We Were Here Too Guide: How to Solve Puzzles as Peasant

Find all the levers and solutions to all the puzzles from the perspective of the Peasant in this guide to We Were Here Too.

The new puzzle adventure We Were Here Too is now available on Steam. You can play the game in co-op mode with a friend of yours, who can take on the role of either a Lord or a Peasant.

Together you need to find a way out of the castle by solving lots of complicated puzzles. You can already check out the walkthrough guide from the perspective of the Lord here, and if you're playing as a Peasant, then follow the guide below.

Room 1 Puzzle Solutions

Your Lord will tell you which of these symbols to choose

You will find an altar in the middle of the first room with three symbols. Your Lord on the other side of the castle will have to tell you the correct three symbols for opening the lever room, and another three located above the coffins for opening the door to the next room.

Room 2 Puzzle Solutions

Lighting candles in Chapter 2 of We Were Here Too

Inside room two you will come across a circle with symbols and candles arranged around it. Your Lord must tell you the order in which to light the candles from the book in his room.

The red and blue banners will light up in this chapter

Then, the red and the blue banners with symbols on the walls will light up. Your partner will have to describe the symbols on the banners in his room so you can combine the elements of symbols on your side for them to match.

Your Lord will tell you the order of the symbols in this We Were Here Too chapter

When you're done with the banners, return to the circle in the middle. Now the Lord must tell you the order of symbols to activate in the circle according to the compass located on the floor of the room on his side of the castle.

This will open the door to the staircase. Go to your left first to switch on the lever, and then go right and up to your next room.

Tell Your Lord all about this cross with symbols

However, you will find another obstacle on your way -- another closed gate. But don't worry, look out for a cross with symbols on the wall nearby and give your Lord information about these symbols.

When your partner sets up the right symbols in the room on his side of the castle using wooden cubes, the gate will open.

Room 3 Puzzle Solutions

Equip the knights in this We Were Here Too puzzle

In room three, at the entrance, look to your left and switch on the lever on the wall. Here you need to put weapons and shields in the hands of the knights according to the instructions of your Lord. At the same time, you need to roll the steering wheel in the middle of the room from time to time -- just to keep your Lord alive.

Room 4 Puzzle Solutions

We Were Here Too stained glass puzzles are beautifully challenging

In the next room you will find the lever behind a door on the left side. Then, locate glass-stained pictures on the wall and replace the detachable parts in accordance with the pictures on your Lord's side of the castle.

Killing the knights on the chess board

Then, move to the giant chess board located in the middle of the room and give your Lord instructions on where to move the main chess piece so that it kills the two knights.

In the second round, use two chess pieces together to enter the two towers. This will open the gates in the castle, and as a result, the chess board will be discarded.

Open the gates by solving the chess puzzle

Lastly, you will enter the maze room -- here you will find the last lever. Before standing on the center piece, go to the other side of the room, and go up the stairs. There is a lever behind the door on the left.

Your Lord will be watching you from the balcony and give you instructions on how to exit the maze.

Room 5 Puzzle Solutions

We Were Here Too room 5 puzzle begins

You will now meet your Lord standing on the other side of the gate. Tell him the symbols on the wheels on your side. He needs to match them on his side, and the gate will open.

Room 6 Puzzle Solutions

Room 6 looks just like the one the Lord is seeing

The last room is exactly the same as the Lord's one, since you will be working together on finding the remaining three levers and leaving the castle for good.

The rest of the levers are located in the following spots:

  • One is located in the room to your left as you enter the elevator chamber
  • Another one is at the top floor near the exit
  • The third one is at the bottom of the shaft, so drop on the roof of the elevator and you will be able to see it as you descend


Be sure to use both Lord's and Peasant's guides to play through We Were Here Too for maximum success. Let us know in the comments below if you managed to leave the castle safely.


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Published Feb. 7th 2018

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