super easy to use WATER animal reference guide

Can you make it to dragon in You should be able to with this handy all water animal reference guide.

The addition of water animals to has made the game way more complicated that it was before, but that's for the better -- there are more ways to play than ever!

The game's water animals are mostly the same as their land counterparts, but many water animals have special abilities their land counterparts do not. The kraken being the most famous example with its insanely strong whirlpool ability. Hopefully land animals will be seeing updates with more abilities soon.

How to play as a water animal instead of a land animal

There are two ways to play as a water animal. You can either get lucky and spawn as a shrimp at the start (very unlikely) or you can evolve in the water, no matter what animal you currently are.

If you evolve in the water you will evolve into a water animal, and if you evolve on land you'll evolve as a land animal. It's as simple as that, but you have to keep an eye on your XP bar if you're bouncing between land and water to evolve the way you want to.

If you want these same details on land animals, check out my land animals reference guide.

Here is a list of the game's animals in order of evolution and which options are at each tier:

  1. Mouse or Shrimp
  2. Rabbit or Trout
  3. Pig or crab
  4. Fox or squid
  5. Mole or seahorse
  6. Deer or jellyfish
  7. Turtle or zebra
  8. Lion or stingray
  9. Cheetah or pufferfish
  10. Bear or swordfish
  11. Crocodile
  12. Shark or rhino
  13. Hippo or orca
  14. Dragon or kraken

The animal listings below are in the order you can evolve them. Regular bushes are listed with each of them as hiding spots, though you can still be damaged in bushes. You can still use them as camouflage!

Eats  berry-c8c32.png
Eaten by trout-d3410.pngcrab-bb8a1.pngsquid-c853b.pngrabbit-f0e61.pngpig-c4f21.pngfox-df5f5.pngdeer-0b8d2.pngjellyfish-5efb5.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-39676.pngbush-69fe7.pngwhirlpool-51c6e.png
Additional notes: In order to start out as a shrimp you have to either die as a mouse or rabbit or get lucky when you first spawn. The shrimp can hide in large and small hiding holes and bushes. Despite the way it looks it has no tail.


Eats berry-459ae.pngshrimp-97af8.pngmouse-76173.png
Eaten by crab-bd64f.pngsquid-051c9.pngfox-546cf.pngdeer-58b2f.pngmole-28d72.pnglion-d0881.pngzebra-41259.pngcrocodile-8e101.pngjellyfish-e6fd2.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-23069.pngbush-54fa9.pngwhirlpool-357de.png
Additional notes: Like its counterpart the rabbit, the trout has a very small tail. It can hide in both large and small hiding holes, whirlpools, and bushes.


Eats plankton-1e432.pngberry-c4c04.pngmushroom-217a1.pngshrimp-5b84e.pngtrout-18407.pngmouse-c5bb6.pngrabbit-5e620.png
Eaten by fox-3cdc5.pngmole-10ad5.pngdeer-6994b.pngzebra-748a5.pnglion-ca818.pngcheetah-112ba.pngbear-c6638.pngsquid-4cdad.pngseahorse-4360c.pngjellyfish-cc614.pngturtle-b20d3.pngstingray-50df2.pngpufferfish-98273.pngswordfish-740ce.pngcrocodile-79a41.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-39706.pngbush-8b94b.pngwhirlpool-a313c.png
Additional notes: The crab can survive longer than other water animals on land as it loses water more slowly than the others. When on land you can hold the 'W' key to hide in your shell, which reduces damage taken and XP loss when it at the cost of speed. It does have a tail. The crab can hide in large and small hiding holes, whirlpools, and bushes.


Eats plankton-3671f.pngberry-dbaba.pngshrimp-e05b2.pngtrout-5a542.pngcrab-a290f.pngmouse-17247.pngrabbit-64817.pngpig-71598.png
Eaten by mole-eb8fd.pngcheetah-df240.pnglion-47486.pngbear-09de5.pngzebra-8da57.pngcrocodile-164de.pngseahorse-1b2eb.pngpufferfish-7ae02.pngswordfish-2af90.pngstingray-80559.pngturtle-7d02b.pngdeer-86d43.pngjellyfish-7616f.png
Can hide in whirlpool-345d1.pnghiding-hole-c5815.png
Additional notes: The squid has a large tail for its size. It has a unique ability that, when injured, you can press the 'W' key to have it squirt ink to stun and slow other players. It can hide in hiding holes and whirlpools, and can also dive for safety.


Eats berry-04930.pngplankton-1cbe9.pngmushroom-e61ca.pngshrimp-255bd.pngtrout-63d67.pngcrab-0aa68.pngsquid-0db17.pngmouse-9ba2c.pngrabbit-c3532.pngpig-8cee6.pngfox-9555f.png
Eaten by deer-f41f3.pnglion-2db38.pngbear-c2e8c.pngrhino-7f646.pnghippo-e0ad9.pngcrocodile-0c14d.pngzebra-bc18c.pngcheetah-aee61.pngjellyfish-427ae.pngstingray-3abd0.pngturtle-9ce58.pngpufferfish-bbdc7.pngswordfish-32ab8.pngshark-922c7.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-b412f.pngberry-bush-de28b.pngwhirlpool-5ca62.pngbush-b5b8f.png
Additional notes: There isn't much to be said about the seahorse, except it has a lot of places it can hide. The seahorse can hide inside large hiding holes, berry bushes, bushes, and whirlpools.


Eats plankton-4a9af.pngmushroom-1ce39.pngred-mushroom-2284b.pnglilypad-59141.pngshrimp-65363.pngtrout-43dc2.pngcrab-aba0b.pngsquid-c210b.pngseahorse-55dc5.pngmouse-b947d.pngrabbit-402fd.pngpig-bdf35.pngfox-ebc4d.pngmole-beb9e.png
Eaten by turtle-08c4b.pngstingray-e9c68.pngpufferfish-6c1bd.pngswordfish-edd47.pngshark-9c6a4.pngorca-81521.pngkraken-16dc7.pngzebra-8323e.pnglion-8ddca.pngcheetah-d6856.pngbear-bb535.pngcrocodile-18e0a.pngrhino-4f9f6.pnghippo-7a32c.pngdragon-e184a.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-e7f88.pngberry-bush-994bd.pngwhirlpool-27270.pngbush-c6d73.png
Additional notes: The jellyfish moves slowly, but has a very unique passive ability. When another animal touches you, it will take damage and you will sap some of its XP. This is best done with the tentacles at the back. The jellyfish can hide in large hiding holes, whirlpools, bushes, and berry bushes.


Eats berry-8691c.pngmushroom-bush-84ca3.pngplankton-cfbd4.pnglilypad-ce261.pngred-mushroom-568fc.pngshrimp-80d5c.pngtrout-09f3d.pngcrab-7be02.pngsquid-2e6c9.pngseahorse-5f231.pngmouse-85c91.pngrabbit-440e3.pngpig-ac5a0.pngfox-a164b.pngmole-dc172.pngdeer-dc384.png
Eaten by stingray-ea7ab.pngpufferfish-e9bb1.pngswordfish-03cfc.pngshark-88b23.pngorca-37acf.pngkraken-8953d.pnglion-e288f.pngcheetah-bc9ee.pngbear-2e7e9.pngcrocodile-71862.pngrhino-b0863.pnghippo-6914e.pngdragon-46571.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-bec78.pngberry-bush-0934a.pngwhirlpool-1fad3.pngplankton-bush-66fa3.pngbush-f0703.png
Additional notes: Like the crab, the turtle can hide in its shell when you hold the 'W' key to reduce damage and XP loss, at the cost of speed. It can hide in large hiding holes, whirlpools, bushes, plankton bushes, and berry bushes.


Eats berry-3d399.pngplankton-c555e.pngmushroom-52ea6.pngmushroom-bush-b09be.pnglilypad-4694c.pngsquid-bf75a.pngseahorse-5bab4.pngcrab-a1ff8.pngjellyfish-48a29.pngturtle-588e1.pngpig-9dd0d.pngmole-0e233.pngfox-5e6f9.pngdeer-4bd70.pngzebra-664cd.png
Eaten by pufferfish-2ef2f.pngswordfish-2417d.pngshark-22c94.pngorca-b3575.pngkraken-32f05.pngcheetah-2f022.pngbear-97d3f.pngcrocodile-6b966.pngrhino-8370a.pnghippo-cf879.pngdragon-c85f1.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-1fcbf.pngberry-bush-54d74.pngwhirlpool-b126e.pngplankton-bush-580ec.pngbush-df0df.png
Additional notes: The stingray can charge electricity then use its electric shock ability (using the 'W' key) to damage every animal within its range. It can hide in large hiding holes, berry bushes, whirlpools, plankton bushes, and bushes.


Eats berry-7a480.pngplankton-590bf.pngmushroom-4163e.pngred-mushroom-34ca3.pngmushroom-bush-c8b9f.pnglilypad-52956.pngcrab-b5c9b.pngsquid-7a89c.pngseahorse-4fc95.pngjellyfish-9065a.pngturtle-0420c.pngstingray-7950c.pngpig-ae54d.pngfox-aa41f.pngmole-52dc0.pngdeer-c0754.pngzebra-5f27f.pnglion-aef41.png
Eaten by swordfish-eb789.pngshark-90f0a.pngorca-e1785.pngkraken-67dde.pngbear-59b3c.pngcrocodile-7413e.pngrhino-469da.pnghippo-ce8de.pngdragon-9726c.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-689de.pngwhirlpool-02dbd.pngplankton-bush-af3a5.pngbush-53fc2.png
Additional notes: The pufferfish can inflate itself by holding the 'W' key, which both doubles its size and sticks out its spikes to damage other animals. It can hide in large hiding holes, whirlpools, plankton bushes, and bushes.


Eats berry-31812.pngplankton-8f96a.pngmushroom-b4289.pngred-mushroom-dfa50.pngmushroom-bush-c2d71.pngsquid-0a3eb.pngseahorse-55e63.pngjellyfish-55bad.pngturtle-819ae.pngstingray-33987.pngpufferfish-0c565.pngfox-b4976.pngmole-1bc20.pngdeer-b4897.pngzebra-c4f85.pnglion-01f96.pngcheetah-9ac92.png
Eaten by shark-ec52a.pngorca-60598.pngkraken-ca4fa.pngcrocodile-d3613.pngrhino-7b372.pnghippo-93fcf.pngdragon-b00b9.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-53c83.pngwhirlpool-b36b7.pngplankton-bush-8f64e.pngbush-68f8c.png
Additional notes: The swordfish can charge ahead like the Rhino when you press the 'W' key. It can hide in large hiding holes, whirlpools, plankton bushes, and bushes.


Eats plankton-7f27c.pngseahorse-82a31.pngjellyfish-e5160.pngturtle-96a6a.pngstingray-a0a5c.pngpufferfish-74eca.pngswordfish-0e301.pngmole-b0719.pngdeer-350ab.pngzebra-e8311.pnglion-cd167.pngcheetah-42443.pngbear-6a015.pngcrocodile-a61b2.pnghippo-c4055.png
Eaten by orca-7f0e9.pngkraken-2c765.pnghippo-74072.pngdragon-5aaa3.png
Can hide in plankton-bush-b448a.pngbush-e33f1.png
Additional notes: The shark is a killing machine, and can only hide in plankton bushes and bushes. It can dive underwater longer than any other animal by holding the 'W' key. Once you evolve into a shark the game will teleport you to an ocean. It can't survive long on land at all.


Eats berry-61047.pngplankton-b13d6.pngmushroom-567c0.pngred-mushroom-dc8a2.pngmushroom-bush-6b9aa.pnglilypad-00dbe.pngjellyfish-6622a.pngturtle-48d4f.pngstingray-ce11c.pngpufferfish-6814b.pngswordfish-60e0b.pngshark-c9ed0.png
Eaten by kraken-be139.pngdragon-bd880.png
Can hide in hiding-hole-c8899.pngplankton-bush-3ae0c.png
Additional notes: The orca is one of the largest animals in the game but can survive on land longer than most other water animals. When the orca dives with the 'W' key it leaves some food in its wake. It can hide in large hiding holes and plankton bushes.


Eats berry-5c5e8.pngmushroom-865fa.pngred-mushroom-98a6a.pngplankton-9c6b2.pngmushroom-bush-394a7.pnglilypad-1e91c.pngjellyfish-c462d.pngturtle-96f51.pngstingray-8b946.pngpufferfish-32bf3.pngswordfish-6cd34.pngshark-1d75e.pngorca-70d08.pngdeer-ede68.pngzebra-b3c23.pnglion-e2d93.pngcheetah-d9fb2.pngbear-74151.pngcrocodile-4f699.pngrhino-4c7a0.pnghippo-06a48.png
Eaten by Nothing yet!
Can hide in plankton-bush-2fc7f.png
Additional notes: The kraken is a very large animal with a very powerful ability. Hold the 'W' key to create a large whirlpool to suck animals in and stun them for easy eating. The kraken is too large to bother with bushes but can go through plankton bushes. It's very fast in water but can barely live on land.


Now that you know the ins and outs of's water animals, you can hunt in peace -- and with knowledge on your side. Good luck, and happy tail-chomping!

Published Dec. 11th 2016

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