New World Territory Standing Explained

Territory Standing is just one of many complex systems in New World, so here's what territory standing is and how to use it.

New World has a few different leveling systems that you'll need to juggle while playing, and one of those is something called Territory Standing. Territory Standing in New World can be a little tricky to figure out.

Standing is a completely separate system from your character's level, and it can reward a variety of different bonuses for each of New World's different areas. There are 14 different territories in Aeturnum, and each one has its own Territory Standing gauge that you'll raise. Here's how to do it.

How to Increase Territory Standing in New World

You've probably been raising Territory Standing in New World without even realizing it, as a variety of different activities contribute to it. Essentially, almost every task you complete rewards a bit of Territory Standing, including completing quests, killing enemies, crafting, and completing Town Projects.

It's important to keep in mind that the Standing experience you gain only goes toward the Territory that you are currently in, and each of the 14 Territories levels up independently. 

Once you've gained a level you'll get a message that you have points available to spend so press "M" to open your map and then click the Territory Standing tab. Here's you'll see four different choices you can choose, each one with a different benefit. These will mostly affect your progression or gathering.

Each level you gain in Territory Standing will let you choose another benefit for that area. At the moment, every area in New World has a cap of 300 for Territory Standing, also known as Reputation, meaning you can get up to 300 Standing bonuses for each area.

New World Territory Standing Bonuses

New World territory bonuses explained.

There are ten different bonuses you can get from Standing in New World, although as stated earlier you'll only have four to choose from at each level. Here's each bonus and what it does. 

  • Faction Tokens — Increases the amount of Faction Tokens you get from PvE and PvP mission
  • Gathering Speed — Boosts your gathering speed by a small percentage
  • House Items — Increases space for housing items
  • House Ownership — Unlocked at rank 10, lets you buy housing in the territory
  • Increased EXP Gain — Increases the EXP you gain by a small percentage
  • Increased Standing Gain — Increases the Standing you gain by a small percentage
  • Property Tax Reduction — Reduces weekly property tax, if you own a house in the Territory
  • Station Fee Reduction — Reduces the fee at Refining and Crafting stations
  • Storage Increase — Increases the amount of storage you can use in the Territory
  • Trading Tax Reduction — Reduces tax for buying and selling items at the Trading Post

Some of these Standing bonuses might not even apply to you, as if you aren't interested in owning a house you can skip over three of them. Increase Standing Gain is one of the better bonuses to get, in general, as it allows you to gain standing faster and therefore get more bonuses. 

Past that, it really depends on what you want to focus on and your playstyle. If you find yourself crafting a lot focus on Station Fee Reduction, or if you're doing a lot of Factions missions invest in the Faction Tokens perk. 

That's everything you need to know about Territory Standing in New World.

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Published Oct. 13th 2021

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