, as well as the journals from five other shrines, to unlock the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation.

It’s a perilous endeavor, but with your wits, and this handy guide, those journals will be yours in no time.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of Hungering Journals Locations

The map on your ship will guide you to the Shrine of Hungering. Sail your vessel there and dive into the water where there is a bright glow.

Make your way beneath the surface until you reach massive skeletal remains embedded in the seafloor. These mark the entrance to the vast underwater cave that forms this shrine. 

Journal 1: Shrine of Hungering

Enter the shrine, and fight past a small cluster of sharks. Follow the cave as it winds around, and you will soon find a skeleton embedded in the soft soil of the seabed.

The journal is just in front of the skeleton’s outstretched hand.  

Journal 2: The Warrior

Proceed further into the shrine and you will soon reach a large room. You will need to solve a siren puzzle to raise the water level. Doing so grants you access to an upper area with a geyser, which fires onto an even higher platform.

Look for an ammo box on a wrecked rowboat, to the left of an illuminated siren statue. The journal is near what remains of the bow of the rowboat.  

Journal 3: The Warrior – Unmasked

Keep progressing forward until you complete a second siren statue puzzle. You will climb the bones of some long dead sea monster, then up a broken mast to a platform near a geyser.

The journal is tucked behind a pile of planks, near the wall and some purple sea stars.  

Journal 4: The High Priest

Immediately after you read the third journal you will see a massive jawbone from a megalodon. Don’t go through them just yet. Instead, look to the right for a series of platforms made of bones embedded into the wall. Cross these to reach an isolated shelf.

The journal is atop some rocks, near a glowing coral formation.  

Journal 5: A Great Evil

At the top of the shrine, you will swim to a chamber sealed by a transparent barrier. You need to shoot the coral at the top of the barrier, and battle a shiver of sharks.

Once those fishy fiends are dispatched, you can read the final journal, located on the ground near the transparent barrier you passed through.  

That’s five journals down, twenty-five to go. You still have a long road ahead of you to unlock the Sunken Kingdom Commendation.

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Sea of Thieves Shrine of the Coral Tomb Journals Guide Fri, 01 Oct 2021 13:18:44 -0400 Justin Koreis

It's time once more to dive beneath the waves in Sea of Thieves, this time to the Shrine of the Coral Tomb. There are five hidden journals to find, and to unlock the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom you will need to collect them all plus the journals from five other shrines.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of the Coral Tomb Journals Locations

Voyage to where the Shrine of the Coral Tomb is indicated on your map table. Look for the colorful glow above the water, then channel your inner Jacque Cousteau and dive into the abyss.

Eventually you will reach a large underwater structure. Locate the glowing red coral above the transparent barrier. Shoot or strike the coral to gain entry into the shrine.

Journal 1: Seashell Earring

After you arrive, a waterslide will deposit you into a large water-filled chamber. Near the center of the room is an ammo box near some tall seaweed. The journal is resting on the bottom just to the right of it.

Journal 2: A Hidden Kingdom

Throughout this shrine you will be solving a series of puzzles which require you to find and pull levers in a certain order. Once you’ve finished the first puzzle, look for a red glowing cave that opens next to a mermaid statue.

At the rear of this cave is one of the levers, and the journal is on the ground to the left.

Journal 3: The Sea Queen and Her Warrior

Completing the second lever puzzle opens more areas to explore. This time, swim down to the bottom of the chamber, and look for a freshly opened cavern to the right of a large formation of orange and yellow coral running up the walls.

The journal is on the ground, immediately when you enter this cave.

Journal 4: The Whispering Plague

The fourth journal is available once you have finished all three lever puzzles. This opens a room in the large central chamber just above the water, marked with a large green glowing coral formation.

Look near the wall of Siren Skulls (spooky!), on the floor in the back of the room.

Journal 5: The Sunken Kingdom

The fifth and final journal is on the highest layer of the Shrine, near the massive Siren Statue. This area is inaccessible until you solve all three lever puzzles, which raises the water lever.

At the top of the area is a mermaid statue. The journal is leaning against some rocks to the right, situated near a barrel.

You’ve got your journals, now abscond with any ill-gotten treasure. This voyage is done, but we are just getting started.

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Sea of Thieves Shrine of Ocean's Fortunes Journals Guide Thu, 30 Sep 2021 13:16:13 -0400 Justin Koreis

The wonders of the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune are yours to pillage in Season 4 of Sea of Thieves. Sure, you could fetch a hefty coin by chasing lost gems and trinkets, but the real treasure is within the pages of hidden journals.

Five journals are scattered across this undersea maze. You need to collect all the journals from this and five other shrines in order to unlock the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of Ocean's Fortunes Journal Locations


Sail your ship to the area marked as the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune on your map. When you see the telltale glow of a mermaid shrine, dive in and start your swim down.

The Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune is arranged as a large vertical column. Swim to the base, the entrance is behind a massive wooden door marked with red coral.  

Journal 1: Your Beautiful World 

As soon as you enter the shrine swim upward until you can stick your head above water. You will be in a channel separating two pieces of land.

Follow this channel as it snakes to the rear of the shrine. Near the end of the waterway, you will find a pile of boards to your left. The first journal is atop this pile.  

Journal 2: I’m Close, I Can Feel It 


The next journal can be found after you climb the ladder up from the lowest level of the shrine, and use a pulley to setup a platform to the right of a prison door.

Use the platform to cross a short gap, and enter the tunnel to your left. The journal is a small distance forward, hugging the left-hand wall, toward a lever lit by some bio-luminescent algae. 

Journal 3: Love is Stronger Than Hate 

Continue ascending the shrine and you will eventually be accosted by some coral covered skeletons in a side tunnel.

The third journal is shortly past them, close to where the tunnel reached the central chamber, on the floor near the left wall. 

Journal 4: I Have Failed You 


The fourth journal is near the top of the shrine. Work your way up until you cross a small wooden bridge, and fight a group of ocean crawlers.

There is a partially wrecked ship's hull against the wall to the left (based on the direction you were facing as you entered). The journal is resting on this wreckage.  

Journal 5: Do Not Give Up Hope 


The final journal is near the top of the uppermost chamber. Work your way past a series of jumping puzzles until you reach a mermaid statue.

To the right of it is a hollowed-out ship's hull with a large piece of glowing purple coral at the far end. The journal is near the coral, to the right of the large central beam of the hull.  

That’s it, all five journals found. Gather any loot you see and head back to your ship. That’s five journals down, twenty five to go.

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