Hitman episode 2 Sapienza assassination guide part 1

Using two kill opportunities, you can easily take down your targets in Sapienza with no fuss and without ever being detected.

Part two of Hitman's new episodic approach has now arrived, and it's like night and day from the previous Paris level.

Gone are the glitzy fashionistas and catwalks surrounded by the rich and famous. Instead, this time around Agent 47 heads to a gorgeous coastal town called Sapienza that will almost make you feel like you are playing a Just Cause game.

Don't worry though, we're going to be a whole lot more stealthy than Rico when taking out our targets. Speaking of, there's two main targets in this level - Caruso and Francesca De Santis - plus a third objective of destroying a virus being developed that would make assassins like 47 completely obsolete. We can't have that!

You can't go in every building and doorway found in this area, but Sapienza is an absolutely massive map, basically giving you an entire city to explore while you figure out your preferred assassination method. As with the last mission, there are a ton of different ways to kill your targets.

If you want to get a feel for the map while completing the mission quickly with the fewest complications, we're going to cover the simplest and fastest way to take out both targets through kill opportunities and then leave Sapienza behind before anyone even knows you were there.

If you haven't completed the previous missions yet, be sure to check out our previous assassination guides here.

Opportunity: First Day On The Job

Stop blending in at the level's starting bench and walk left until you see the street that dips down by the blue crosswalk sign. Head into the gold door just to the right of the Il Maiale Pizzicheria storefront and run upstairs. Go through the bathroom window to access the roof, then turn left immediately and jump up the cement awning on the red building.

Rooftop access

The cook's disguise is on the bed inside the window after you jump onto the awning. Be sure to pick up the mansion keycard sitting next to the lamp inside this apartment's kitchen area as well, then leave the way you came in on the roof.

Jump down the broken yellow wall segment on the side of the roof for easy access to the mansion, which is just up the road. Instead of strolling up to the front though, enter the door immediately to your right after jumping off the wall.

Entering the kitchen

Run upstairs to access the mansion's kitchen area and grab the rat poison sitting on the counter by the fridge (why do people just leave so much rat poison lying out everywhere in this game?!?!).

Talk to chef Marcello and he will order you to finish the sauce (you may need to walk over to the stove and blend in by stirring a cook pot to avoid detection first).

Meeting the cooks

Eventually most of the cooks will walk away, and everyone's back should be turned, so you can go ahead and pour the poison in the spaghetti sauce.

Next, run outside and ring the dinner bell, which effectively takes care of your first target, as Caruso will eat the poisoned food.

Ringing the dinner bell... of death!

If you want to unlock an extra challenge for pushing Caruso off a cliff, hide nearby and wait for him to come finish his plate of pasta. When he gets sick and rushes off to the side away from his guards, run through the nearby building to your left and come around the other side to flank him.

Woops, it was an accident!

Now, on to your second target. Leave the kitchen exactly the same way you came in. Instead of jumping back up the wall, go through the other door on the opposite side, which will require you to swipe the mansion card you stole earlier.

Opportunity: A Case Most Peculiar

Hang a left and you'll be back at the road that dips down next to Il Maiale Pizzicheria. Run down that street past the Nazereno Di Milano barber shop (situated on the right hand side of the road). Listen to the two stylists talking to reveal this kill opportunity.

The barber shop

Leave the barbershop and head back up the street. Hang a left at the alleyway with the bicycle and two tourists talking and then go right up the stone stairs.

Turn left and you should see a green scooter and a radio. Turn on the radio and then walk away slightly so the area is investigated. When you walk back, the private investigator will be standing next to the scooter and you can overhear his conversation.

Listening to the private investigator

Rather than following the investigator directly, turn around and run through the tunnel so you can get ahead of him.

Wait for him to go down the tunnel you just came out of, then sneak up behind and subdue or garrote him to take his outfit. Don't forget to drop his body in the dumpster to avoid detection!

Taking down the private eye

Dressed as the PI, go back onto the main road and run by the barber shop to the ocean area. Head through the beach to your left and go all way to the end pier.

Blend in at the bench and eventually De Santis will arrive with two guards. Initiate a conversation and she will ask you to follow her into a nearby tunnel for a private conversation.

Waiting at the pier

Wait until she stops talking and the guards have their backs turned at the tunnel entrance, then silently take her out anyway you want. If you are quick about it, the dumpster on the right side of the tunnel will hide her body before the guards notice anything.

Taking out your second target

With two targets down, now its time to destroy the virus and escape. Don't go out the tunnel entrance where the guards are waiting, instead go out the opposite side and hang a right when you exit the tunnel.

Destroying The Virus

Use whatever disguise or entrance you'd like to gain access to the mansion (if you head over to the cafe area, you can poison the psychiatrist's drink and steal his outfit).

From the main lobby inside the front entrance, take the doors to the left and walk through the room to the back kitchen. Head down the stairs inside the kitchen to access the garage area.

Sneak up behind the lab tech in the white coat and subdue him, then take his outfit and key card. His body can be hidden in wood crate near the car.

If the tech isn't wandering in the garage, you can instead find him in the next room drinking with a soldier and complaining about wanting to be fired. Either wait for him to go stand in the corner to urinate, or turn off the power to make him walk away early.

Stealing the lab tech's uniform

Go inside the short hallway with the guards and let them frisk you while dressed as the lab tech. Swipe your card to get access to the underground area.

Go all the way down the yellow stairs to the bottom level of the cave complex and swipe your key card to get into the laboratory. Enter the door on the right and take one of the hazmat suits.

Picking up a nifty hazmat suit

Head through the automatic doors into the restricted area and then sabotage the computer located directly to the right of the entrance. While one of the techs investigates the disturbance, run to the other side of the room and use the robotic arm to mess with the sample in the red tray on the top-right side, which will distract the other tech.

Having fun with deadly samples in the lab!

Now you can walk to the middle of the room and access the control panel to increase the temperature, which will destroy the virus. You can leave in either the hazmat suit or put back on the lab tech uniform.

Escaping at the plane

Now just walk up to the plane and exit the mission to see the next cinematic as this new intriguing story in the Hitman universe unfolds.

We're just getting started finding all the ways to take down targets in Hitman episode 2, so stay tuned as we show you how to complete more challenges and unlock all the trophies available!

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Published Apr. 26th 2016

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