Dragonvale World: Guide to Spells

Cast magic enchantment on your dragons to give them special powers and abilities.

Spell, Book and CandleEnhancing your menagerie of exotic creatures in Dragonvale World are spells you can cast upon your dragons to give them abilities and change their appearance. For the most part, though spells appear only cosmetic with no game impact, they do matter! Spell can speed up breeding time and give other bonuses.Also, parents can pass on spells to their offspring and maybe even upgraded versions! So, it would benefit the Dragon Breeder to combine dragons with more powerful spells.Select your dragon from your park habitats and tap the Spells tab above their head. Then, select from the available spells at the bottom. The padlock symbol means a spell is currently locked.Breath Spells are viewed as Scrolls, Body Spells as Books and Aura Spells as rune stones. To add a spell, it must be unlocked first and will cost you a certain amount in Dragoncoins to apply it.Breath SpellsThese spells changes the magic breath the dragon spews from its mouth. They vary by element like Fire, Jungle, Earth, Frozen, Water, Fairy, Air, and also two Epic elements, Fossil and Rainbow. Jungle Earth Frozen You must reach certain levels to unlock more options and you can only apply one breath to a dragon at a time.Aura SpellsThese spells create an orb that floats over the dragon's head, turning in a circle. Like Breath Spells, they vary by element (Fire, Jungle, Earth, Frozen, Water, Fairy, Air, etc.)       Jungle Earth Fire Again, you can only apply one aura to a dragon at a time. And each must be unlocked and purchased to use.Body SpellsThis last group are special spells that change your dragon's appearance.     Shrink Bobblehead Shrink: Reduces the size of your Dragon, Bobble-Head: Makes the Dragon's head larger. Hatchling Form: Makes the Dragon look like a cute baby again but keeps it's level and abilities. These spells can be combined to create unique versions of your creations.I've been tinkering with spells on my little Wildfire dragon there, and I think they help bring out his personality. What are your favorites?


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Published Nov. 15th 2016

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