Wasteland 3 Guide: Limerick Location, Answers

Looking for the limericks and their answers in the the quest "A Night in the Bizarre?" Look no further. Here's everything you need to progress!

Quite a few of the missions in Wasteland 3 demand a bit of thinking and exploration. An early quest known as "A Nightmare in the Bizarre" is one such mission, and it requires you to find limerick answers for a combination. that first appears marginally confusing, but it's far simpler than it first appears. But finding the limerick locations can be a bit of a pain. 

The quest is obtained in The Bizarre and is open to players Level 6 or higher. Once started, you'll be tasked to enter The Warrens and tackle a group of Payasos.

On arrival, only one group will be available to defeat, with the other group behind a locked door. To bypass this door, you'll need to find limerick answers and input the correct combination. This guide will walk you through it.

Wasteland 3 Guide: Limerick Locations, Answers

Where are the Limericks?

As soon as you arrive at The Warrens, focus on eliminating every Payasos in the area before searching the area. Attempting to scour the area before doing so will just be a headache. Once the area is secure, you'll find the limerick answers in these three locations:

  • On the ground by the Prison Block:

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of Limerick 1 near the prison block.

  • Inside the Diner:

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of Limerick 2 inside the diner.

  • On the ground at the Playground:

Wasteland 3 map showing the location of Limerick 3 at the playground.

With the limerick answers in tow, head to the computer by the locked door to advance in the quest. Once there, you'll be asked to input the correct combination.

What is the Limerick Combination?

With the three limerick answers in hand, the computer will ask you to input the correct code. However, there are actually 4 answers that are needed, meaning figuring out the last one is up to you — but luckily, we have the combination solved so you don't have to risk getting it wrong.

The combination is:

  • We're the punchline to every joke
  • But the Payaso Mejor
  • Will even the score
  • And shit down your throats til you choke

Voila! The door is open. You're free to take out the remaining Payasos in the area. Once done, return to the Bizzare to hand in the quest. After which you will receive:

  • $779
  • +15 reputation with the Monster Army faction
  • The Drill Sergeant's Phrase Book which gifts a one time +1 Hard Ass skill point
  • The ability to recruit Ananda Rabindranath as a tailor at the Ranger HQ

Finding the limerick locations and getting the answers to the combination is as simple as that! For more on Wasteland 3, including tips on how to play co-op multiplayer and how to respec, as well as a list of skills and best builds, be sure to head over to our hub for the latest post-apocalyptic RPG


Published Sep. 15th 2020

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