How to Beat Fort Condor in Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade

Our Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade Fort Condor guide has everything you need to be the next Grandmaster.

Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade Fort Condor brings the classic mini-game back to life and gives it a new purpose. Yuffie won’t get any Huge Materia, but winning at Fort Condor in Final Fantasy 7 Remake earns you the highly useful AP Up Materia and a big chunk of money.

It’s not always easy, but our FF7 Intergrade Fort Condor guide has the best tips for becoming the next Fort Condor Grand Master.

How to Start Fort Condor in FF7 Intergrade

You’ll unlock Fort Condor once Yuffie reaches the Sector 7 slums and meets Avalanche. This is before Sonon arrives. Kyrie is your first opponent, and you’ll find other Fort Condor opponents marked by their rank on your map.

You can defeat them in any order and purchase new units from Old Snapper to help pad out your arsenal.

Make sure to pick your Materia attack ranges carefully. The attack descriptions say they trigger in a line or AoE, but that usually translates to a very specific area right where you choose to attack.

How to Get Condor Coins and New Boards

Old Snapper wearing a red and green kimono while holding a wooden sign.

Winning Fort Condor matches gives you Condor Coins. You can use these to buy new units from Old Snapper, the Wutai promoter dressed like a turtle near Avalanche HQ in the slums. You can re-challenge any opponent below, so if you're short on Condor Coins and need some new units, a bit of grinding will take care of that.

Clearing each rank also unlocks new Fort Condor boards. The biggest draw with these is the new Materia each board lets you use, though some also have higher starting ATB bonuses. Defensive and HP Materia are the best ones to aim for, though if you want less of a challenge, choose the higher ATB boards when you can.

Fort Condor Rank 1 Opponents

Kyrie holding up her right hand while pointing up.

How to Beat Kyrie in Fort Condor


  • Elite Security Officer (Vanguard)

Kyrie’s challenge is more of a tutorial, but it’s still tricky if you aren’t careful. Kyrie loads the field with Vanguard units, so make sure to play your Defense units to stop her attack.

Once you’ve advanced the lines enough, deploy Ranged and Vanguard units of your own to take down the fortresses fast.

How to Beat Shinra Middle Manager in Fort Condor


  • Elite Grenadier (Ranged)

The middle manager’s roster favors ranged units, so put your new Elite Security Officer to good use.

How to Beat Johnny in Fort Condor


  • Elite Riot Tropper (Defense)

Likewise, your new Grenadier unit will come in handy with Johnny, biased as he is toward Defense units. Ranged ATB costs are fairly low, so you can spam them fairly regularly to push your lines forward.

Fort Condor Rank 2 Opponents

Jessie in a bar leaning toward the screen and pointing.

How to Beat Jessie in Fort Condor


  • Grenadier Barracks

Jessie splits her focus between Ranged and Defense units. You’ll want to deploy your own Ranged and Vanguard units to counter. Defense is just asking for slaughter, so don’t bother with them.

It’s worth keeping your ATB as full as you can to summon more units quickly. Jessie has more Materia than most opponents and doesn’t hesitate to use it.

How to Beat Roche in Fort Condor


  • Elite Helitrooper (Vanguard)

Roche uses flying Vanguard units, so while you won’t get a type advantage, using Ranged units is your best bet here.

Put the Grenadier Barracks to good use and, if you’re still having trouble, consider buying the Sentry Gun unit to take the Helitroopers down for good.

Fort Condor Rank 3 Opponents

Wedge, wearing a red bandana, holding arm up in victory.

How to Beat Wedge in Fort Condor


  • Armored Shock Trooper

Your only Rank 3 opponent is Wedge, and he’s a tough one. His roster is well-balanced, and he has strong Materia, so you’ll want to bring your best troops.

Use the Slug Ray Facility or Grenadier Barracks to get a steady stream of Ranged units on the field. Otherwise, try to keep a good balance between flying and ground units, and just keep up the assault until you win.

Fort Condor Grandmaster

Chandley, wearing a monocle, sitting in a chair in front of a brick wall.

Chadley is the Fort Condor Grandmaster because, of course, he is. He uses barracks and facilities to continually pump units onto the field, so those should be your main targets once you get close enough.

Bring your best units, including the Elite Helitrooper and barracks of your own.

Your reward for becoming the Fort Condor master is 10,000 Gil and the AP Up Materia. Episode Yuffie might be short, but any way to boost your AP is a good thing.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Fort Condor in FF7 Intergrade. If you’re revisiting Midgar or getting off the train for the first time, check out our other Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides for more tips.


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Published Jun. 21st 2021

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