How Many Candy Crush Levels Do You Get For $.99?

How many new levels do you get when you pay $.99 in Candy Crush?

I've made it pretty clear that I think Candy Crush is a shakedown. The game, while well-crafted and fun, isn't shy about the fact that it is primarily designed to take as much money from you as possible. But despite my harsh words and the frustration I feel towards the game, I do like it and I am still playing it.

Even though I hate the way this game tries to suck money out of me, I want to reiterate that I don't mind paying for games (or even DLC). However, in all cases, I like to know what I'm going to get for my money before I spend it. In this area, Candy Crush falls short (and I suspect it's intentional).

After you beat level 35 in Candy Crush, you will hit a wall. To continue, you will be given an option: ask friends to give you enough tickets to go on to the next stage, or pay $.99. Personally, I'm not comfortable asking my Facebook friends to give me in-game credits. I keep the number of my Facebook friends very small, so they're all people I'm close to. It just doesn't feel right to me to grovel with them for new levels in a game that they don't play. So for me, paying to continue is the only option.

Unfortunately, Candy Crush doesn't tell you how many levels you will get for a dollar. They only tell you that you will get access to the next stage. But how long is a stage? Will it be another 35 levels? That was my assumption, since you get the first 35 levels in the game for free. Paying a dollar to double your levels would make sense, wouldn't it? That's what I thought. It sounded like a fair deal to me. But I guessed wrong.

Paying $.99 gives you access to only 15 new Candy Crush levels. And every 15 levels after you will hit another wall, forcing you to make another decision: will you ask your friends for tickets, or pay up?

In fairness, 15 levels can last you quite a long time as you progress to more difficult levels. I'm in the 80s now, and I can get a few hours of playtime for my 99 cents. To me, that money spent is worth the entertainment that it provides. I suspect that other people who play the game feel the same way.

What I do have a problem with is that you have no idea exactly what you are purchasing in this game before you buy. So here's your answer: you get 15 levels.

Published May. 7th 2013
  • lyn_1082
    Play quests dude.
  • amélie_8078
    i just want to tell you; if you are disconnected from facebook, and no internet, you can play quests and they are free. 3 quests and you can pass to the next level
  • Good hack :D
    Hi, have you ever wonder how the Candy Crush Saga would work with a hack? If you are tired to lose all of your lives and have to pay for other or wait for other lives, give it a try. Also gives you unlimited boosters, so it will make the game a lot easier, less frustrating and you won't ever spend money for it.
  • Richard_4515
    Candy Crush sucks!! I have asked friends to clear me and and got confirmation from at least 4 and CC shows only one has "helped". They're in this for money pure and simple. They couldn't give a damn about your entertainment. I'm off to find the next game.
  • Glenn_2091
    I paid 20 cents using my credit card for the first bridge (level 20), but even though it's asking for 20 cents again (level 36 bridge), it won't allow a payment under $1 this time. I had a friend send me a star each time. I sent Facebook credits an email inquiring about this issue. Ask for 20 cents and then force the user to pay $1 instead. WTF ?

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