Yo-Kai Watch 2 Guide: How to Get the Fruitnyan, Robot Yo-Kai, and More

Want to know how to get the 6 Fruitnyan and Robot Yo-kai? This guide has you covered!

Yo-Kai Watch 2 recently launched in America and there are a bunch of new Yo-Kai to get. In Japan, there were special QR codes and passwords used to unlock many rare Yo-Kai.

We are in luck because the QR codes for the Japanese version also works for the American version of the games. I'll list what you can get from the QR codes, a link getting the QR codes yourself, and other tips.

This guide will go over using the Japanese QR codes in Yo-Kai Watch 2 including:

  • QR Codes - Where to get them and what they give.
  • Fruitnyan and Robot Yo-Kai - Where to find them once you have scanned their QR codes.

QR Codes

The QR codes will give you access to:

  • The 6 Fruitnyan
  • Darknyan
  • Jetnyan - He's on the roof of Springdale school
  • The 6 robot Yo-kai
  • Scrolls to change Jibanyan's ultimate attack
  • Special Crank-a-kai coins

You can see the QR codes here. There are a few on the site that may not work for the American version, but the above ones work 100%

Fruitnyan and Robot Yo-Kai 

When you scan the codes for the Fruitnyan and Robot Yo-kai, it gives you an item and places them in specific location in the game.

You must go to the Yo-Kai, talk to them, then battle them for an attempt to befriend them. You will not get them 100%, and you can try once a day.

  • Luckily, you can save the game before fighting them.
  • If they don't join you, just keep resetting and fighting again until they do.
  • They are very strong early in the game.
  • They come at level 50, but you can beat them at a lower level if you have some S rank Yo-Kai.


yokai watch 2 fruitnyan

You can find the Fruitnyan at the Harrisville school. If you don't know where that is, continue the story until you have to take the train to see Grandma.

They all like Chocobars, so give them that during battle to increases your chances of getting them!

Robot Yo-Kai

Each of the robot Yo-Kai are at the end of one of the train platforms. When you reach the correct platform, run to the far left to find them.

  • Robot Walkappa - Green Street Platform
    • Likes Sushi
  • Robot Komasan - Hibarly Hills
    • Likes Milk
  • Robot Draggie - Ridgemont
    • Likes Chinese Food
  • Robot Manjimutt - Bayside
    • Likes Curry
  • Robot Hungramps - Temple Park
    • Likes Rice Balls
  • Robot Noko - Dingle Falls
    • Likes Hamburgers

That's it for my guide on using the Japanese QR codes in Yo-Kai Watch 2. Let me know if you have any questions, or know of any other QR codes for this game!

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Published Oct. 3rd 2016

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