What are Fire Emblem Engage's Gacha Elements? — Answered

Some prospective players are wondering whether Fire Emblem Engage is a gacha game. Luckily, Intelligent Systems knows better.

Fire Emblem Engage is different from Fire Emblem: Three Houses in several ways, with one being the game's Bond Rings and the gacha system you can use to pull more. Perusing discussions around the game leave some wondering: is Fire Emblem Engage a gacha game?

Fire Emblem Engage Gacha Elements Explained

Well, the answer to that question is no. Some people like gacha games and others can't stand them, and it's reasonable to wonder if Engage is a gacha game considering Fire Emblem Heroes exists and is very much a gacha game.

Fire Emblem Engage's gacha elements start and end at pulling Bond Rings, which is done using Bond Fragments at the Ring Chamber found at Cafe Terrace. Bond Rings are weaker than Emblem Rings and only grant small stat boosts, but they can be combined to make better-quality rings.

Bond Fragments, the currency used to pull the rings, cannot be purchased with real money, making this (luckily) an entirely in-game system.

Engage is a far cry from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but not so far that it would bring mechanics from Heroes to a console entry to the long-running strategy RPG series. It is very distinctly not a gacha game. Check out our other Fire Emblem Engage guides here on GameSkinny for more tips and help.

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Published Jan. 23rd 2023

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