Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete Hippogriff Marks the Spot

Here's how to solve Hippogriff Marks the Spot in Hogwarts Legacy.

While exploring Poidsear Castle, or even flying over it, in Hogwarts Legacy, the quest "Hippogriff Marks the Spot" may start. After battling various enemies the parchment noted in the quest can be found in a tent just outside the castle. On the parchment is a treasure map. Here's how to complete "Hippogriff Marks the Spot" in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hippogriff Marks the Spot Map Location

For those that have already rescued Rococo the Niffler or have defeated Dunstan Trinity, the location on the map may look familiar. The name, Henrietta's Map, also provides a hint. You will find the depicted Hippogriff statue in the interior portion of Henrietta's Hideaway in Manor Cape. 

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If this is your first visit there are a couple steps to complete once inside Henrietta's Hideaway.

First, you will need to cast Glacius on the purple cube on the right. To obtain the second cube, go to the statue on the left and cast Confringo or Incendio on the brazier. The statue will turn, revealing the needed block. Accio the block into place and cast either Confringo or Incendio. The door in front will open once complete. 

In the next room are a group of Dark Wizards that need to be taken out, as well as the Hippogriff Statue from the map. Once the Dark Wizards are cleared out it is time to solve the Hippogriff puzzle. 

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Hippogriff Statue Brazier Puzzle

As with the spell cubes in the room prior, you will need to use Confringo and Glacius in order to complete the puzzle. The goal is to match the braziers lit on the map with the statue in front of you.

Facing the front of the statue, use Glacius to put out the already flaming braziers that should not be lit. Then use Confringo to have the North, East, Southeast, and West braziers on fire. Once the correct braziers are lit, a treasure chest will appear behind the statue on a small platform. 

That is how to complete the "Hippogriff Marks the Spot" quest in Hogwarts Legacy. For more quest help, check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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Published Feb. 28th 2023

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