Blade & Soul - How to activate your Disciple and Master Packs

How to apply your Founder's Pack code and receive your items in-game.

If you got a Disciple or Master Founder's Pack for Blade & Soul and you want all those goodies and Premium membership, you need to take an extra step before logging into the game: applying your code on the game's website.

Anyone with a Disciple or Master's Pack needs to apply their pack's code on the NCSoft website under "Apply Code."

Your Blade & Soul tab should have a "1" instead of a "0".

Click on the Blade & Soul tab, then "Apply" next to your pack code. And ta-da! You're good to go.

How to receive your Founder's Pack items and know if you're Premium

Things should go smoothly once you apply your code and log in, but here's how you can tell if you're already running around in-game:

Premium members will have this icon at the top left of their screen indicating they are Premium.

You can redeem your Founder's Pack items via this icon at the bottom right of the screen.

And there you go! I've seen a ton of people asking about this in regional and faction chat and hopefully this will help you out if you're having trouble.

Published Jan. 15th 2016

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