Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate Locations and Rewards

There are 14 battlegates in Kingdom Hearts 3. This guide shows you where they all are as well as what their rewards are.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has additional content for you to complete after you finish the story in the form of battlegates. 

Battlegates are portals you can find on each world that lead to fights against strong enemies. You can also acquire exclusive items and Secret Reports that shed more light on the KH 3 story.

This guide will tell you where to find each of the 14 battlegates and what you get for completing them. Slight spoilers will follow, but no details will be given on the contents of the Secret Reports.

Each battlegate will be listed in numerical order and separated by world.

Olympus Battlegates

Battlegate 1: Realm of the Gods

kh3 battlegate 1

The first battlegate is at the entrance to the Realm of the Gods in Olympus.

  • Location: Teleport to the Mount Olympus Summit save point, then head up the stairs to the Realm of the Gods. You'll see the portal in the center.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 1 and Fire Cufflink.

Battlegate 2: Realm of the Gods

kh3 battlegate 2

This battlegate is at the Apex of the Realm of the Gods in Olympus.

  • Location: Teleport to the Realm of Gods Apex save point, then go through the gates past Zeus.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 2 and Cosmic Belt+.

Twilight Town Battlegate

Battlegate 3: Old Mansion

kh3 battlegate 3

The third battlegate is near the entrance to the Old Mansion.

  • Location: Teleport to the Old Mansion save point, then head toward the forest. You'll see the portal as soon as you pass the gate, before you enter the forest.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 3 and Evanescent Crystal.
    • Evanescent Crystals can be used to craft the Nobody Guard and Nobody Guard+, a weapon for Goofy that deals more damage to Nobody enemies.

Toy Box Battlegates

Battlegate 4: Kid Korral

kh3 battlegate 4

This battlegate is at the Galaxy Toys Kid Korral save point.

  • Location: You'll see it as soon as you teleport in.

  • Rewards: Secret Report 4 and Megaelixir.

Battlegate 5: Galaxy Toys Entrance

kh3 battlegate 5

You can find this battlegate as soon as you enter Galaxy Toys.

  • Location: Teleport to the Galaxy Toys Main Floor: 1F save point and turn around toward the entrance to see the portal.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 5 and Thunder Cufflink.

Kingdom of Corona Battlegates

Battlegate 6: Wetlands

kh3 battlegate 6

This battlegate is in the wetlands, closest to the Wildflower Clearing save point.

  • Location: Teleport to the Wildflower Clearing save point, then go back toward the Wetlands. When you enter and see the cliffs, go right; you'll see the portal below you.

  • Rewards: Secret Report 6 and Illusory Crystal.
    • The Illusory Crystal can be used to craft the Heartless Maul and Heartless Maul+, a weapon for Donald that deals extra damage to Heartless enemies.

Battlegate 7: Forest Entrance

kh3 battlegate 7

The seventh battlegate is in the forest, closest to the Tower save point.

  • Location: Teleport to The Forest Tower save point, then head through the caves. Stay to the path on the right after exiting the cave, and you'll eventually run into the portal.
    • Don't head toward the other cave.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 7 and Aero Cufflink.

Monstropolis Battlegate

Battlegate 8: Power Plant

kh3 battlegate 8

This battlegate is in a silo near the Tank Yard save point.

  • Location: Teleport to The Power Plant Tank Yard save point and leave the room. Ride on the rail in the next area; it will take you straight to the battlegate.

  • Rewards: Secret Report 8 and Illusory Crystal.

Arendelle Battlegate

Battlegate 9: Labyrinth of Ice

kh3 battlegate 9

You can find this battlegate inside the Labryrinth of Ice in Arendelle.

  • Location: Teleport to The North Mountain Gorge save point and head inside the portal to Labyrinth of Ice.
    • Spin on the crystal behind you to go to the middle tier.
    • Follow the path that leads upward until you reach the big room; the battlegate is in the middle.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 9 and Evanescent Crystal.

The Caribbean Battlegate

Battlegate 10: Huddled Isles

kh3 battlegate 10

This battlegate is in an opened cave near the huddles Isles save point, where you get your pirate ship.

  • Location: Teleport to the High Seas Huddles Isles save point, then head left in the water as you are facing the beach.
    • Continue around until you see a cave opening, then head in to find the battlegate.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 10 and Water Cufflink.

San Fransokyo Battlegates

Battlegate 11: North District

kh3 battlegate 11

This battlegate is near the entrance to a train tunnel near the North District save point.

  • Location: Teleport to the City North District save point and climb a nearby building until you can get on the rails.
    • Ride the rails until you reach the northwestern-most part of the mini-map, and you'll see the battlegate near the tunnel.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 11 and Yin-Yang Cufflink.

Battlegate 12: Central District

kh3 battlegate 12

This battlegate is on top of a building near the North District save point.

  • Location: Teleport to the City North District save point then run up the building to the southwest. You'll see the battlegate when you reach the top.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 12 and Blizzard Cufflink.

Keyblade Graveyard Battlegates

Battlegate 13: Badlands

kh3 battlegate 13

This battlegate is near the Badlands save point.

  • Location: Teleport to The Badlands save point and turn around. Follow the path out of the cave and you'll see the battle gate near the portal to The Final World.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 13 and Celestriad.

Battlegate 14 — Secret Boss: Badlands

kh3 secret boss battlegate

The final battlegate is actually a secret boss fight against Dark Inferno. You won't get a Secret Report, but you will get a very nice item.

  • Location: Teleport to The Badlands save point and head forward, out of the cave. The battlegate is in the open area as you leave the cave.
  • Rewards: Crystal Regalia, an accessory that gives five to Strength and Magic, 16 to AP, and the MP Hastega ability. MP Hastega recharges MP 30% faster when you run out.

Additional Rewards

As you complete battlegates, you will also unlock new poses for when taking selfies with the Gummiphone.

  • Completing five battlegates unlocks the Palm of Hand selfie pose.
  • Completing 10 battlegates unlocks the Yoink selfie pose.
  • Completing all 14 battlegates unlocks the Finger Smack selfie pose.


Those are all the battlegate locations and rewards for completing them in Kingdom Hearts 3. Were you able to complete them all? Did you find the secret boss to be difficult? Let us know in the comments.

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Published Feb. 5th 2019

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