Horizon: Zero Dawn -- The Frozen Wilds Bow and Armor Gear Guide

The Frozen Wilds brings a ton of new content to Horizon: Zero Dawn. And with that comes new bows and armor sets. This guide gives you the rundown.

From new enemies to a brand new questline, Horizon: Zero Dawn's newest DLC, The Frozen Wilds, packs a lot of fresh content into one of 2017's most celebrated games. But some of the DLC's best additions come in the form of new bows and armor sets for Aloy to wield and wear. 

There's little doubt that the new gear found in The Frozen Wilds will better prepare you for the arduous journey you're set to face in The Cut, so this quick and easy guide will give you a rundown of what each new piece of gear is and what perks you'll get from each one. 

You'll be able to buy each of these weapons and gear pieces (except for a few) from a vendor that can be found while completing The Shaman's Path quest, and then from other vendors in The Cut. 

Let's dive in. 

New Bows in The Frozen Wild DLC

If you've played already played HZD, you know that Aloy has an affinity for bows -- and that the weapons are your primary death-dealers. The Frozen Wilds provides you with six new bows, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Banuk Champion Bow

This bow is one of the more powerful weapons in The Frozen Wilds. With a 50 Handling stat, the Banuk Champion Bow isn't the fastest-firing bow in the new DLC, but it does have a higher rate of fire and faster reload time than the Banuk Powershot Bow. If you hold the bow drawn, you'll also be able to get off immensely powerful shots, dealing high amounts of damage to most enemies in the game. 

You can purchase the Banuk Champion Bow for 12 Bluegleam. 


Banuk Powershot Bow

If you remember the family of Sharpshot bows from HZD's base game, you'll feel right at home with the Banuk Powershot Bow. Like its brethren, this bow is perfect for sniping and dealing high damage at long range. However, unlike some other Sharpshot bows, the Banuk Powershot allows for more powerful charged shots -- as long as you keep the draw taut. 

Also, keep in mind that this bow has a Handling stat of only 20, meaning that you won't be able to fire this bow as fast as others on this list. You'll be fine as long as you keep a safe distance between you and your enemies. 

You can purchase the Banuk Powershot Bow for 14 Bluegleam. 


Banuk Striker Bow

The Banuk Striker Bow is a relatively run-of-the-mill bow that provides decent damage. It's charged shots aren't as powerful as the other bows on this list, but it makes up for that with a Handling stat of 80, meaning that it can get off more successive shots than some of the other bows mentioned here. 

You can purchase the Banuk Striker Bow for 16 Bluegleam. 

[Note: This guide will be updated to reflect the Stormslinger, Forgefire, and Icerail bows]  

New Armor Sets in The Frozen Wild DLC

No matter what bow you use, Aloy won't get far in the inhospitable lands of The Cut without a good set of armor. And while some of HZD's base armor sets are still worth sporting in the DLC, The Frozen Wilds provides you with five new pieces of armor that are specifically geared toward some of the dangers you'll face while exploring the wild north. 

It's also worthy to note that while the Shield-Weaver armor was essentially OP in HZD's base game and is still usable against kinetic damage in Horizon's new content, The Frozen Wilds has introduced new mechanics and attack types that make using the DLC's new armor pieces worthwhile.

Banuk Werak Runner

This HZD armor set provides Aloy with increased health recovery and insulation against the harsh climes of The Cut. However, the biggest downside to the Banuk Werak Runner is that it does not have any modification slots or added effects, so what you see is what you get. 

You can purchase the Banuk Werak Runner armor for 1,000 metal shards, 10 desert glass, or 10 slashine glass. 

Banuk Ice Hunter Master

The Frozen Wilds' Ice Hunter Master armor is a jump up from the Werak Runner in almost all regards. It provides three modification slots, which can be a huge boon if you choose wisely. And it also provides a decent amount (60) freeze damage to protect Aloy from the harsh elements -- and any nasty dinobots that wield the element. 

You can purchase the Banuk Ice Hunter armor for 14 Bluegleam. 

Carja Blazon Master

This very rare armor set is one of the more elegant-looking sets in The Frozen Wilds. But it doesn't just look rad -- it also protects Aloy from fire damage. Since fire and ice go well together, you're sure to encounter quite a few enemies that also use flame as a weapon. Wearing this armor set gives you +60 defense to the orange stuff and provides three modification slots. 

You can purchase the Carja Blazon Master armor for 16 Bluegleam. 

Nora Silent Hunter Master

The last set of armor you can from a vendor, the very rare Nora Silent Hunter Master is perfect for you strong and silent types. Providing Aloy with a +35 stealth bonus, this armor set is perfect for those players that like to stick to the shadows and like to dispatch their enemies before they're detected. 

You can purchase the Nora Silent Hunter Master armor for 18 Bluegleam. 

Banuk Werak Chieftan

This set of armor is the only one in The Frozen Wilds DLC that you can't procure via a vendor. Instead, this armor set is given to you after completing the "For the Wreak" quest. It provides you with two modification slots, as well as improved health recovery over time, setting it apart from the Banuk Werak Runner. 


That's all you need to know about The Frozen Wild's newest weapons and armor. If you're looking for more tips, tricks, and strategies for The Frozen Wild, be sure to check out our other Horizon: Zero Dawn guides

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Published Nov. 8th 2017

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