New World: How to Get Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is wood so old that it has taken on the properties of stone. Here's how to get it.

Finding petrified wood in New World is annoying to farm due to it's seemingly buggy nature and uncommon drop rate. This is a Tier II wood type that is commonly used for crafting engineering and arcana weapons, defined as being wood that is so old that it has taken on the properties of stone.

There are numerous different ways to get petrified wood, but this guide will cover the best ways to do so.

New World: Petrified Wood Locations

As stated above, petrified wood is an uncommon drop, though many players have reported having harder-than-usual times of finding it compared to other uncommon items.

It is unclear whether or not petrified wood is currently bugged, but in-game tips have lead players to chop down young and mature trees in attempts to find some, though no one seems to be having any luck with those. Instead, dead trees have proven to be the best bet.

Dead trees are those which are found laying on the ground, and they can be harvested with Level 0 logging using an axe. There's no one specific region of the map to stick to when searching, so just make your way into any forest of your choice and start looking for this collapsed trees.

Don't shy away from chopping down living trees, however, as this can increase your logging skill, which will increase your luck in obtaining uncommon drops from dead trees.

If we're correct to assume that petrified wood drop rates are currently bugged, then keep an eye out for that in future patches. After it's fixed, it should be able to be obtained as an uncommon drop from young trees, mature trees, dead trees, tree stumps, and cacti of all sizes.

New World: Increase Petrified Wood Drop Rate

There are a few ways to increase drop rates of this rare wood. For one, as stated above, increase your logging skill by chopping down lots of trees. A higher skill correlates to better drops.

If you're looking for some quick luck without the lumberjacking grind, there are a few items you can craft to give yourself luck buffs.

The main item type to use would have to be the logging trophies, of which there are three types:

  • Minor Logging Gathering Trophy (+5% Luck)
    • 25x Lumber
    • 20x Steel Ingot
    • 1x Maple Stain
    • 25x Air Mote
  • Basic Logging Gathering Trophy (+10% Luck), Ingredients:
    • 25x Wyrdwood Planks
    • 20x Starmetal Ingot
    • 1x Oak Stain
    • 1x Lumberjack’s Token
  • Major Logging Gathering Trophy (+15% Luck), Ingredients:
    • 25x Ironwood Planks
    • 20x Orichalcum Ingots
    • 1x Mahogany Stain
    • 1x Pure Resin

Crafting these trophies and hanging them in your home will grant you these luck boosts and drastically impact the rate at which you obtain petrified wood from dead trees.

A second way to increase your drop rates is with help from the Logging Luck perk.

The Logging Luck perk can be applied by using a Starmetal's Lumberjack Charm while crafting, and its affect scales with your gear score, ranging from a 2% boost to a 9.3% boost. Unfortunately, unlike fae iron, there aren't any consumables that you can use to increase your luck here.

New World Petrified Wood Uses

Petrified wood is a crafting ingredient used for engineering and arcana items. In particular, four wood is required to craft the Tier II weapons, Venerable Recurve and Starlight. Two petrified wood is needed for the Tier III Breach Hunter's Fire Staff weapon, and one is needed for the Tier V Meteor Trail. 

New World Meteor Trail

Needing to farm rare resources is a common occurrence in New World, and you're going to want to cut down on the time it takes as much as possible, so you can get back to your quests and story. Hopefully, with all of this information, you should be able to make quick work of your petrified wood farming.

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Published Oct. 19th 2021

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