Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Social Link Guide

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The Priestess Social Link: Yukiko Amagi

Description: This social link is automatically activated on May 17th as the story progresses. When the 3rd level of the S.L is achieved, Yukiko gains her follow-up attack: Fan Assault. As the Player progresses through this S.L, they can develop a "lovers relationship" with Yukiko. Like all of the party members, once the player maxes out the Priestess S.L, Yukiko’s Persona transforms into Amaterasu and the player gains access to a new Ultimate Persona.

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and rarely on Sundays. During Holidays and Sundays she is found in the South Shopping District.  

Attitude with Yukiko: Similar to Yosuke, being a decent and supportive friend usually gets a positive reaction from Yukiko.

Ultimate Persona: Scathach, which as Ultimate Persona’s go is rather good. This Persona has both wind attacks and the Amrita spell, which cures any status ailment other than being Ko’d or knocked down for the entire party.

Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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