Touhou Lost Word: ReRoll Tier List Guide

Pick up the best friend possible for both solo and party modes using our reroll tier list guide for Touhou Lost Word.

Touhou Lost Word, the latest mobile RPG from NextNinja, has finally been released globally on Android and iOS. This unique turn-based gacha game is based on the friends system and extremely powerful Last Word attacks that can be scaled up for an even greater damage.

This guide will provide you with the reroll tier list of the best friends in Touhou Lost Word. You can easily play solo with any of the top tier characters, but naturally you may be so inclined to use your favorites instead.

Touhou Tier List

S-Tier Friends

Yuyuko Saigyouji

  • Attack: 1010/1380
  • Defense: 990/1280
  • Health: 5350

Yuyuko is the owner of the most powerful Last Word ability in the game: Saigyouji Parinirvana. It is so strong already at Power level 1 that she can be used at any farming event with no hesitation.

Once you scale it up to Power level 3, the damage scales up to 20 times as much, which is brutal to say the least.

Yuyuko is also immune to Poison status effect, and if she gets inflicted by Poison damage, her Spirit Power actually goes up by 20%.

If you're looking for a deadly farmer and a friend, then Yuyuko Saigyouji is on the top of the shelf.

Ran Yakumo

  • Attack: 980/1330
  • Defense: 890/1180
  • Health: 5400

Ran is another extremely powerful friend that is capable of winning at every stage simply due to the sheer strength of her Last Word.

She becomes an even bigger deal when you put her in the same party with a supporter that has debuffs, synergizing well with Ran's Charge ability.

If she's using Graze, then her Yang attack scales up an entire level, albeit for just one turn. But this is enough to get through so much damage that no one could possibly resist it.

A-Tier Friends

Youmu Konpaku

  • Attack: 1160/1160
  • Defense: 940/940
  • Health: 5050

Youmu could easily join the ranks of the top tier friends in Touhou Lost Word. Her Last Word attack is just as powerful as Yuyuko's and Ran's, but due to her Moon element, her defenses go down when using it.

Although that shouldn't make you not consider her as your friend of choice, as she can still deliver some heavy punches with her Metal element attacks.

Also, her Yin and Yang attacks can be scaled up by one with the help of Boost and Graze respectively for one turn, as well.

Reimu Hakurei

  • Attack: 855/930
  • Defense: 1190/1235
  • Health: 6650

What's truly surprising about Reimu is that she is one of the best tanks in the game that can be acquired completely for free.

Her health pool is massive and her defense stats are impressive as well. On top of that, Reimu has Evasion on all of her active skills, as well as, passives.

But don't think that she can't hit, as her Fantasy Nature attack is super strong when maxed out, so be sure to use it as much as her defenses.

B-Tier Friends

Medicine Melancholy

  • Attack: 1180/990
  • Defense: 1080/870
  • Health: 4650

Medicine is a specialized character that is mainly used for two things: barrier breaking and boss farming.

Her Barrier Anomality ability allows her to break any barrier regardless of the element. With the help of her Return to Happiness skill she can break barriers all day long and not lose a pinch of agility.

Although the rest of her skills aren't that useful, she can also be well utilized at farming Chapter 1 boss even in solo mode.

Alice Margatroid

  • Attack: 1080/890
  • Defense: 1220/910
  • Health: 5350

Alice is the only supporter character in this list, and she is basically the only one you will ever need.

All of her skills are one way or another made to boost the attack of her allies, when using Boost and Graze.

Her Illusion Perception skill is great for helping your party to avoid critical damage, while her Assist Doll skill increases your party's accuracy.

If you're in a need of a supporter that has many ways of boosting up damage, then pick up Alice Margatroid.


  • Attack: 880/1220
  • Defense: 815/985
  • Health: 4500

Chen is a decent attacker with no elements on her abilities. This means that she is a medium offensive character that can become really dangerous with somebody like Alice at her side.

Most of her skills focus on boosting up her Agility, that's why she needs something that could get her potentially high damage to another level. That's why Chen can only be good in a team with a good supporter.

These were the best friends for reroll in Touhou Lost Word. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then be sure to share it with your friends.


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Published May. 26th 2021

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