Call Of Cthulhu 2018: Nameless Bookstore Safe Code Guide

Can't figure out the cryptic clues to open the safe and get the Necronomicon? We walk you through the puzzle so you can learn insane eldritch secrets!

While most of Call Of Cthulhu revolves around using your skills in dialog to gather information, there are a few puzzles where you've got to figure out solutions on your own without a dialog wheel.

After his encounter with the Dimensional Shambler, doomed detective Pierce heads off to the Nameless Bookstore to find information from an occult specialist.

Upon arriving its clear there's been a break-in, but the thief couldn't crack the safe code in the back of the store. Maybe you can do better than the clumsy burglar?

Nameless Bookstore Safe Puzzle Solution

If you just want to jump straight to the solution, the answer to the safe code puzzle is:

5 - 3 - 9

Change the three safe numbers to 5 - 3 - 9 (from left to right) and choose Validate to open the safe and find the Necronomicon. Now the real question... how did we get to the answer?

If you pick up three cylinders hidden across the bookstore and play them on the phonograph in the side room with the chess board you get some clues, although they don't fully reveal the answers.

The first cylinder mentions red stones on a chalice. On the opposite side of the room, pick up the gold cup and rotate it around. This one is sort of annoying, because the angle of your rotation makes it look like there's only 4 rubies, but there are actually 5, which is the first number of the safe combination.

The second cylinder mentions white soldiers defending a queen, which leads you to the chess set on the table in the phonograph room. While there are 7 white chess pieces, you actually only want to count the number of pieces on the board defending the white queen, which is 3

Finally, the third cylinder references a book named Azathoth & Other Horrors. If you check the books sitting under the shelf in the bookstore's main room, you will see that is volume 9 of the series.


Did you have trouble with this safe combination, or do you need guidance on any of the other Call Of Cthulhu 2018 puzzles? Let us know where you've gotten stumped and we'll write up a quick solution! You can also find the rest of our Call Of Cthulhu guides here.

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Published Oct. 29th 2018

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