Stella Arcana Best Class Guide

Here are the best classes in Stella Arcana and why they are considered so strong.

Stella Arcana is not your usual mobile RPG. It's a game with a completely fresh look at the genre that allows you not only to make teams and fight baddies, but also tame pets, romance other characters, and join guilds. This guide will provide you with a list of the best classes in Stella Arcana.

Obviously, there is no one best class in Stella Arcana, as it all depends on your playstyle. But a careful look at their abilities will give you an idea which of these classes fits your own style the best.

Best Classes in Stella Arcana

Omni Warrior

This is your typical melee DPS class that can also serve as an aggressive tank, which is a neat combination in itself.

Here, you will need to choose which direction you want to take it. If it's tank, then you need to develop the Tenacious skill tree. While Shudder is more important for damage, which is increased by 50%, if you take this route.

Each path will grant you a unique ability. For example, the tank path will give you the War Cry ability, which not only taunts all the surrounding enemies, but also removes Immobilize and Slow status effects from your hero. It also restores your health, although not by much.

The DPS path gives you the Retribution skill, which serves as an AoE, where Omni Warrior jumps and slams the ground with his shield dealing 360% damage to all surrounding enemies.

This kind of flexibility can become really useful in any match-up, and that makes Omni Warrior the clear winner among other classes in Stella Arcana.

Rosen Knight

This is the newest addition to the game. Rosen Knight is an all-round tank hero, who can either be offensive or defensive.

This hero has two paths, one of which is Justice, which is the offensive one. The other is Defend, which is the defensive route. The Justice path gives you 55% damage boost, while the Defend path gives 70% HP boost and 1500% skill power bonus.

His ultimate offensive ability is Charge that makes him plunge into a group of enemies dealing 360% damage and leaving explosives behind that trigger after 3 seconds.

The main defensive ability is Defend, which absorbs 40% of damage targeted at an ally of yours.

This is a truly great character, if you enjoy playing tanky heroes.

Elven Archer

Here is a ranged DPS character that can also serve as an evasive rogue character that has high mobility and speed of movement.

Once again you can choose either of these paths. The ranged DPS one is called Shooter, and the evasive one is called Reflex. The first one grants a straight up damage bonus of 50%, while the second one will provide you with high attack speed and even some HP regeneration.

The Shooter path has a monstrous unique No Escape ability, which sends out a volley of arrows that each deal 112 points of damage. The Reflex path offers the Phantom Tracker skill that sends up to three arrows hitting three different enemies and ignoring 50% of their defense.

Such a great set of skills cannot be ignored, but of course, it's a slightly more demanding character to master than the Omni Warrior class.

Shadow Assassin

If you like stealthy gameplay, then Shadow Assassin would be the best choice. But he can also serve as a brawler that can soak up a lot of damage.

If you decide on the stealthy approach, then follow the Thorn path. If you want to focus on survivability, then choose Shadow skill tree. The Thorn path will give you a huge damage boost of 60%, while the Shadow one will grant you 15% health regeneration and some damage reduction.

The unique Stealth ability allows you to enter the battlefield in a cloaked mode that last for 8 seconds, and also gives you 200% damage boost that stuns enemies.

The other path's unique skill is Avoidance, which is mostly focused on evasion rate and removes Control and Poison status effects.

Pick this hero only if you can't live without stealthy gameplay in Stella Arcana, as this is the hardest hero to master of them all.

Rune Mage

Mage is primarily focused on casting massive AoE spells, or if needed be, cast spells that remove various status effects.

The offensive path of Rune Mage is called Flame, and the defensive one is the Mystery. In the first case you get 45% damage boost and 10% Fire mastery, while in the second one you get 40% damage bonus and 10% HP regeneration.

Your ultimate ability is the Mana Shackle, which creates a magical circle, where all enemies get 60% movement speed reduction, and take 90% magical damage for 8 seconds.

Your other ultimate skill is Comet, which is an AoE that deals 300% fire damage to all enemies within the striking radius.

Despite all the excellent AoE abilities that Rune Mage has, it has the weakest defense stats, so keep this in mind when choosing to play as one.

Holy Priest

The priest class is similar to mage. It can be either a magical DPS hero, or a support class that heals and resurrects allies.

The DPS path is called Discipline and provides you with 45% increase in damage, as well as 10% boost of light mastery, which is the main source of your damage. The support route is called Healer, which gives 30% HP boost and 30% healing power bonus.

The ultimate DPS skill is Soulfire, which deals 189% damage to a single target each 3 seconds for 15 seconds. The healing ability is called Nature's Rhythm, which fully restores HP of the five surrounding allies.

Since this is the only healer class in the game it would be very useful to have one in your team. But on its own Holy Priest is quite useless.

That's it for the Stellar Arcana's best classes. What are your opinions on the game's class lineup? Let us know in the comments below!


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Published Jan. 18th 2021

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