All Mario Party Superstars Unlockables: Stickers, Soundtracks, & More

Mario Party Superstars unlockables might be for show only, but there's plenty to spend your coin hoard on.

Mario Party Superstars unlockables are what you spend your hard-won (or stolen) coins on, though no unlockable affects gameplay. All minigames on the list and characters on the roster are available from the start, so you won’t have to use coins to get your hands on any secrets.

These unlockables, instead, are just for fun; they are ways to customize your profile, communicate with stickers, or listen to a favorite minigame soundtrack if you want. It’ll still take some work if you want every achievement and item in MPS' game modes, though.

Mario Party Superstars Unlockables: The Data House

The Data House in Mario Party Superstars is more than just where records of your partying live. It’s also where you’ll find achievements and how to unlock more, along with the extensive Mario Party Superstars encyclopedia, should you be so inclined to view it. 

Superstars divides achievements into several categories, though they aren’t always as straightforward as their names may suggest:

  • Coin: How many coins and stars you earn in total
  • Star: Miscellaneous challenges
  • Chest: Mix of board specific challenges and achievements tied to specific spaces
  • Mt. Minigame: Mt. Minigame challenges (of course)
  • Dice Block: Tied to items and dice rolls

Achievements sometimes award you with new titles to customize your Party Card with.

The Encyclopedia is, admittedly, limited in function. You’ll have to purchase pages from Toad’s shop, and each entry gives a brief overview of its subject, such as Luigi’s history in Mario Party or things to keep in mind for specific boards or game modes.

The phonograph plays music you purchase from Toad, though only while you’re in the music player screen. The tracks don’t continue playing in the Data House or after you leave.

Toad’s Shop

Toad’s Shop is where you’ll spend all your coins in Mario Party Superstars. The fungal entrepreneur sells stickers, soundtracks, encyclopedia pages, and more, but stickers have the most practical value. Unless you’re using a workaround for voice chat, these are how you communicate with other players during a round.

You can also spend coins on new card designs, then customize your Party Card in the Data House with them.


The settings menu has one set of unlockables: retro music. You’ll unlock the classic version of a board’s soundtrack after playing on that board for the first time, and you can adjust which track you want to hear from the settings menu.

That’s it for Mario Party Superstars unlockables, but check out our other Mario Party Superstars guides for more tips.


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Published Nov. 8th 2021

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