How to Farm Medals in NieR Reincarnation

Find out how to farm medals in the most effective way with the help of out guide to NieR Reincarnation.

NieR Reincarnation offers players multiple ways of earning various medals. These medals can be used at the Exchange shop to purchase special upgrades, summoning tickets, and golden coins. This guide will provide you with tips on how to farm medals in NieR Reincarnation.

Below you will find tips on how to farm each kind of medal, their typical drop rates, as well as, which items to purchase at the Exchange shop using these specific medals.

How to Farm Medals in NieR Reincarnation

Currently, there are four types of medals in NieR Reincarnation that can be exchanged at the shop:

  • Regular Medals
  • Rare Medals
  • Event Medals
  • Mama Medals

Regular Medal Farm

Regular medals can be farmed by simply selling 2-star and 3-star weapons. Each weapon sold will give you a certain amount of regular medals:

  • 1x 2-star weapon = 50x medals
  • 1x 3-star weapon = 100x medals
  • 1x 2-star distribution weapon = 5x medals
  • 1x 3-star distribution weapon = 10x medals

It is also possible to ascend the 3-star weapons to make them drop more medals than usual. It is not recommended to ascend 2-star weapons, as this won't increase the rate of the medal drops, so just sell all your 2-star weapons.

If you decide to ascend 3-star weapons, then use the following algorithm:

  1. Obtain the Emil Heads daily weapons
  2. Ascend them at the shop to the max
  3. Equip those weapons into your main and secondary slots

You will notice that after completing each stage with these weapons, your medal drop rate will increase by 20-30%, which equals about 30-40 more medals per stage.

It is recommended to use regular medals at the Exchange shop to purchase stamina recovery items.

Rare Medal Farm

Rare medals can be farmed in the same way as the regular medals, but you need to sell 4-star weapons instead. One such weapon will yield 50x rare medals.

You can also ascend 4-star weapons and break through their limits in order to maintain a steady drop of rare medals.

Lastly, rare medals can also be obtained during the gacha conversion of a 4-star character.

It is recommended to use rare medals at the Exchange shop for purchasing large stamina recovery items.

Event Medal Farm

Players should always go through the effort to get event medals.

In order to get the most of event medals, players need to invest their regular and rare medals into stamina recovery. The more stamina you have, the more event medals you will be able to farm.

Reddit user x2madda has calculated the probabilities of event medal drops per stamina ratios during various stages of an event that have the highest event medals drop rates. Here they are:

Difficulty & Stage Stamina Event Medals
Normal 1
5 6 1.2
Normal 9
7 9 1.28
Normal 10
8 11 1.37
Hard 1
7 10 1.4
Hard 9
9 15 1.66
Hard 10
10 16 1.6
Very Hard 1
8 17 2.12
Very Hard 9
10 24 2.4
Very Hard 10
11 28 2.5


This means that you need to focus on the hardest possible difficulty of the last stage to be able to get the highest farming rate of event medals.

You can also ascend event weapons in order to increase these numbers even further. Here is the complete breakdown of 3-star event weapons ascension levels and how many bonus event medals you will get:

  • Level 1 = +3 event medals
  • Level 2 = +5 event medals
  • Level 3 = +7 event medals
  • Level 4 = +10 event medals

And, here's the similar breakdown for 4-star event weapons:

  • Level 1 = +5 event medals
  • Level 2 = +8 event medals
  • Level 3 = +11 event medals
  • Level 4 = +15 event medals

So, in order to obtain the maximum event medals per stage, increase your stamina and ascend your weapons as much as you can.

Mama Medal Farm

Mama medals are mainly used for summoning tickets of the 4-star characters, and thus are extremely rare. Currently, these medals can only be obtained by taking part in events and as a bonus reward for logging in.

These medals are not meant to be farmed by design, so don't expect to get more than 1,000 per month. Here's what you can exchange them for:

  • 1x 4-star summoning ticket, 13x normal summoning ticket, +60 stamina
  • 1x 4-star summoning ticket, 3x normal summoning ticket, +1000 stamina
  • 20x normal summoning ticket, +1000 stamina

You can choose either of these three options depending on your needs.

That's all you need to know on how to farm medals in NieR Reincarnation. You can also find other Nier Reincarnation tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.


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Published Aug. 13th 2021

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