New World Arcane Repository Guide: Location and Recipes

Here's everything you need to know about the Arcane Repository in New World, from how to use them to all the recipes.

The Arcane Repository is as valuable as the other crafting stations found in New World, this one allowing you to craft potions, magical weapons, and essences.

It is the only place where you can craft such weapons like ice gauntlets, fire and life staves, as well as, magical tinctures. There are five tiers of Arcane Repository, and each of these offers a different set of items. The higher the tier, the better items you can get.

How to Use an Arcane Repository in New World

New World Arcane Repository Guide1

Arcane Repositories can be found in all settlements in New World. They are indicated by the symbol of a triangle inside a circle on the world map, as you can see above.

However, different settlements will have different tiers of Arcane Repositories. If you're looking for a high tier Arcane Repository, you need to attract a vast amount of Arcanists into your settlement.

The typical way of upgrading your Arcane Repository looks like this:

  1. Engage in a PvP guild on a server of your choice
  2. Take over a settlement
  3. Guild decides to focus on the defenses of the settlement
  4. Guild can decide to improve the crafting stations
  5. Focus on crafting Arcana-based items to upgrade Arcana Repositories

The higher the level of your Arcanists, the higher tier Arcane Repositories you get. You can increase the level of your Arcanists by doing the following:

  1. Collect Bulrush Cob and Hyssop plants
  2. Craft Weak Health Potions
  3. Reach Arcana Level 5
  4. Collect Water Motes, Rivercress Stems, and Toadpots
  5. Craft Common Focus Potions
  6. Reach Arcana Level 50
  7. Use Orichalcum Arcanist's Charm to boost your Arcana progression

When these conditions are met, your Arcane Repositories will be automatically upgraded to higher tiers. But you need to craft items all the time, or you will lose your progress and your crafting stations will lose their tiers as well.

You may also find settlements with high tier Arcane Repositories, but that is an extremely rare chance.

Arcane Repository Items in New World

Arcane Repository Tier 1 Items

Type Arcana Level
Weak Health Potion Consumable 0
Weak Mana Potion Consumable 0


Arcane Repository Tier 2 Items

Type Arcana Level
Common Corruption Tincture Consumable 0
Common Blight Tincture Consumable 0
Iron Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 0
Iron Fire Staff Fire Staff 0
Iron Life Staff Life Staff 0
Common Health Potion Consumable 1
Common Mana Potion Consumable 2
Common Regeneration Potion Consumable 3
Common Focus Potion Consumable 5
Common Beast Coating Consumable 7
Common Lost Coating Consumable 8
Common Corrupted Coating Consumable 9
Common Ancient Coating Consumable 10
Common Angry Earth Coating Consumable 11
Shaman Initiate's Staff Life Staff 25
Sparklight Fire Staff 26
Adept Cryomancer's Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 27


Arcane Repository Tier 3 Items

Type Arcana Level
Life Wisp Resource 25
Soul Wisp Resource 25
Air Wisp Resource 25
Fire Wisp Resource 25
Earth Wisp Resource 25
Death Wisp Resource 25
Water Wisp Resource 25
Strong Health Potion Consumable 50
Strong Blight Tincture Consumable 50
Strong Corruption Tincture Consumable 50
Steel Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 50
Steel Fire Staff Fire Staff 50
Steel Life Staff Life Staff 50
Strong Mana Potion Consumable 52
Strong Regeneration Potion Consumable 53
Strong Endurance Potion Consumable 54
Strong Focus Potion Consumable 55
Strong Encumbrance Potion Consumable 56
Strong Beast Coating Consumable 57
Strong Lost Coating Consumable 58
Strong Corrupted Coating Consumable 59
Strong Ancient Coating Consumable 60
Obelisk Guard Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 60
Amrine Temple Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 60
Obelisk Guard Fire Staff Fire Staff 60
Amrine Temple Fire Staff Fire Staff 60
Obelisk Guard Life Staff  Life Staff 60
Amrine Temple Life Staff Life Staff 60
Strong Angry Earth Coating Consumable 61
Strong Angry Earth Ward Potion Consumable 62
Strong Beast Ward Potion Consumable 62
Strong Lost Ward Potion Consumable 62
Strong Corrupted Ward Potion Consumable 62
Strong Fire Absorption Potion Consumable 62
Strong Ancient Ward Potion Consumable 62
Strong Arcane Absorption Potion Consumable 63
Strong Nature Absorption Potion Consumable 63
Strong Lightning Absorption Potion Consumable 64
Strong Void Absorption Potion Consumable 65
Gaia's Whim Life Staff 75
Purest Intentions Fire Staff 76
Whisper from the Frozen Vale Ice Gauntlet 77
Corrupted Life Staff Life Staff 80
Breach Hunter's Fire Staff Fire Staff 81
Arctic Dusk Ice Gauntlet 82


Arcane Repository Tier 4 Items

Type Arcana Level
Earth Essence Resource 75
Life Essence Resource 75
Soul Essence Resource 75
Death Essence Resource 75
Water Essence Resource 75
Fire Essence Resource 75
Air Essence Resource 75
Powerful Blight Tincture Consumable 100
Powerful Health Potion Consumable 100
Powerful Corruption Tincture Consumable 100
Starmetal Ice Gauntlets Ice Gauntlet 100
Starmetal Fire Staff Fire Staff 100
Starmetal Life Staff Life Staff 100
Powerful Mana Potion Consumable 102
Powerful Regeneration Potion Consumable 103
Powerful Endurance Potion Consumable 104
Powerful Focus Potion Consumable 105
Powerful Encumbrance Potion Consumable 106
Powerful Beast Coating Consumable 107
Powerful Lost Coating Consumable 108
Powerful Corrupted Coating Consumable 109
Powerful Ancient Coating Consumable 110
Deepwatcher Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 110
Shipyard Sentinel Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 110
Deepwatcher Fire Staff Fire Staff 110
Shipyard Sentinel Fire Staff Fire Staff 110
Deepwatcher Life Staff Life Staff 110
Shipyard Sentinel Life Staff Life Staff 110
Powerful Angry Earth Coating Consumable 111
Powerful Angry Earth Ward Potion Consumable 112
Powerful Ancient Ward Potion Consumable 112
Powerful Corrupted Ward Potion Consumable 112
Powerful Fire Absorption Potion Consumable 112
Powerful Lost Ward Potion Consumable 112
Powerful Arcane Absorption Potion Consumable 113
Powerful Nature Absorption Potion Consumable 113
Powerful Lightning Absorption Potion Consumable 114
Powerful Void Absorption Potion Consumable 115
Devout Worry Life Staff 135
Insatiable Want Fire Staff 136
Subduer's Wrath Ice Gauntlet 137
Balance of Life Life Staff 145
Magma Core Staff Fire Staff 146
Brine of the Frosty Shore Ice Gauntlet 147


Arcane Repository Tier 5 Items

Type Arcana Level
Soul Quintessence Resource 125
Life Quintessence Resource 125
Water Quintessence Resource 125
Air Quintessence Resource 125
Death Quintessence Resource 125
Fire Quintessence Resource 125
Earth Quintessence Resource 125
Infused Corruption Tincture Consumable 150
Infused Blight Tincture Consumable 150
Infused Health Potion Consumable 150
Orichalcum Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 150
Orichalcum Fire Staff Fire Staff 150
Orichalcum Life Staff  Life Staff 150
Infused Mana Potion Consumable 152
Infused Regeneration Potion Consumable 153
Infused Endurance Potion Consumable 154
Infused Focus Potion Consumable 155
Infused Encumbrance Potion Consumable 156
Infused Beast Coating Consumable 157
Infused Lost Coating Consumable 158
Infused Corrupted Coating Consumable 159
Infused Ancient Coating Consumable 160
Garden Keeper Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 160
Lazarus Watcher Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 160
Garden Keeper Fire Staff Fire Staff 160
Lazarus Watcher Fire Staff Fire Staff 160
Garden Keeper Life Staff  Life Staff 160
Lazarus Watcher Life Staff  Life Staff 160
Infused Angry Earth Coating Consumable 161
Infused Angry Earth Ward Potion Consumable 162
Infused Corrupted Ward Potion Consumable 162
Infused Lost Ward Potion Consumable 162
Infused Ancient Ward Potion Consumable 162
Infused Beast Ward Potion Consumable 162
Infused Fire Absorption Potion Consumable 162
Infused Arcane Absorption Potion Consumable 163
Infused Nature Absorption Potion Consumable 163
Infused Lightning Absorption Potion Consumable 164
Infused Void Absorption Potion Consumable 165
Echo of Grace Life Staff 185
Rage Fire Staff 186
Master Cryomancer's Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet 187
Blessed Wildwood Life Staff Life Staff 195
Enchanted Flame Staff Fire Staff 196
Glacial Rage Ice Gauntlet 197


That's all you need to know on Arcane Repository location and all items list in New World. Also, check out our other New World guides on GameSkinny:


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Published Oct. 8th 2021

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