The 5 Best Miramar Map Easter Eggs in PUBG

Easter Egg: I Hate School

This next PUBG Easter egg is really well hidden, but if you can manage to get to the island south of Valle del Mar, you will have the chance to see it for yourself. It is located on top of the hill in the location named Minas del Sur. There you will see a red cone inside a circle of rocks with a note stickied to it saying, "I Hate School".

What could this mean? Well, if you've been playing on the Miramar map for a while, then you will know that the "school" is the hottest spot on the map right now. It looks like that players not only despise this location but the devs too.

A map showing the location of the I Hate School Easter Egg

Published Dec. 22nd 2017

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