Staxel Guide: How to Make Money Faster

Got your eye on some awesome furniture in Staxel but can't afford anything? We've got some tips for making money faster in this sandbox farming game from Plukit.

Staxel is a promising new game in Early Access which combines elements of Minecraft and Harvest Moon into one adorable game. The game is still under development, but it already has a huge variety of items and places to explore, as well as tons of activities to keep players busy, from farming to bug catching.

Right from the beginning, players are given access to two main shops and a few market stalls which display a huge amount of items for customizing your home and the village, crafting and creating, and otherwise enjoying the game. This tantalizing catalog of goodies comes at a price -- literally. While some of the more essential items, like tools and seeds, are fairly cheap, the more fun items like crafting and cooking stations, furniture, and building materials are more expensive.

How do you get enough money to afford all the fun toys and customization options? We've got you covered in this guide to quick money making in Staxel!

How to Sell in Staxel

Selling in Staxel is easy, and pretty much any item can be sold, from random rocks you find lying around to creepy crawlies. Simply visit the vendors in the village, place an item on their "sell boxes," then interact with the box itself (or interact with the item to take it back if you change your mind).

Once you gather enough money, you can also invest in a shipping station, which allows you to sell items right from your farm.

Where you sell an item has no effect on the price you receive for it; for the most part, items have a fixed price unless you sell a lot of the same item within a short time span. That's because there is an element of supply and demand coded into the game. With some advance planning, though, you can avoid a loss! We cover this more in-depth in the "more time-consuming" guide below.

Now that you know how to sell, you're ready to learn how to make some quick cash.

How to Make Money in Staxel, the Easy Way

Money in Staxel is called Petals, and there are plenty of ways to earn it. Here are some ideas for making quick money:

  • Buy a bug net and a fishing rod from the supermarket, and catch bugs and fish. While each bug and fish are not worth that much individually, spending some time catching a bunch does add up.
  • Explore other biomes for unique items and bugs. One of the best places to get items to sell is at the beach, where you will find scattered seashells, corals, and other items which sell for a decent amount of money. Bring your fishing rod along and you'll also be able to catch some ocean life to sell.
  • Though you will need them for building, you can also sell raw materials like stones and wood.
  • It's an obvious one, but worth mentioning regardless: plant some seeds, and water them daily to produce crops.
  • Sometimes you come across an item called star jelly while you're cutting down trees or clearing patches of grass/weeds. Selling this item nets you 210 per jelly! It's not a common drop, but it's worth exploring a bit and clearing some trees and brush (you can always sell the raw materials from doing this, like we mentioned before).

Some More Nefarious Ways to Make Money

A lot of the easiest money in Staxel can be made from scavenging. However, there are some more ... morally questionable methods of getting rich quick:

Everything in the game can be taken apart … which means the absolutely easiest way to make a lot of money in a short amount of time is to take apart someone's home or a part of the village and sell the blocks and furniture. This is by far the easiest way to amass a lot of cash quickly (the village fountain alone is worth 1,200 petals) … if you can live with yourself, that is!

The villagers don't seem to care that you do this, although you may potentially exclude yourself from quests. (According to the Staxel team, there are consequences for doing this, but we did not come across them in our playthrough. Keep in mind the game is in Early Access, though, and this aspect of the game is very likely to change!)

You can also steal from the cash registers in the village shops, but this is not advisable, as it renders them unusable for a while. 

If you feel bad stealing from the villagers, there is an abandoned market on the edge of town that you can take apart and sell for a profit. No harm no foul ... right?

Making Money in Staxel, the More Time-Consuming Way

Making some quick cash is a good way to get started, but you might want to create a more sustainable, long-term money-making scheme. Luckily, farming is all about sustainability. The best way to make money in Staxel is through farming. Planting and harvesting crops, as well as growing livestock and chickens, provides you with a continuous source of income. Of course, this will also require more work. The game does a good job of introducing you to the various aspects of farm life through the tutorial quest line, but we have a few further tricks of the trade to ensure you get the most money back from your farming career.

Making money with animals:

  • Get a chicken coop and build a barn as soon as possible. You can buy a chicken coop, feeders, and food from the supermarket in the village, while a barn can be built with the help of Aliza early in the main quest line.
    Set up an apiary to harvest some sweet honey.
  • Animals are an investment that will only make you a profit if you take proper care of them. Happy, well-fed animals produce items you can sell; sad, hungry ones do not.
  • Harvest poop. Cows and other livestock create a daily, all-natural fertilizer in the form of manure. Don't waste money on fertilizer from the shop -- simply use your livestock's droppings to create better crops.
  • Snatch up any miracle water you find on sale to eliminate a crop's growth time and mature it immediately. We recommend you use this for your highest-yielding crop (usually the one with the most expensive seeds).
  • Some items you get from your livestock, like wool, can be used as materials to craft things worth more than the raw material.

Making money with crops:

  • Use a seed maker for the potential to receive special high-quality golden seeds.
  • Make sure you plant your seeds in the right season, and with enough time left for them to mature before the season's end.
  • Don't plant too much of the same thing: although prices for most items are fixed, there is an element of supply and demand in the game, and selling a lot of one crop will eventually lower its selling price.
  • Don't forget trees and berry bushes! Fruit trees are a great way to make petals, but they also take the longest to turn a profit. Once they're mature, though, the fruit will continue growing back after you pick them while it's in season.
  • Like with animal raw materials, some crops are worth more in a different form. Turn fruits into jelly and berries into jam for a tidy profit.


In short: Plant, catch, destroy, and reap the results in the form of sweet, sweet petals. Enjoy your new riches!


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Published Aug. 19th 2020

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