Crusaders of Light Stamina Guide -- How to Use and Recover Stamina

The ins and outs of the Stamina system in Crusaders of Light.

Stamina doesn't get in your way too often in Crusaders of Light. Unlike many other mobile RPGs, where Stamina is used to bottleneck your primary progress day to day, in Crusaders of Light, it's used for typically minor tasks. And it's hard to complain about that.

In this guide, we're going to go over the uses of Stamina, which uses are most worth it, and how you can recover it. It's a pretty simple system, but you have to know how it works in order to make the most out of your Stamina.

So let's go over the uses of Stamina first. What uses it up? Is it as valuable as it seems? Well, let's find out!

Stamina Uses in Crusaders of Light

Your Stamina is, luckily enough, only used in a few broad ways: gathering and opening chests. However, there are specifics to that.

When you gather a plant or ore in the field, the cost is 1 Stamina. That's not too bad, right? Right.

When you gather a plant or ore from your guild's node collection, the cost is 10 Stamina. That sounds a bit steep, but collecting from the guild nodes not only grants you the material you want, but it may also grant you gold or other much-needed items for late-game crafting.

Opening treasure chests is another Stamina sink, but luckily, the amount of Stamina needed isn't too high. Opening a small treasure chest costs 5 Stamina while opening a large treasure chest costs 10 Stamina. Pretty easy to remember, and often, it's worth it for the free gold.

And lastly, sending messages to World Chat consumes 5 Stamina per message. Spamming the world doesn't seem like that great of an idea, does it? That's 5 Stamina you could have spent on opening a chest and getting some gold.

How to Restore Stamina

This is one thing that everyone playing Crusaders of Light needs to know: Stamina may not be tied to your overall progress, but being able to gather and open treasure chests is part of the MMO experience. You want to do it, you probably need to do it.

Unless you're a hardcore gatherer, keeping your Stamina up isn't terribly difficult. You'll be racking up Stamina points left and right just by doing your normal routine, and here are the activities that regenerate your Stamina and how much they regenerate:

  • You get 30 Stamina for completing a dungeon for the first time each day (up to 120 a day)
  • You get 1 Stamina per Reputation-Granting Trial Quest (up to 20 a day)
  • You get 15 Stamina per Reputation-Granting Strange Events quest
  • You get 1 Stamina per Preparation Quest (up to 10 a day)
  • You get 3 Stamina per Tournament Battle (up to 15 a day)
  • You get 3 Stamina per Final Challenge Coliseum Battle (up to 30, Saturdays only)
  • You get 3 Stamina per Agitated Elemental clear (up to 15)
  • You get 30 Stamina for clearing a dungeon for the first time 

It's easy enough to rack up 195 Stamina in a single day just going about your business, and on Saturdays, you have that optional extra 30 Stamina to add to the lot.

This sort of Stamina system is much more lenient than many of those you see in competing mobile RPGs and MMORPGs, with your Stamina being closely tied with your gold gains. Your two biggest uses of Stamina, opening treasure chests and gathering, lead to gold gains one way or the other. Opening chests often grants gold, and the refined materials you can craft via your life skill can be sold for gold at the Trading House.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you wrap your head around Crusaders of Light's Stamina system. It doesn't have that many uses and it doesn't regenerate on its own, but the things you can use it on are well-worth it. Knowledge, as always, is power.

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