One Piece Odyssey: Talented Doctor Quest Guide

Get some of the best cooking recipes by following our guide on how to complete the "Talented Doctor" quest in One Piece Odyssey.

The "Talented Doctor" quest in One Piece Odyssey grants a hefty chunk of berries and some cooking recipes you'll absolutely want to have, provided you finish the quest. In this guide  we'll go over how to complete the quest to net your rewards.

Talented Doctor Quest Guide

Speak to Old Woman

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In order to start the quest players need to speak to an Old Woman with Back Pain in the city of Alubarna. You can find her sitting on the bench at the West Alubarna Clock Tower Street, which is indicated on the map above.

Enter the Castle Tavern

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The lady will ask you to find the Drum Kingdom Doctor Nafk, who is capable of making the Pain-eez medicine for her. You need to find the doctor, who sits inside the castle tavern in the southern part of Alubarna where the map is marked above.

During the conversation with the doctor he will ask you to bring him 2 Gator Bananas, which are dropped by the Desert Gators living just outside of Alubarna in the desert. It is recommended to bring the bananas before the conversation starts, so you can quickly finish the quest.

Once you give the doctor the ingredients, he will make the medicine for the old lady.

Bring Back the Medicine

Once you've obtained the medicine, bring it to the old lady at the same location where you found her in the beginning of the quest, and she will reward you with the following items:

  • 1 Sandora Dragon Steak Tips.
  • 1 Herb Grilled Bo Bo Bird.
  • 18,000 Berries.

That's everything you need to know on how to complete "Talented Doctor" quest in One Piece Odyssey, and stay tuned for more One Piece Odyssey tips and tricks articles.

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Published Jan. 26th 2023

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