Biomutant Mount Locations: Where to Find All Mounts

There are 19 Biomutant mounts to be found and unlocked. Each makes exploring quicker and easier. Here is where to find them all.

Biomutant mounts allow players to more quickly traverse the New World on land, through the air, and on water. This open-world RPG from Experiment 101 features a wide range of mounts to choose from, so there are plenty to suit your style.

Some of these Biomutant mounts are unmissable and earned through natural story progression, others can be earned through completing side quests. Still, some can be purchased from brokers at outposts, and others must be found and tamed.

This Biomutant mounts guide will cover all of the mount locations in detail, allowing you to find them quickly, so you can get back to exploring the New World.

All Biomutant Mount Locations

Biomutant has 19 available mounts. Snagging these mounts is essential for any completionist, or just any player looking to switch up their style with a new ride. Most can be found in numerous areas, but the locations listed below are the most easily accessible places to find them.

Puki Azure Gnoat

The Puki Azure Gnoat is the first mount in Biomutant, found in the Whereabouts biome, just south of the Murkadorpus Outpost in an open field. Follow the path that goes southeast under the outpost, and you will pass the field. In this same field as the Gnoat, you will find a pip plant. Run through the bush to collect the pip, then feed it to the Gnoat to tame your first mount.

Puti Gnoat

The Puti Gnoat is earned by defeating Lupa-Lipin, the enemy attacking the Puti Gnoat during the "Meat Eater" quest. This quest is unlocked by speaking to Out-of-Date after defeating the first World Eater, and the Gnoat can be found a bit northwest of the Murkadorpus Outpost.

Old Pea Gnoat

The third Gnoat in the game is found at the Murkadorpus Outpost, and is the first mount that you will purchase. Talk to the Livingthing Broker in the blue shirt who is standing next to the mount's stall to purchase it. You will need to buy the Old Amber Gnoat certificate for 1,069 green, though this will give you the Old Pea Gnoat.


The Mekton is a mech suit that is unmissable and part of the story. You will unlock it relatively early on as a gift from Gizmo when you enter the Deadzone.


Snickels is a mount that can be purchased from the Ankati Fortress. You must first capture the three Ankati Tribe outposts in the surrounding area to gain access to the shops, then you can purchase the mount from the broker in the orange shirt and green vest. It will set you back 1,069 green.


This mount can be found just east of Bricktown, across the river, north toward the shore. Grab a pip from the bush then head a bit further along the shore to find the Surfipelagos resting. Use the pip to tame one.

Old Amber Gnoat

Just south of where you found the Surfipelagos, you can find the Vespidut Outpost. The Old Amber Gnoat can be purchased from a broker in jeans and a green long-sleeve shirt. It will, as per usual, cost you 1,069 green.


The Googlide is yet another unmissable story-related mount. You will earn it during the "Fixer-Upper" quest. Talk to Goop on a bridge near Subnautica Station to complete the mission and earn the mount.

Pee-Wee Gargantua

This Biomutant mount is earned by completing the "Gill" side quest, gotten by talking to Gill at Burblebottom. Once it's started, head to Brug's Camp, southeast of the Manufactorium on a small island. Here, you will need to defeat Brug, then free the Pee-Wee Gargantua by untying the rope. Finally, interact with the creature to tame it.

Old Scarlet Gnoat

The Old Scarlet Gnoat can be purchased from the Quirkquarp Outpost. Find the broker with the yellow shorts and red vest, and purchase the mount certificate for 1,069 green.


The Mubi mount is another quick and easy purchase. Find the broker with the white shirt and black pants at Netra Fortress, the buy the Mubi for 1,069 green.


This mount is another story-related one, so don't worry about missing it. You will eventually meet up with Noko in the Yerpfields and need to save her escaped Mjut. Doing so will unlock three quests. One of them, the "Sit-tight" quest, will earn you the mount. Head to the Smilo Shopperia and find the mount (it's a mechanical horse), then solve the rotation puzzle to unlock it.


The Mjut is also story-related and Noko-related. When you return to Noko and complete the "The Mjut Special" mission, she will let you ride her Mjut to go defeat the Hoof Puff.


Batnamnam is one of the more elaborate mounts to unlock and requires you to complete Pebble's side quests. Head to Knack Hill and talk to Pebble, and you will be tasked with finding three climbing and ziplining points around the map, all of which are identified on your map.

You'll have to test the climbing points first, then the ziplines. Each succeeding point will be highlighted on your HUD for you to find easily. Test the three climbing points and the three zipline points, then head back to Pebble. Climb up the yellow wall behind Pebble, then follow the path upward to the nest. Once you reach it, you will unlock the Batnamnam.

Miff Gnoat

Venture to the small island immediately southwest of Snodesburg. You can find some pip bushes down here, as well as the Miff Gnoat just across the river to tame.

Abo Gnoat

The Abo Gnoat can be found roaming by the river to the east of the Molyhole Outpost. Search for the pip bush on a small patch of dirt, then head a bit further down the hill to find the Abo Gnoat lying down. Feed it to tame it.


The Mekafingro can be found at the Mekastadium, to the extreme west of the map, as part of the story. During the "The Mekafingro" mission in the "Whiz" quest, you will end up here at the Mekastadium.

Follow the path through the building toward the waypoint until you come across an electrical box with a rotation puzzle inside. Solve this puzzle, then continue on to find the Mekafingro. Solve its rotation puzzle to unlock it.

Pumb Gnoat

The final Gnoat in the game, the Pump Gnoat, is found north of Sludge Deoderizum, near the very top of the map, at the cross-path above Bangshelter 11. Grab the pip from right beside the intersection, then follow the road east to find the Pumb Gnoats. Feed one to tame it.


The Gullblimp mount is another rather elaborate one. Talk with Lobo in the Blimpstation to begin her side quest. You will need to complete a series of objectives for Lobo, beginning with finding the Frankendog in the Sparkatorium, which will require you to solve an XXXXXX cable puzzle.

Return the Frankendog to Lobo, then she will send you off to find a tiedown at Floatboat Leftover, a sunken ship in the lake just south of Stunk's Fort. Solve the rotation puzzle on the ship, then head back to Lobo to unlock the final mount of the game.


That's how you find all Biomutant mounts! Now you can travel the world map and explore the New World in style. For more tips and advice, consider heading over to our Biomutant guides page


Published Jun. 29th 2021

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