Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Raise Friendship Levels Easily

Each character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has a friendship level, and raising it can lead to new items, quests, and more. Here's everything you need to know about raising it easily.

A huge part of Disney Dreamlight Valley is forging bonds with loads of iconic Disney characters, from Mickey and Donal Duck to Wall-E. Each character has their own friendship level, and raising that can unlock a variety of bonuses and new quests.

There are a few different ways to raise friendship levels, but we'll walk you through the best ways to do so quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Giving Gifts is Your Best Option

Like most other life-sim games, from Stardew Valley to Ooblets, the most effective way to raise friendship for any NPC is by giving them gifts, and you can gift virtually any item to a friend. That said, every day, each character has three specific gifts that they like, and you can see these wants when you talk to a character and select the gift option. Fulfilling these requests is easily the best way to cultivate friendships. 

In general, there are also a few items that are relatively effective at raising bond levels across the board, especially the early levels. Flowers and meals are always a good option to give NPCs. There are always dozens of flowers you can pick anywhere on the map, and cooking opens up fairly early on. 

Always Hang Out With Friends

You should always have a friend hanging out with whenever you do anything in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Even basic actions like mining and fishing will give you a little bit of a friendship boost if a friend is with you. To hang out with a friend, simply talk to that character and select the "We should hang out" option. 

At Friendship Level 2, you can select a skill for your friends, such as mining or fishing, meaning that your friend might help you gain even more items whenever they're accompanying you and you do that activity. It's a good way to make money quickly, as well. You can rotate them out as you need to use their skills. 

Have Daily Conversations

Just like in Animal Crossing, Disney Dreamlight Valley runs on a 24-hour cycle that's tied to your local time. Every 24 hours, you can have a quick conversation with each friend that will give your relationship a friendship boost. Obviously, this isn't the most efficient way of increasing bond levels, but if you're playing Dreamlight Valley a lot, it's something to keep in mind and easy to do. 

Complete Friendship Quests

Apart from the main story quests, each character in Disney Dreamlight Valley will give you a handful of friendship quests to complete. Of course, the catch is that you'll only unlock these quests when you raise friendship to a certain level, in a similar fashion to Ooblets.

You can check at what level you'll unlock someone's next friendship quest. Open the main menu, and go over to the quest tab, and scroll down. You'll see icons for each character, and some icons will have a lock symbol over them. If you highlight that symbol, it will tell you the requirements for unlocking the quest, including if you need to raise friendship to a certain level. 

Still, if you have any of these quests available, you should focus on completing them, as they generally provide a huge boost to overall levels. Of course, don't forget to have a different friend hanging out with you while you complete any quest objectives to double dip. 

That's everything you need to know about raising your friendship level and unlocking more of what this life-sim has to offer. For even more tips and help, make sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub


Published Sep. 10th 2022

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