God Eater 2 Rage Burst Guide: Blood Rage, Survival Missions, and Blood Arts

Learn about all the newest features of the Rage Burst expansion in this beginner's guide to God Eater 2.

The latest expansion for God Eater 2, titled Rage Burst, is now available internationally for PC, PS4 and PS Vita. It prolongs the story of the God Eater sequel and adds a new type of weapon – Variant Scythe.

There are many other small changes that will be addressed in this beginner’s guide, such as: what is Blood Rage and how do you use it, how to access Survival Missions, and what are Blood Arts?

How to activate Blood Rage

God Eater 2 Burst Rage blood rage

Blood Rage mode can be compared to the Burst ability that empowers your characters for a short period of time, and allows them to deal huge amounts of damage with a weapon of your choice. However, it is a bit more complex and its effects strongly rely on your skills.

So, in order to unlock the Blood Rage you must finish a certain amount of missions and gain enough skills. When it is unlocked, you can activate it once during the mission by pressing R2/RT, which will be followed by a signature animation.

You will see a dedicated gauge on your screen that can be filled by performing combos and devours, including those of your teammates. You can also use Burst in addition to your Blood Rage, as they do not counteract each other.

Here are a few tips on how to use Blood Rage with various types of weapons:

  • If you’re using short blades, then it is advisable to equip Blood Splattering Dance to achieve the maximum effect of the Blood Rage.
    • The advantage of this Blood Art is that it doesn’t consume your stamina at all, thus gives more power to your final burst.
  • In the case of the long blades, go for Gale Katana: Iron art.
    • It initiates a forward dash attack and deals multiple extra hits to an enemy.
  • The newest weapon – Variant Scythe becomes especially dangerous with the help of God Slicer.
    • It changes the direction of the Round Fang attack into a powerful upward swing dealing tons of damage.
  • Hammers work best with the Tenderizer art that significantly boosts attack speed and damage.
  • Charged Spears will be most effective in the Hurricane modes (either Type A or B), since they allow for an infinite amount of combos that are limited by your stamina only.

How to access Survival Missions

God Eater 2 Burst Rage survival mission

Apart from a massive amount of main campaign missions, Rage Burst expansion offers a slew of additional Survival Missions. These can be accessed after you’ve accomplished a certain amount of main missions.

Survival Missions can be skipped, but be aware that if you do so, you will not be able to access them later. So, finish them as soon as they become available to you and only after that you should continue with the main story.

The best part about these additional levels is that you will meet completely new types of Aragami. On top of that, you will earn some very good rewards, such as rare items and in-game credits.

Variant Scythe and Blood Arts

Rage Burst expansion includes a new fantastic weapon – Variant Scythe with 20 available Blood Arts. These arts are special modes that turn your weapon into a number of extended forms, thus the name Variant, that deal extra damage to Aragami.

In order to unlock Blood Arts you need to accomplish all the Standard Missions, and then you will see a cutscene showcasing your first Blood Art. If you want to unlock more Blood Arts, you will have to regularly use your basic Blood Arts, and as a result your skills will grow as well.

Each Blood Art has several types of skills that are unlocked through leveling up. If you want to know what actions are needed to unlock a certain skill, then go to your terminal and look for the description of the particular skill to find out.

Here is the list of all Blood Arts that are available for Variant Scythe.

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Published Sep. 1st 2016

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