Valheim Box Art

A survival game enthusiast's delight, Valheim quickly became one of the biggest games of the genre on Steam and continues to grow.

Valheim is steeped in norse viking culture and challenges groups of up to 10 players to survive all that Odin's rivals have in store for them in a procedurally-generated world, rife with challenges and foes to best and conquer. Its combat system allows for a wealth of different weapon types to choose from. No two adventures are alike in Valheim.

Players and their co-op cohorts will have to build a base and manage crafting tasks to survive the wilds, and can even build and sail ships to explore the seas and hopefully discover new lands rich in resources or other secrets to behold.

Platforms: PC Linux Steam
Genre: ActionSandboxSurvival
Release date: February 2nd, 2021
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