A Guide to the Commander's Compendium in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Game update 5.8 introduced the Commander's Compendium in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Use this guide to help bring your companions instantly to level 50.

From the gross underbellies of the criminal underworld to the sacred grounds of the Jedi and Sith academies, companions from across the galaxy stand ready to aid you in your journey through Star Wars: The Old Republic. With game update 5.8: Command Authority introduced on Tuesday, March 20, you can now make your companions more efficient with the new Commander’s Compendium.

Commander's Compedium item


The Commander’s Compendium is a consumable item that will instantly raise your active companion’s influence to level 50, the current maximum as of 5.8, and becomes available to a character that meets their personal goal in the weekly Planetary Conquest event. The item binds on pickup (BOP) and will not be available to other characters in your legacy that have not met their Conquest goal.

When a player completes the mission: Personal Conquest Reward, a special Conquest Rewards vendor appears adjacent to the Flagship Commissioner in the Strongholds and Crew Skills section of the Republic and Imperial Fleets, which sells the Commander’s Compendium for three Dark Project MK-1s and 4.5 million credits, The Old Republic’s in-game currency.

For more on completing Planetary Conquest, visit our Updated Beginner’s Guide to Planetary Conquest in The Old Republic.


Using the Commander’s Compendium

The Commander’s Compendium will not apply to temporary companions, such as Darth Marr and Empress Acina, and cannot be reversed by customer support once activated. To use the item, open your Companions & Contacts panel (hotkey “N”), summon a companion of your choosing, and consume the Commander’s Compendium via your inventory to raise the companion’s influence to 50.

The benefits of a level 50 companion are stronger performance in tank, healing, and damages roles, decreased crew skill time requirements, and increased critical ratings for crew skill tasks. Whereas a Dark Project MK-1 would require 1h 29m 06s to craft with a level one companion, a level 50 companion can craft the same item in 22m 30s.

How to use the Commander's Compendium

How to Craft a Dark Project MK-1

Dark Project MK-1s become available when a primary crafting skill reaches 150 and can be purchased from the character’s respective crafting vendor located in the Strongholds and Crew Skills section of the Republic and Imperial Fleets. The item is classified under Strongholds & Conquests in the crafting panel (hotkey “B”) and requires:

  • Eight Refined Isotope Stabilizers, which can be found in Master Flashpoints and Story, Veteran, and Master Operations.
  • One Iokath Recombinator, which can be purchased from the Command Token Vendor on the Republic and Imperial Fleets for six Command Tokens and 3,500 credits.
  • One War Supplies: Invasion Force, which can be crafted by combining all five war supplies (Infantry Supply Kits, Armored Vehicles, Holocron of Strategy, Starship Weapons, and Crystal Capacitors) when a crafting skill reaches 150.

If you have credits to spend, you can access the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) by interacting with the Galactic Trade Kiosk in the Galactic Trade Market section of the Republic and Imperial Fleets. Search for “Dark Project MK-1.”

Tips for Earning Credits

There are virtually limitless ways to earn in-game currency in The Old Republic; however, we’ve narrowed the list by expediency and efficiency to help you acquire the Commander’s Compendium.

  • Complete daily repeatable missions by opening your Group Finder panel (click the three-figured icon in the top-left corner of your mini-map), select Solo from the menu, and travel to any of the heroic or daily missions provided. Credits earned are reflected in the Mission Rewards.
  • Sell decorations acquired from flashpoints, operations, heroics, or Star Fortresses on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • Sell supplies and crafting items, such as augments and Augmentation Kit MK-10s, on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • Train Slicing as a gathering skill to access secured terminals for credits. The best place for gathering slicing nodes is Breaktown on the planet Zakuul, though this requires the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.
  • Purchase items from the Cartel Market (hotkeys “Control + M”) and sell them on the Galactic Trade Network.


Follow these tips to bring your companion roster to full influence and leave no enemy unconquered in your galactic adventures. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more on Star Wars: The Old Republic guides.

Published Mar. 25th 2018

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