Bioshock Infinite First Key: Where to Use It

Looking for the first key and first chest in Bioshock Infinite? We've got you covered.

An entire Bioshock Infinite walkthrough would show you the locations for all of the game's keys, many of which open chests with special items (Luckily, none of the Infinite's vigors are locked away). But this one will show you where to use the first key, which is located near the Lansdowne Residence.

Often, both keys and chests are hidden in different locations, which makes them hard to find. That goes doubly for this one. 

Where is the First Key in Bioshock Infinite?

The key is in the Fraternal Order of the Raven. Here's how to get there:

  1. Take the transportation capsule to the Comstock Center
  2. Follow the story until you get branded as the False Shepherd
  3. Take the alternative route to the Lansdowne Residence
  4. Use the freight hook to jump onto the balcony of the next building
  5. Enter the Montgomery Residence from the balcony
  6. Exit the Montgomery Residence through the back door
  7. Enter the courtyard of the Fraternal Order of the Raven.

Don't rush into the building, but be careful, as there are a lot of enemies inside, some of them Crow, which teleport around the area. Others are normal enemies such as Founder's Police.

You'll pick up the Murder of Crows vigor before entering the area, so that will help you deal with them one by one. After the short battle, take the key from the main altar in the central hall.

Where to Use the First Key in Bioshock Infinite

When you have the key, return to the Lansdowne Residence. 

  1. Enter the Montgomery Residence through the back door.
  2. Leave the residence through the balcony.
  3. Use the freight hook to reach the Lansdowne Residence right across.

Inside the residence, enter the bedroom with an open door and a chest. Open it with a key and take an infusion, a life potion, and a mana potion. While it might not be a boon on normal difficulty, this chest is a huge help in 1999 mode.


That's it on how to find the first key and where to use it in Bioshock Infinite. Grabbing it will help you get through the earliest portions of Columbia and, hopefully, progress through the story just a bit faster. For more on Bioshock Infinite, Booker, and the game's ending, be sure to check out our review of the first-person shooter from 2K and Kevin Levine


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Published Feb. 7th 2020

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