Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Guide and REQ Tips

Need some help with Warzone in Halo 5: Guardians? Then, check this guide out for everything you need to know!

Warzone in Halo 5: Guardians is a huge battleground with plenty of things going on. This makes playing it for the first time pretty confusing and hectic. Requisitions, items you get from REQ packs, are closely tied to this game mode as well.

I'm going to explain how Warzone works, the different requisitions you can use for them, and some tips to give you an advantage over the other team.Please check out my Beginner Tips and Tricks for more tips on Halo 5.

This guide will go over everything about Warzone including:

  • Warzone Info - How Warzone works, what is in it, and how to win.
  • Requisitions - What you can get from REQ packs that help in Warzone, and how to use them in Warzone.
  • Warzone Tips - Tips to succeed in this game mode.

Warzone Info

Warzone is an 18-24 player battle with 3 bases to hold.

  • Each base has A.I. enemies to kill before taking it over. When a base is taken over, the team that controls it gets A.I. allies.
  • Your score goes up based on how many bases you hold and kills.
  • A.I. Bosses spawn throughout the game. Kill these to increase your score.
    • Legendary bosses are worth a lot of points.

As your team kills and increases their score, your Requisition rank goes up. This gives you access to higher level REQs. You start off with an assault rifle and magnum. When you reach rank 3, you can use a battle rifle. You also get individual points. You need points to use consumables from the REQ stations. I'll explain that more in the requisitions section.

You win either by scoring enough points, or destroying the enemy's core. When a team captures all 3 bases, the enemy team's core is exposed and can be destroyed with enough damage

If the exposed team captures a base during this time, the core is no longer exposed.


Halo 5 requisitions

Requisitions are used for many things, but most of it is used in Warzone. The things you can get from REQ packs that matter in Warzone are:

  • Power Weapons and Vehicles
  • Loadouts
  • Armor Mods
  • Power Ups

Power Weapons and Vehicles are consumable weapons you can only use in Warzone. They require points and access to different level REQs to use.

For example, a weapon or vehicle might cost 4 points and require access to level 5 REQs. This means that when you get 4 points and your team reaches level 5, you can use that weapon or vehicle.

This is a one-time use;when you die or run out of ammo, it goes away.

Whenever you use points in Warzone, you have to earn them back to use other power weapons or vehicles. Your team's REQ access level does not go down, though.

These points and levels are per game, so you start at 0 in every match.

Loadouts give you access to different variants of weapons. These have different scopes that can drastically change how you use a weapon. For example: There is a long scope for the Battle Rifle that gives it more range.

It also gives you access to more permanent weapons in Warzone. The SMG is available when your team gets level 4 access, but you must get an SMG loadout before you have access to this. When you do and your team gets to level 4 in a match, you can spawn with the SMG every time for the rest of the match if you wish.

Armor Mods are permanent enhancements to your armor that gives you certain skills, like upgraded shields or thrusters.

Power Ups are one-time consumables that give things like active camo or damage boosts.

You can access all of these Requisitions during a Warzone match by going to a REQ station located at home base or any base you control.

Warzone Tips

Capturing bases are important, but there are other ways to win.

  • If anything, hold the middle base. This lets you get around the map easier.
  • Always kill the legendary bosses.
    • Killing the normal bosses is also important, but killing the legendary bosses gives many, many points.
  • Use Requisitions!
    • Using the right power weapon or vehicle can turn the tide of battle. The power-ups can also help sneak into or defend a base.

Halo 5 power weapons

  • Don't worry about holding every base.
    • Even if you hold a bunch of bases, if you don't kill the bosses, you'll still lose.
  • Never give up!
    • Even if you're losing badly, killing bosses or destroying the enemy core will allow you to win.

That's everything for my Halo 5: Guardians Warzone guide. Let me know if you have any questions or Warzone tips of your own!

Published Oct. 28th 2015

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