New World: Where to Find Petalcaps

You need 12 Petalcaps for the Weakness of the Ego quest. Here's where to look.

If you're looking to do any sort of potion brewing in the hotly antipated New World, then you need to find Petalcaps. They're most commonly used for Earth Reagent potions, but also a few Tier 2 Protective Reagents like the Common Corruption Tincture and Common Blight Tincture.

Petalcaps are also a requirement for the Weakness of the Ego story quest, meaning you'll have no choice but to find some. This guide will tell you everything you need to know, and will hopefully make finding them that much easier. 

Petalcaps are a type of bush that spawn much less frequently than your standard bushes, named due to their structural similarity to a flower. They require a sickle to be harvested, and when you are close to one, will be highlighted as a "Fronded Petalcap". Harvest one to receive petalcaps, as well as a few other resources.

What Are Petalcaps Used for in New World?

The Petalcaps you harvest are used primarily for potion brewing, specifically Earth Reagents. All of the following potions/reagents require them:

  • Infused Nature Absorption Potion
  • Infused Beast Ward Potion
  • Infused Ancient Coating
  • Infused Focus Potion
  • Infused Health Potion
  • Powerful Nature Absorption Potion
  • Powerful Beast Ward Potion
  • Powerful Ancient Coating
  • Powerful Focus Potion
  • Powerful Health Potion
  • Strong Nature Absorption Potion
  • Strong Beast Ward Potion
  • Strong Ancient Coating
  • Strong Health Potion
  • Common Ancient Coating
  • Common Blight Tincture
  • Common Corruption Tincture

Additionally, as stated before, they are required for story progression with the Weakness of the Ego quest.

New World Petalcap Locations

When looking for Petalcaps, you want to avoid busy areas. Busy areas are more likely to have their Petalcaps nabbed by other players before you get a chance to harvest them yourself.

Stick to the grasslands and wooded areas in the Windsward region for your best chance of finding them, the same place that Hemp is commonly found. This map of Windsward below shows the locations of multiple petalcaps:

As you can see, the Petalcap population is especially dense in the area immediately around Windsward Town, as well as down near Cutlass Keys. Windsward Town is likely to be much more busy, so you're probably better off heading south and exploring the grasslands there to find these rare bushes.

For the Weakness of the Ego quest, you're going to need 12 Petalcaps in total. If you're planning on using them for brewing potions, however, you may need a lot more. It all depends on how much brewing you intend to do. Either way, if you have trouble finding Petalcaps, circle back through the same few areas around Windsward every so often, as they will respawn.

It can be rather frustrating dedicating hours to finding a resource in New World, when you aren't given many tips as to where to look. Hopefully, you have enough information now to find those darned Petalcaps without any trouble.

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Published Oct. 19th 2021

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