Archero Weapon Tier List 2021

Check out the updated Archero weapon tier list for 2021 right here.

Archero mobile game has got a new cool weapon in 2021 called Gale Force. This weapon has already been deemed by many players as the best weapon in the game. This new addition and a few other changes to the previous weapons transformed the meta in 2021.

Our guide will provide you with the updated Archero weapon tier list for 2021. You will learn about all the advantages of the new weapon and how the overall weapon power play has changed since the latest patch.

S-Tier Weapons

Gale Force

The newest weapon in the game is also the strongest when it comes to pure raw damage. It is slower than some other weapons and it may not fit every single situation, but it's definitely a winner when it comes to critical hits.

The advantages of Gale Force overshadow its drawbacks. Here's why this weapon is the best:

  • 60-70% damage buff
  • Charged hits deal 300% damage
  • Projectiles deal damage to multiple enemies
  • Buffs the damage of all other rare weapons by 5%
  • Epic Perk: Critical hit rate increases the longer the projectile travels
  • Legendary Perk: Deals extra damage after critical hit


Brightspear doesn't have a very fast attack speed, but its projectiles are instantaneous and precise. If you want a weapon that can instantly take out the first two or three enemies in any given room with high precision and speed, then Brightspear is a great choice.

Just like Gale Force, it has tons of damage buffs and other cool features:

  • 20% damage buff on hit
  • Each extra hit adds another 3% of damage
  • High precision projectiles
  • Epic Perk: Stacks damage up to 30%

Stalker Staff

This is another extremely precise weapon, if you use diagonal arrows. Its homing projectiles can bend the diagonal arrows to always hit the mark, as well as triple the damage output.

You can also use Ricochet ability to increase the hit chance and the damage. Overall, the Stalker Staff is a great choice for several reasons:

  • Deals 100% base damage
  • May increase attack speed up to 115%
  • Homing projectiles always hit the target
  • Epic Perk: The lower the target's HP, the higher the chance to get critical hit

A-Tier Weapons


This boomerang weapon has certain advantages that make it a really fun and actually efficient weapon in cases when you're dealing with groups of melee mobs and slow bosses.

The main pros of Tornado are:

  • Deals 80% base damage
  • May reach 100% attack speed
  • Has a very small knockback
  • Pierces through enemies
  • Epic Perk: When returns to the player, it deals more damage

However, there are a few disadvantages that you need to know about:

  • Its projectiles are slower in comparison to other weapons
  • Loses 45% damage after hitting an enemy
  • Bounces back to your hand, if it hits the wall

Death Scythe

This is another slower type of weapon that compensates its attack speed with higher damage. However, there is a neat trick that allows you to increase the speed of attack without losing its damage. This kind of move involves stutter-stepping and animation canceling.

In order to achieve this effect you need to move before the projectile animation is over. This will increase the speed and preserve the damage of the attack.

But this is not the only advantage of Death Scythe, as you also get the following perks:

  • Deals 145% base damage
  • Epic Perk: Increases the chance to kill enemies with 30% HP or below by 50%

But this weapon also has its downsides:

  • Loses 85% attack speed if you don't cancel it
  • Slow projectiles
  • Huge knockback

B-Tier Weapons

Saw Blade

if you prefer a fast and agile weapon, then Saw Blade would be a better choice. But remember, the speed of attack is subsidized by the lower damage per hit.

This weapon has some cool perks, such as:

  • Deals 80% base damage
  • May reach 150% speed of attack
  • Small knockback and fast projectiles
  • Epic Perk: Increases the speed of attack by 15% after entering the room

None of the perks increase the damage, which is already pretty low in comparison to other weapons. The epic perk doesn't save the situation either, and that's the reason why Saw Blade is a low tier weapon.

Brave Bow

This bow is the starting weapon of the game. It has no special perks or advantages, so don't be surprised by its lackluster performance.

Among its advantages the following ones can be highlighted:

  • Deals 100% base damage
  • Small knockback and fast arrows
  • Epic Perk: Increases critical hit damage by 50%

That is all you need to know about Archero weapon tier list 2021. Be sure to come back for more Archero guides right here.


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Published Aug. 20th 2021

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