New World Trial of the Gladiator Walkthrough: How to Beat Captain Hamidou

Trial of the Gladiator is the first major challenge for Mauraders in New World. We've got everything you need to know about how to complete it in this walkthrough guide.

In New World, three different factions fight for control of the island of Aeternum: the Marauders (green), the Syndicate (purple), and the Covenant (yellow/gold). We talk more about these factions and how to change them in another guide here. But if you joined the green-coated Marauders, you'll eventually find yourself facing the Trial of the Gladiator in your quest list.

This Trial of the Gladiator walkthrough guide goes over how to start the quest and where to complete it, from enemies to NPCs and how to beat Captain Hamidou.

How to Start Trial of the Gladiator in New World

Trial of the Gladiator quest giver, Winifred Silas.

You'll need 3,000 faction reputation before you can even start the Trial of the Gladiator. Additionally, while the quest says it requires Level 20, you'll need to be Level 24. The Faction representative won't give you the second step of the quest without being that level.

Your primary method of earning reputation will be through Faction quests, obtainable at any representative at any of the towns you can access. Both PvE and PvP quests are available, should you prefer to take the fight to other players.

A base-level Faction quest provides about 300 or so reputation, so you'll need around 10 quests before you're ready to progress.

Once you reach the 3,000 reputation milestone, head to Cutlass Keys and speak to Winifred Silas. If you're Level 24, she'll begrudgingly give you the Trial of the Gladiator quest and ask you to take out a Captain Homidou at the Nautilus of Nunez.

How to Complete the Trial of the Gladiator Quest

Nautilus of Nunez map location.

You'll find the Nautilus of Nunez in the southwesternmost portion of the Monarch's Bluff map, but the easiest way to get there and truly start the Trial of the Gladiator is to travel west from Cutlass Keys.

Make your way alongside the mountains to your north until you come to an opening just south of the Nautilus area. You'll know you're in the right place when you see a bunch of boats and masts behind a standard fort entrance.

Nautilus of Nunez fort entrance.

Make your way through the dock areas, under a stone bridge, and to the right to an old shipwreck. Captain Hamidou is a static spawn on the ship, so if you don't immediately see him, hang around for a few minutes, and he should reappear, putting you near the end of the Trial of the Gladiator.

How to Beat Captain Hamidou

Captain Hamidou on a ship deck with canons.

Killing the good Captain is a trial at or around Level 24, as he's got a lot of health and hits like a truck. Bring friends and Nature and Ice attacks. Your rapier and spear attacks won't do much to him, as he's resistant to Thrust.

Once Hamidou is dead, return to Silas and turn in the quest for Gladiator rank plus 1,540 XP, 1,500 Marauder Tokens, 20 Azoth, and 96.25 coins.

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Published Oct. 19th 2021

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