How to Get Iron Ore in New World

Here's what you need to know about how to get iron ore in New World.

Iron ore is one of the most important resources in New World, as it is required to create the basic weapon set that you'll need if you want to get off your feet.

This is a resource that will come naturally to you as part of the main story, however the stash you are given will not last you too long. This guide will cover where to find iron ore, and what you can do with it.

New World: Where to Get Iron Ore

As we said before, you will be given a stash of iron ore to start with once you reach the first settlement in the main quest, a stash of 90 ore. This is a decent amount to get you going, but you're going to need a lot more in the long term if you want to last.

To get iron ore, you'll need to find iron veins, which appear as large, very dark gray rocks with orange-ish tints. You'll know when you found one as when you get close, the words "Iron Vein" will appear.

After approaching an iron vein, simply interact with it while holding your pickaxe. Once it's done being mined, all of the iron ore will be deposited into your inventory.

Iron veins are found in the Highlands areas of the map. Look for light brown regions on the map, and pay attention to the legend to see if you are in or close to a Highlands area.

Iron ore will most commonly be found in high-altitude areas of these regions, and near caves or rock faces, so look around the mountainous parts to find lots of veins.

Iron veins will also typically respawn every ten to fifteen minutes. Keep note of some decent groups of veins you find, so you can loop back to them repeatedly for easy iron.

Once you reach mining level 25, iron veins will be trackable and will appear on your compass if they are nearby.

A few specific places near to the start where heaps of iron can be found are:

Everfall Iron Ore Nodes

There is a cave called the Midnight Den in Everfall, just east of the main town area. This cave contains level six beasts, but plenty of mineable resource as well.

North of the den, you can find the Canary Mine, which houses level 15 corrupted mobs, as well as some iron.

Finally, west of the mine, at the Meadow Lake Fishery, plenty of veins can be found guarded by lost mobs, up to level 18.

First Light Iron Ore Nodes

This area is very close to your first settlement, and is home to lots of iron. And bobcats.

Southeast of the settlement, across the lake, there is a large mountainous area where tons of iron veins can be found and mined.

In the northern peak, and northwest corner of First Light, you can find some more iron-heavy areas.

New World Iron Ore Uses

New World smelting iron ore into iron bars.

The only purpose iron ore serves is to be smelted into iron bars, though iron bars have plenty of uses. Bring your accrued ore back to the settlement and chuck it into the smelter to turn it into iron bars, which can be then brought to any crafting station to be made into weapons or armor.

Iron ore also provides you a means of getting smelting experience, which can increase your smelting level and will allow you to smelt higher-tier metals later on. This will also allow you to craft iron at lower costs.

As you work up towards the end-game feats of this much-anticipated MMO, you are going to find yourself in needs of tons of iron, so it's best to always have plenty in your back pocket ready to go, and you'll want to build up that foundation early on.

Farming iron in New World may seem a bit grindy at first, but you'll eventually find yourself with more than you know what to with.

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Published Oct. 6th 2021

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