Quickest Ways to Get Money in GTA Online: How to Make Cash Fast

Learn how to make quick cash in GTA Online with the help of this guide to all the fastest and most profitable methods.

Getting started in GTA Online can be really difficult, but if you know how to get a lot of money really quickly, you can enjoy all the freedoms at your fingertips.

Certainly, new types of income appear with each new content update, and the last one, Diamond Casino and Resort, also offers a few unique ways of raking in huge amounts of money really fast.

If you want to know how to make quick money in GTA Online, including all the newest and well-established methods, then follow our guide below.

Time Trials

With the release of the new Diamond Casino and Resort update for GTA Online, Time Trials now pay twice as much, which means that you can easily make $100,000 in just a few minutes.

Of course, you need to be able to finish the trials on time, and in order to that, you need the fastest car possible, which may cost over $1 million.

But how can new players win and earn quick cash in Time Trials? Well, the answer is motorbikes. Akuma, one of the fastest motorbikes in the game, costs only $9,000. Buy that, and rake in the sweet dosh. 

Inside Track Betting

There are plenty of ways to make money inside the Diamond casino. But the most profitable and the quickest one is the horse race betting system called Inside Track.

You can easily exploit the system by always betting on the first horse, but with one condition. The second horse in the list must have odds of at least 5/1 or more. If the odds are 4/1 or 3/1, then you should exit the game and return to reset the odds.

This method should be successful almost every time, giving you at least $50,000 in just a couple of minutes.

Adversary Modes

The most profitable Adversary Mode is Slasher/Hunted mode, which can and should be played with a team.

One member of the team should be the Hunted and let the other players find and kill them as soon as possible. 

It is also important to complete several of these modes one after another, because the game will reward you with bonuses up to $50,000.

Client Jobs

The After Hours update introduced new client jobs that pay over $30,000 each, with high RP and bonuses.

But not all client jobs are equally profitable, and the only ones you should focus on are:

  • Robbery in Progress
  • Data Sweep
  • Targeted Data
  • Diamond Shopping

If you don't know how to do them effectively, you can find all the solutions in our GTA Online client jobs guide here.


Completing missions can generate some serious cash.

Lester Crest and Martin Madrazo have the most profitable missions. You can get invited by a high-level friend or random and get a ton of cash even as a low-level player.

Make sure your difficulty is set to Hard; all of your earnings will be 50% more profitable, which means more cash in less time. It is recommended to complete missions within a crew, since it also increases your profits.

Selling Cars

This method is really easy. All you have to do is steal a car and bring it to Los Santos Customs for sale.

Of course, don't just steal any car. Instead, look out for modded vehicles, such as Gang Tornado or Chrome Dubsta, which sell for about $40,000 a piece.

The best place to look for modded and expensive cars is Grove Street. However, remember that you can sell only one car a day — or 48-minutes of real-time.

Daily Objectives

This is one of the most obvious methods to make easy money in GTA Online. Unfortunately, many players avoid completing objectives, leaving money on the table

The best part about daily objectives is that they not only grant you quick cash every day, but they provide worthwhile bonuses.

If you complete daily objectives every day for a consecutive week, you'll be rewarded with a $100,000 bonus. If you do them for a month, you'll be rewared with a $500,000 bonus.

Car Races and Deathmatches

Obviously, winning races gives you more dosh than losing. But it is still important to complete races and deathmatches no matter your place, because if you quit, you will earn nothing. 

Even if you lose, you can earn $2,000, which is better than nothing for your time. 

Be sure to bet on players, too, to make additional cash. And, if you win the race and the bet, you will make twice as much.

Heist Jobs

Every time you start a new heist, you'll get a bonus of $100,000

But don't just join any heist job; look out for those that distribute all shares fairly.

For example, if you join a heist job that offers $500,000, but the host distributed his share as 70% and the rest to all those who joined, skip it. It's not worth the effort.

The lowest share percentage you should go for is 20%, and of course, if a heist job offers more than that, then it's a worthy deal.

Another important thing to remember is this: complete all heist jobs in the order the game offers them to you. If you start with Fleeca and finish with Pacific Bank, then the game will reward you with a bonus $ 1 million in cash.

VIP Jobs

As a player with VIP status, you can make a lot of cash from the VIP jobs menu. However, you can't become a VIP member from scratch: you need to have at least $50,000 on your account before applying for the VIP status at SecuroServ.

After you managed to secure VIP status in GTA Online, you can start making a lot of money really quickly by completing various SecuroServ missions.

Become a CEO

After you've made enough money as a VIP member, you can buy an office, which will automatically make you the CEO of your organization. This will allow you to buy and sell crates, and make easy money on the difference.

When you've chosen the location of your office, you can start buying warehouses with crates, which you can sell.

The system is rigged in such a way that it is better to sell more crates at once, as it will automatically raise their prices, which means more profit for you.

This is probably the slowest method of all on this list, but it gives you something else to do when you're out of ideas or have grown tired of all the quick ways of making money mentioned above.


That's all you need to know for making quick money in GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, see the list below:


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Published Aug. 6th 2019

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