How to Save Your Game in My Summer Car

Here's how to save your game in My Summer Car.

My Summer Caran Early Access game currently available on Steam, follows a 19-year-old player character who has his family home all to himself while his parents are out on vacation. Taking place in 1995 in Finland, this game has you build a car of your own and drive around your character's rural area, where you'll get involved in many engaging adventures.

The open world game invites players to build their car from the ground up -- which obviously costs a pretty penny if you want to do it right. But luckily, you can earn money by running errands for neighbors and doing things like delivering firewood, selling moonshine, or emptying septic tanks. Fun! 

But amid all these adventures, a lot of players are having trouble figuring out how to save their game so they don't lose all that progress (and money) they made by bootlegging some white lightning. The game doesn't really make it obvious how to do this, which has some people confused. 

So how do you save your game in My Summer Car?

Following the crude and hilarious humor of the game, you have to literally go to the bathroom to save your game.

The toilets located in your home or in the outhouses that can be found throughout the world serve as the save location. Simply find a toilet, look down into the bowl, and save! The bathroom is a real life saver in this game. 

That wraps up this short-and-sweet guide for MSC. Need more help with the game? Check out the rest of our My Summer Car guides for tips on how to build the best car you can and have a nineties-tastic summer. 


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Published Jun. 15th 2017

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