Overwatch Guide: Genji Info and Tips

Become a ninja assassin with this Genji guide for Overwatch!

Genji is a cyborg ninja in Overwatch, who specializes in throwing shurikens. He's fast, acrobatic, and hard to master. Like his brother, Hanzo, Genji takes precise aiming and skill to play effectively. He also has a few abilities he can use with his katana to give him more versatility. 

If you like ninjas, being accurate, and having the ability to deflect even ultimates back to your attacker, then Genji is for you. I'll help you get used to him by going over some Genji info and giving some tips on playing him.

This guide will cover everything about the hero Genji in Overwatch including:

  • Genji Basic Info - A little of Genji's background and descriptions of his abilities.
  • Genji Combat Tips - Tips for using Genji effectively. 

Genji Basic Info

Genji was the youngest son to the master of the Shimada clan, but led a carefree life while living with them. The Shimada clan had illegal businesses, which Genji stayed away from. After his father's death, Hanzo urged Genji to become more active in the clan. This led to a violent confrontation that left Genji barely alive, though Hanzo believed he was dead.

The Overwatch agent known as Mercy saved him, and they rebuilt his body through cyberization. He helped them fight Shimada clan, then left Overwatch to find meaning in his life. He eventually found it in his future mentor, Zenyatta, and is now free to do as he chooses.


  • (Passive) Cyber-Agility - Climb up walls and double jump.
  • Shuriken - His main weapon throws 3 shurikens in a line and his secondary throws them in an arc.
  • Swift Strike - Dashes forward with a strike from his katana. Eliminations will reset the cooldown.
  • Deflect - Deflects incoming projectiles towards the direction you are aiming.
  • (Ultimate Ability) Dragonblade - Pulls out his katana to deal deadly melee damage for a short time.

Genji Combat Tips

Genji is an offense character, and his only job is to deal damage to the enemy team. He has a high difficulty, meaning it will take some time to get used to him and more skill to play him effectively.

  • Master Deflect
    • Deflect is probably the best thing about Genji. You can save yourself and turn the tide in an instant if you deflect enemy shots at the right time.
    • You can even Deflect certain ultimates such as Mcree's Deadeye, Hanzo's Dragonstrike, and Zarya's Graviton Surge. The last 2 must be Deflected at the beginning when it it still a projectile.
  • Use Swift Strike for movement
    • Swift Strike has many uses, including crossing gaps you would otherwise be unable to cross.
    • You can also use it to close distance and move around a map more quickly.
  • All of Genji's abilities can be used during Dragonblade
    • This may not be apparent, but you can still use Swift Strike and Deflect during Dragonblade.
    • This is very helpful for staying alive when people are shooting by using Deflect, or chasing someone down by using Swift Strike.
    • You can finish them off with Dragonblade when you get close enough.

Overwatch Genji info

  • Practice aiming with Shuriken
    • It takes some time to get used to the 3 shuriken burst of his primary weapon, but you can attack people from long-range and deal a lot of damage when mastered.
  • Use the secondary fire to hit multiple enemies or finish off those at low health
    • Sometimes you want to hit a wider area to damage multiple enemies, and the secondary fire works very well with that.
    • If you have a hard time finishing off a moving target at low health, the secondary fire can also get the job done more easily.

That's all of the tips and Genji info I have for Overwatch. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published May. 9th 2016

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