Bravely Second Hawkeye Job Guide

Always shoot first with this Hawkeye guide for Bravely Second!

The Hawkeye is a great offensive Job in Bravely Second. They replaced the Spell Fencer Job from Bravely Default because of their ability to add elemental damage to their weapons. They have other things that separate them, but that is the main purpose of the Job.

If you want to shoot a gun, ignore enemy defenses, and add any element to your weapon attacks, Hawkeye is the Job for you.

This guide will go over everything about Hawkeye in Bravely Second including:

  • Unlocking Hawkeye - How to unlock the Job.
  • Equipment Guide - The optimal equips for this Job.
  • Ability List - Each ability and when you get them.
  • Cross Job Tips - Which Jobs work well with this one.
  • Combat Tips - How to use this in battles. 

Unlocking Hawkeye

You unlock Hawkeye after defeating Aimee in chapter 2.

Equipment Guide

Hawkeye has S rank in Gun, A rank in Axes, and A rank in all armor.

Bravely Second Hawkeye stats


  • Light armor is still good because of the magic defense and magic attack it gives for the Warhead ability.
  • Accessories that increase DEX, M.Atk, or Crit are useful.


  • Guns are usually the best and they are 2-handed weapons, so you get a good boost of attack without the dual-wield penalty.
  • Axes are a good alternative and what you should choose if you Triple Wield.

Ability List

The specialty for Hawkeye is Eagle Eye.

  • Eagle Eye - Increases accuracy by 100%.

Level 1

  • Sidewinder - Unleash a powerful physical attack on all selected enemies. Selecting fewer enemies will increase damage dealt.

Level 2

  • Maverick - Unleash a powerful physical attack that does 1.25x damage against the enemy with the lowest health at the end of the current turn.

Level 3

  • Warhead - Imbue your weapon with the element of your choice, increasing the damage it deals by an amount equal to the spell's power, as augmented by your M.Atk.

Level 4

  • Condor - Enhance your physical attacks for 10 turns so that their damage is not mitigated by the Default state, and instead deals 1.5 times normal damage to Defaulting foes.

Level 5

  • Harpoon - Enhance your physical attacks for 5 turns to ignore the target's P.Def.

Level 6

  • Barrage (Support Skill. Cost: 1) - Increases the damage you by 1.1x for consecutive attacks in that turn. If an attack fails to deal damage, no bonus is given.

Level 7

  • Eagle Eye (Support Skill. Cost: 2) - Allows you to use the Hawkye specialty on other Jobs.

Level 8

  • Sparrow - Strike a target with a magical attack based on the P.Atk rating of your right-hand weapon.

Level 9

  • Rifle Lore (Support Skill. Cost: 1) - Raise Rifle proficiency to S.

Level 10

  • Shrike - Fire a bullet into the air that will come down to strike your target the following turn.
    • A maximum of 5 bullets may be fired at once.

Level 11

  • Crossfire (Support Skill. Cost: 1) - Have a 25% chance of following up with an attack when an ally inflicts damage upon an enemy.

Cross Job Tips

Bravely Second Hawkeye job

  • Fencer is great because of the extra attack, defense, and speed the stances give.
    • You can also just use the support ability, Eye of the Wolf, to start of inn wolf stance and use another Job as your sub Job.
  • Charioteer is great for the Triple Wield ability. You can't equip more than 1 gun, but you can still get extra damage from other weapons.
  • Physical damage Jobs are great in general, and Hawkeye is an amazing sub Job for nearly all of them because of the elements it can add.

Combat Tips

Hawkeye is a Job that can take some setup, similar to Fencer. You usually want to play this Job to take advantage of the Warhead ability to add elemental damage to your physical attack.

This Job is best used when you need any element and you need physical damage.

It is also important to know that guns attack is based on your DEX so be sure to use them with Hawkeye or a another Job with high DEX.

Sidewinder is a great ability to use in both single and multi-target since it deals more damage with fewer targets.

That's it for my Hawkeye job guide for Bravely Second. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Apr. 27th 2016

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