How to Fake Throw in Knockout City

Knockout City fake throws are essential for psyching out your opponents and leaving them vulnerable to quick attacks. Here's how they're performed.

The key to dodgeball isn't just good aim and a strong arm. A way to get around the defense of any good dodger is to first make them let their guard down. That's where the Knockout City fake throw comes into play. 

Knockout City, Velan Studios' dodgeball-inspired, team-based action title, has such a mechanic, which allows for some strategic and devastating takedowns. The Knockout City fake throw will trick players into putting their hands up to catch, creating a window of opportunity for you to really knock them out.

How to Fake a Throw in Knockout City

To fake throw, you first need to wind up your shot as you would normally, by holding down the right trigger on Xbox or PlayStation, or the left mouse button on PC.

Instead of releasing your shot like you typically would, you want to click in the right stick if you're playing on console, or press F if you're on PC. You will make the same throwing motion as your regular throw, but you won't release the ball, much like a pump fake in football.

Of course, you don't want to overdo it. If you make a habit of always opening your combat interactions with a fake throw, your opponents will surely catch on and the trick won't work.

Try to open with fake throws and real throws, around 50% of the time each. Maybe slip in the occasional double-fake to really mess with opponents. 

To make the best use of this mechanic, save it for when you're in close quarters. Faking a long-distance try at a knockout, even if you succeed in making your opponent hold their hands up in anticipation, gives them far too much time to react and actually catch the real throw. 

Now you know how to perform and use the Knockout City fake throw. With a successful fakeout, your opponent will let their guard down momentarily, allowing for you to pelt them with your ball. It's easy for a close-quarters encounter to go awry if you play it too safe, so incorporate this move to increase your chances of victory. 


Published May. 27th 2021

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