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We show you step-by-step how to solve the hardest puzzles in Break The Prison and consistently earn 3 stars!

For a mobile time-waster, Break The Prison can become a very addicting game, and it features levels of wildly varying difficulty. While some levels are as simple as pressing and holding down for an extended period, others require cat-like reflexes or thinking outside the box to figure out how to even start a puzzle.

Although we covered general tips and tricks to help you plan your grand prison break, some of the puzzles require a little more explanation to successfully complete. Here's a break down of how to complete some of the more difficult Break The Prison puzzles that don't have clear explanations.

Prison 1 - Puzzle 5

The final puzzle of the first prison seems like there's nothing to do, as there's no way to interact with the box (despite it's arrow symbol) or locker on the screen. If you look close at the wall though, you'll see a very faint scratch mark.

Tap and swipe up and down rapidly to make the scratches turn darker and come into focus. Eventually they'll be replaced by a escape hatch – just tap it and slide up to end this puzzle in in a matter of seconds and nab those three easy stars!

Solving Prison 1-5

Prison 2 - Puzzle 5

This puzzle lets you change the numbers on the screen, but doesn't give a clear indication of what you are supposed to set them to in the first glance. You don't have to change numbers at random though, as there's a method to this madness. Shake your device up and down or side to side to knock over the can full of water, which will reveal the answer in the reflection on the ground.

Now just tap the middle of the number you want to change, keep it held down, and then slowly drag up or down and keep it held at the top or bottom of the screen until you reach the desired number. Your real enemy here is the timer, as the controls are a little unresponsive, and the numbers don't seem to move well at all if you just tap and quickly swipe.

When playing the number puzzles like this one, keep in mind the number that looks like the letter “Z” in the reflection is a “2,” and the number that looks like a “2” in the reflection is actually a “5.”

Solving Prison 2-5

Prison 3 - Puzzle 4 / Prison 6 - Puzzle 4

Prison 3-4 is where this mini-game gets tough, but it gets ramped up to a whole new diabolical level with 6-4. The trick here is to remember that you can pause your runner by tapping the screen next to him.

Take advantage of this trick to stop and wait before you reach the rotating blades or spinning giant balls. Just as the obstacle passes, tap and drag towards the right to move your runner much faster than his normal speed. Don't forget you can also do the opposite and drag towards the left to slow him down, which can be helpful when there are multiple zig-zag patterns in a row as the screen is scrolling forward.

Be sure to also use a stylus and not your finger here, as that makes it much simpler to see whether you are about to go off the track or not. Even when implementing these strategies, you are probably going to get annihilated on 6-4 during the first few attempts, so make sure to be logging in every day for extra coins so you can buy more time if you hit an obstacle.

Solving Prison 3-4

Prison 4 - Puzzle 5

This is another puzzle with no obvious answer, as you can drag the minute hand on the clock to change the time but there's no indication of what time is the correct answer. The solution to this Break The Prison puzzle is deceptively simple: you just have to set the clock to whatever time is set on your device!

The easiest way to complete this puzzle, especially if it's currently an odd time like 6:57, is to simply pause the game and then manually change your device's internal clock to 12 noon. You then just need to move the Break The Prison clock to the 12 position and shake your screen.

Solving Prison 4-5

Prison 5 - Puzzle 5

Much like with puzzle 1-5, to get this one started you have to tap and swipe side to side to reveal the scratches on the wall. Eventually a math problem will appear that already has the solution present on the screen – the catch is that you have to change the plus, minus, divided, and multiplied symbols so that the equation makes sense.

I wish I could just give you the answer, but the math problems are randomized and you'll get a different one each time.

If you get a problem with a bunch of even numbers it should be a snap to figure it out, but in some cases you'll get something that takes a lot more thought to make work. In this case if you are struggling to figure out the equation before the time is up, you can hit pause and open up your device's calculator app! Try each combination on your calculator until you figure out the right answer. Yeah, it's cheating, but it works.

Solving Prison 5-5

Prison 6 - Puzzle 1

While this is the same as any other standard starting puzzle where you just have to tap and gently slide back and forth while the guard isn't looking, the time constraints make this one much more difficult than normal. You only have 50 seconds to get a three star rating, and that's harder than it sounds.

There's a random element here as well, since the times the guards come out and how long they stay changes between attempts, but there's a few ways to shave down your time no matter what happens.

Keep in mind that you don't have to stop hammering when an inmate walks by, you only need to stop if it's a guard. You also don't have to stop as soon as the guard appears, but can instead wait until just before he is fully on the screen and he still won't notice you are up to anything. Likewise, start hammering again as he's leaving instead of waiting for him to be fully gone from the screen – but stay on your toes, as sometimes the guard will go for a fake-out and suddenly stop and look in your cell right at the last second.

Solving Prison 6-1

Prison 6 - Puzzle 5

This particular puzzle is very finicky and can be difficult to initiate, depending on the sensitivity of your device's touch screen. You have to tap at the very far left edge of the brick wall (just to the side of the metal bar) and quickly swipe back and forth all the way to the right end of the wall and back.

If you're doing it right, scratches will appear again as usual until finally a new number puzzle appears on the screen. Unfortunately any variation from that exact pattern (or if you don't quite hit all the way to the side on your swipe) will prevent the scratches from appearing. After the numbers appear, shake your screen to reveal the answer and complete this difficult puzzle just like you did with prison 2-5.

Solving Prison 6-5

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